Finding Her Heart

Chapter 9


It had been five years since she had last seen Konoha. Not once did she miss the village. In fact she would rather not even be here. This place felt so cold next to the warmth of the sand village. Yet here she stood, if it hadn't been for the anniversary of their deaths she would never have come back to this horrible place. This was never her home. No her home was back in Suna with her family.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked her softly. "I still think you should have done this later. You shouldn't be traveling in your condition." She smiled up at him placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

"I'm fine… quite worrying. You know I had to come back for them." Slowly kneeling down, she lit the incense in front of carved grave stones. Placing the flowers in the vase of water he had set down for her. The sound of children's laughter and a dogs bark, hanging in the air. Warm, salty tears slowly welled up in her pale, lavender- white eyes.

"Shino…Kiba…Sensei….I miss you." Taking a deep breath she smiled softly." I lost my heart when you died but don't worry, I have found it again. It was in the strangest of places… Suna. In of all people Subaku No Gaara, my husband." She looked up at him smiling. He gentle squeezed her shoulder lovingly before turning and walking away. Looking back, at the headstones she sighed heavily.

"There are two other special someone's in my life I wanted you to meet." Gaara came up behind her, in each of his hands was a smaller hand. He smiled down proudly at his beautiful wife. How he loved her. He had come so close, to losing his own heart, that fateful day when she saved his life. She looked up at her family and smiled. Holding her arms out wide for those little hands.

"Shino…Kiba…I want you to meet our son Yuki and daughter Akira. I wish you could have met them. You

would have been great uncles. Kurenai you were like a mother to me and I would like you to think of them as your grandchildren. I miss you all so much." Tears began to slide, down her cheeks. As she let her three year old twins go play with Akamaru. Gaara bent down to help his wife up. She turned to him, her eyes full of love for her husband and children. His thumb gentle wiping her tears away.

They stood there for some time. Watching their children run after Akamaru. Yuki looked just like his father, messy red hair and stunning sea green eyes. Akira was the spiting image of her mother. With lavender moonstone eyes and indigo blue hair. Gaara always reminded her that she was just as much of a wild cat as her beautiful mother.

Leaning back into the warmth of his chest she sighed happily as his arms wrapped around her. Hands tenderly caressing her swollen belly, as he felt their third child kick.

"You ready to go home, beautiful?" He asked softly pressing a kiss to the crown of her head.

"Yes! I already miss Suna." Smiling as she thought of their home.

"Hinata, I love you!" He whispered in her ear. Turning in his arms she looked up at him as he leaned down and kissed her soft lips.

" I love you Gaara!" She smiled lovingly into those intense sea green that always mesmerized her. "Gaara… thank you for helping me… find my heart."

The End



Japanese names…

Akira means bright dawn

Yuki means happiness

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