A/N: Ok this was my first fan fic but now i have re vamped it. no pun intended. and i would love to recive questions from the viewers. the more i get the better this will be!

Raye-sama- welcome to la bienvenida! I am your host Raye-sama! (Crickets ) is anyone out there? HELLO? Hey get your Asses in here!!! (Hundreds of people run into the room and take their seats in the audience) That's what I thought. "Cough" anyway what was I saying? Oh right today we have the cast of Night Walker joining us in the studio.

(The audience claps)

(Shido, Cain, Yayoi, Riho, and Guni walk out and sit down on the blue studio couches. it should also be noted that there is a very feirce long shag rug on the ground )

Raye-sama- Hey Guys! Welcome!

Shido- thanks for lettin' us come

Raye-sama: so how are you all doing? how's live in the breed business?

Yayoi: it's nice to get a vacation and do something clean for once.

Guni: (getting in Yayoi's face) I thought we were gonna let that go! I didn't mean to ruin your dress ok! and what does it matter you have like 50 anyway.

(Yayoi flicks Guni, who goes flying into Shido's waiting hand)

Raye-Sama- well let's get right down to business. Our first question comes from ASA 20200

Dear Shido,

You are incredibly sexy. Why don't you give up on Riho and come hangwith my crew we'd love to have you!

You too Cain!!I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

ASA 20200

Shido- I was never trying with Riho.

Riho- oh really?

Shido- no! Uh that isn't what I meant.

Cain- you should give up on Shido. He will never care for you.

Shido- shut up you just want him for yourself!

Cain- how dare you!!!

Yayoi- this could get ugly.

Guni- you're not kidding

Raye-sama- ok that's enough!! I will not allow bloodshed in this studio! I just got the damn carpet installed!

Cain- maybe I should just suck you dry

Raye-sama- I dare you to try it.

(Cain magically appears at Raye's neck and goes to take a bite but isstopped by an invisible force and gets thrown into the wall)

Shido- how did you do that?

Raye-sama- I have a guardian angel watching over me and he really doesn'tlike anyone trying to kill me.

Shido- guardian angel?

Raye-sama: nuh uh! You can't kill mine like you did that other girls! Not everyone needs saving ok.

Shido: he was a night breed that was sucking her dry!

Raye-sama: yes well he was hot and he cried at the end.

Shido: I don't see how that is valid if he was going to kill her.

Raye-sama: how about another question!

Shido: hey!

Guni: just let it go

Raye-sama: ok this one is from Dark Rhapsody

To CainWhy the hell are you gay? Did whatever vampire get ya suck yer brains out too? Luv ya Shido-kun.P2. To YayoiWhere'd ya get that big ass gun? I think is really cool! P.S. It's big time. 3. To Riho and GuniWhy don't you LAY OFF MY MAN?!?!?!?4. To Raye-samaNeato talk show. Luv it. When'd you get hooked on Nightwalker. It's amazingly unpopular round these parts, unknown more like but whatever.Ja ne!

Raye-sama: oh thank you! Well you see my roommate was into this show and she made me watch it one day. I got totally hooked. And you're right about it being unknown, it really is a shame.

Cain: hey what about us! Uh I mean how you dare push me aside…vermin…

Raye-sama: alright so why are you gay?

Cain: I am not gay, I just like pretty things.

Shido: I am not pretty! I'm a man!

Cain: yes Shido a mighty man.

Shido: are you making fun of me?

Raye-sama: I think this is going somewhere deadly again.

Yayoi: (pouting) doesn't anyone want to know where I got my gun?

(Cain and Shido have just begun fighting)

Raye-sama: sigh alright go ahead.

Yayoi: ( pulls out hr gun and starts pointing it a audience members) well after I got my sister's face, I went a little crazy so I went out and bought myself the biggest gun I could find and then I went around killing breeds wherever I saw them. And then one of the breeds I killed had a bigger gun and so after I killed him I took it.

Riho: Breeds carry guns?

(Cain smacks Shido into the wall)

Guni: haven't they stopped fighting yet?

