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Finding Her Heart

Chapter One

Tsunade sat behind her desk drinking from her hidden sake stash. Rubbing her head as she stared at the report in front of her.
"That's it I have had it!" She yelled. "Shizune get Hinata Hyuga's ass in my office now!"
Looking back at the paper she sighed. The Hyuga had pushed the Hokage as far as she could. Something had to be done.
"She is on her way. What did she do this time?" Shizune asked with a sigh.
"Well, apparently Neji pushed her temper too far and well…he is in the hospital paying for it." Tsunade sighed feeling a headache coming on.
"You can not let this continue. I know she is broken by what happened to her friends but that is no excuse for her going around hell bent for trouble." Shizune grumbled.
Tsunade sighed and laid her head in her hands her mind thinking about the Hyuga.

A year ago she had been a totally different young woman shy, stuttering, weak, and very sweet. It all changed when Tsunade had sent her and Ino out to find Hinata's missing team mates Shino and Kiba and her former sensei Kurenia. She had found them alright they had all been killed by Akatsuki. The only one to survive was Kiba's dog Akamaru who Hinata had taken as her own. Tsunade knew she was suffering from survivor's guilt.

After her team mates funeral she had gone to her clan's home in full hell bent rage. She had set her room on fire nearly burning the main house down. She told her father she would never be his heir or have anything to do with her family. In fact she refuses any acknowledgment of her own last name Hyuga. In her angered rage. She managed to nearly kill her father. Swearing if she ever saw him again, she would. She was definitely no longer weak. Tsunade knew her rage against her father was due to him not allowing her to join her team on their fateful mission. That and his prior treatment of her through the years.

After that day she disappeared for eight months. Tsunade had a feeling, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha knew where she was. Since many times, she would see them in the medic ward for multiple injuries. When ever she questioned them, they refused to say what had happened. Deep down Tsunade knew that those three where also the reason the Akatsuki were no longer around.

When Hinata returned to the village she was a very different person. She had given up her baggy coat for a skin tight blue one piece short mini dress and her dark blue hair hung down to her waist. On her hips hung two sai's. She was no longer shy or stuttered. No she was a hell bent demon. Her powers stronger then even Neji's her skills sharper and her strength incredible strong. Granted she was an excellent jounin now and even worked with the anbu.

Sometimes she was even too much for the anbu. She had become a ruthless killer when sent on missions never a sense of remorse for her kills. Still even with her own village the girl was trouble. She started fights with anybody who got in her way or angered her. She had put so many shinobi in the hospital most had refused to team with her. Not to mention the money in property damaged. The girl had become a nightmare for Tsunade and the Leaf village.

Now days even Naruto avoided her if he could. The only person who still put up with her was Sasuke Uchiha maybe since he understood her rage. He had actually let her move into the Uchiha compound since she refused to have anything to do with the Hyuga. Tsunade just did not know what to do with her. She had tried talking to her, yelling at her, she had even locked her up for a week. Nothing had worked. Picking up the other scroll in front her she wondered if she was doing the right thing.

"She's here Tsunade." Shizune said poking her head in the room.

"Send her in!" Tsunade sighed just knowing the attitude she was going to get. Hinata walked in with Akamaru behind her. Akamaru was the only one she showed compassion for. He followed her everywhere. Tsunade even suspected that Hinata had learned how to communicate with the dog.
"What do you want now?" Hinata stated with boredom as she looked at her finger nails.
"That is no way to talk to the Hokage!" Shizune stated angrily. She was going to say more but the evil piercing glare she was getting made her think twice.
"I would mind you own business Shizune!" Hinata's voice whispered icily.
"Enough Hinata!" Tsunade said her fist hitting the table. "I told you not to push it and now I hear you put your own cousin in the hospital."
"I don't have a cousin anymore." Her eyes piercing slits as she replied to the Hokage. "Nor family!"
"You have left me no choice." Tsunade sighed loudly. "I am sending you to Suna. You will be assigned to the Kazekage as a personal body guard. He has had numerous assassination attempts since he lost the Shikaku.
"Why does that sand freak, need me to guard him? His sand protects him." Hinata huffed, folding her arms.
"True he does still control the sand. However, it does not protect him as effectively as when he had the demon inside him. His sister and brother fear for his safety and have asked the Leaf village for help."

"So you are making me baby-sit the sand freak and his siblings yippee!" She replied tartly.
"You are not babysitting you are protecting his life with your own. Since you are so hell bent to kill this should be perfect for you."
"Fine when do I leave?"
"Tomorrow I am sending Naruto and Sasuke along with you."
"What…why the hell are you sending me with them? I thought I was this freaks bodyguard."
"You are I am sending them to over look the signing of the treaty renewal." Letting out a loud sigh she tried to regain her composure. "Hinata I am warning you watch your attitude. The Kazekage is not known for his patients even without the demon in him."
"Whatever! I am out of here." Hinata began to walk out then stopped. Turning around she looked at Tsunade smiling wickedly. "Tell Neji next time he crosses my path he won't need the hospital." With that said she stormed out with Akamaru following her.
"Do you think this is the right thing to do?" Shizune questioned.
"No, I am not. One of two things will happen she will either protect the Kazekage or be killed by him when she pisses him off. So let's hope she doesn't cross the line." Tsunade sat back pouring herself another glass of sake.
"Kami help you Hinata cause I can't anymore."


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