Yayoi: maybe this will help (she starts shooting at and around Cain and Shido, thus taking out the lamps shooting holes through the chairs, and the wall, and almost killing the audience. The audience runs out in fear. )

Raye-sama: Hey ass hole! You're gonna pay for that!

Yayoi: Excuse me?

(Shido in one last ditch attempt to take Cain down Runs at him Sword in hand but trips over a loose tile and falls on top of Cain instead)

Cain: (rolling Shido under him)now now Shido no use struggling it's time to obey your master

Raye-sama: Ahh! No you can't this isn't an R rated show!


Cain: Just let it happen my Shido


Yayoi: well well Shido it seems you don't need me anymore (laughs)

Riho: What does that mean? Hey GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM!!!

Guni: Raye you might wanta bring out that guardian angel. I don't think this is gonna end well.

(in an effort to pull Cain off of Shido, Riho Gets knocked into Raye-sama's desk, thus breaking it and spilling Raye-sama's coffee all over Raye)

Raye-sama: GASP OK! THAT'S IT! JOE!

(Joe appears asses the scene and magically Cain disappears)

Shido: (getting up awkwardly, and zipping his pants) uh thank you

(Joe nods)

Guni: uh where did he go?

Joe: torture pit.

Guni: torture Pit?

Joe: torture pit.

Raye-sama: (whispering to Joe) we can't call it a torture pit remember …the copy rights

Joe: what do you want me to call it?

Raye-sama: how about like the pit of doom or the dungeon?

Joe: really?

Guni: why do you have a torture pit?

Raye-sama: I don't see why that is an important question, considering someone just broke my f-ing desk! (Riho looks guilty) I mean really I should send you all to the torture pit!


Raye-sama: fine dungeon or whatever. All I wanted was to create a talk show that would make people laugh, and what did you do? Cain sexually assaulted Shido, and Riho broke my desk and Yayoi went crazy and shot the place up. Oh, oh I forgot Shido freaked out and got himself thrown into the wall! Look at that gaping hole! You can see the brick!

Shido: I'm okay by the way


Yayoi: what?

Raye-sama: you all signed a contract when you agreed to come on this show that if you broke anything I had the right to keep you until you pay it off.

Riho: I don't remember that!

Raye-sama: Joe

(Joe pulls out a contract and shows them the section with the finest print. Joe pulls out a magnifying glass )

Guni: If at any point during the show the studio is completely trashed the host, Raye-sama, will retain ownership of the guests until said time when the repair bill can be paid.

Yayoi: I've got money how much do you think it is?

Raye-sama: well let's see, new wall, new carpet, new desk, therapist for the audience members, dungeon crew, legal bills, new furniture, paint, and my new Chanel collection suit and monolo's!

Yayoi: so how much?

Raye-sama: Joe?

Joe: so far 980,000 American.

(Yayoi faints)

Riho: this is extortion!

Raye-sama: no you signed a contract.

Guni: well we won't do it

Raye-sama: really? How about I sick the fangirls and fanboys on you?

Guni: you wouldn't dare

Raye-sama: wouldn't I?

Riho: Mr. Shido do something!

Shido: No way! she's scarier than Yayoi!

Raye-sama: (smirking evily) you signed a contract.

Riho: UGH! Fine!

Raye-sama: good i'm glad that you have seen the light. Ok i think this is a good place to end. Oh we don't have an audience anymore.

Joe: actually there is one guy still cowering in the corner.

Raye-sama: (to Joe) we should give him a t-shirt (to audience member) Hope you enjoyed the show! I swear we'll answer more questions next time! (to Joe) oh you know he might be catatonic.

Joe: yeah. no, we should probably get out of here.

Raye-sama: yeah. Hey who wants Ice cream!

Guni: yeah that sounds great!

Riho: fine

Shido: it's daytime

Raye-sama: TO THE PIT!

(Shido magically disappears)

(from the pit)

Cain: Oh Shido you've come back to me

Shido: hey what are you doing!?

Cain: heh heh heh

Raye-sama: ok, I've had enough, lets go.

(Everyone leaves to go get ice cream)