Let's play war

This was origionally going to be for a halloween challenge but grew to big. please dont worry this is not a death fic. Read and hopefully enjoy

Chapter 1 warty old hag Dean?

"Here you go children, I dont give sweets, but I do have something even better!" The little old lady, dressed in a witch's costume, reached into her basket.

"Better than sweets?" the small girl asked doubtfully.

"Yes dear, two very special toys for two special children, take them home and have fun. One for you dear and one for your big brother." She cackled to herself revenge was sweet, and she had one hell of a sweet tooth.

"Jason, Molly, thank the nice lady- its time to go home."

"Thank you" they both chorused.

Looking at the short haired doll Molly said grumpily "I want a girl dolly."

"Well have this one, Jason thrust out his hand, its got long hair. When we get home you can put a dress on it and put ribbons in its hair, then it will look like a girl."

"Alright Jason, I think my Barbie clothes will fit him."

"Kids put them in the bag, you can play with them for a while when we get home."

"Ok mum." Jason took the two dolls and put them in the carrier bag.


"Shit Sam, we're friggin Action men!" Dean looked at Sam in disbelief.

"You and your big mouth just had to piss her off didn't you?" Sam grumbled.

"Oh come on Sam, how was I supposed to know she'd go all witchy and put the whammy on us? I mean its Halloween, everyone goes around in costume." Dean reasoned.

"Warty old hag Dean? What were you thinking you jerk? You insulted her and then assaulted her."

"Meant it as a compliment, you know, great costume, great fake nose..." Deans, fingers unconsciously re-enacted squeezing the witch's nose.

"Yeah, except it wasn't, was it?" Sam wriggled and squirmed trying to get comfortable amid the pile of sweets and cookies.

"Gonna get us out of this Sam, I swear." Dean was jumping up and down trying to see out of the bag.

"Will you quit it; you're making me feel sick." Sam groaned.

"Give me a leg up Sam; want to see where we are." Dean stood one hand on the bag and the other braced against Sams arm.

"You have got to cut back on the fried food. Seriously dude, you weigh a ton." Sam grunted as he heaved Dean up onto his shoulder.

"Dude, together we weigh less than a bag of sugar and if you are going to fit into a Barbie dress, that makes us only a few inches tall. So, I think I've lost enough weight, dont you?"

"See anything?"

"Impatient much," Dean peered through the handle holes. "Drop Sam, we're going in a house."


"Jason, Molly. Go and wash your hands, then you can eat some sweets and play for a bit before bed. And Jason dont forget to share the sweets properly, you divide them up and Molly chooses the pile she wants."

"Ok mum, I will." Jason mumbled.

"Jason I heard what mum said, I get to pick, so no cheating and no eating them."

"Come on Molly race you, last one ups a rotten egg."


"Dean what are we gonna do?" Sam looked at Dean anxiously.

"Play along till we can get away, I suppose."

"Well that's ok, kids get bored real quick, then we can escape, get back to the motel and ring Bobby, he'll know what to do."

"Sam, we're only a few inches tall, it'll take us days! Anyway, have you ever seen a kid with a new toy?"

"Ok Dr Spock, when was the last time you were around a little kid with a new toy?"

"Sam the phrase, dog with a bone! Applies to a kid with a new toy." He pulled a jelly baby off his leg "Knew there was a reason I hated these, nasty little suckers." Dean threw the sticky sweet at Sam.

"Oh come on, they have to put them down sometime." Sam reasoned, peeling the sticky sweet off his chest and tossing it behind him.

"Nope! Toy goes everywhere with them, bathroom, dinner table, shopping-even gets tucked up in bed with them."

"And you would know this how?"

"Sam, who do you think took care of your skinny ass when dad was away?"

"What's that got to do with…?"

"Dont suppose you remember Buzz, he even sat on the toilet and watched you pee," Dean watched in amusement as Sams face turned red. "Didn't think I remembered that, did you Sammy boy?" Dean chuckled to himself and punched Sam on the arm.

"Did not Dean." Sam rubbed his arm.

"Did too, carried him everywhere, till you pulled his arm off and threw him in the bin, and that's what will happen to us, unless we get out of here pretty damn quick. Buzz lasted all of a week and he was made of plastic, we're made of flesh and blood!"

"Shush Dean, their back." Sam whispered.


Light flooded the carrier bag; a large hand reached in and grabbed Sam.

Air whooshed from his lungs as childish hands unused to handling flesh and blood squeezed to hard.

"He looks pretty real for a toy; let's see what the other one looks like." Jason let go of

Sam and picked up the bag.


Sam sucked in a huge lungful of air as he was dropped onto the bed. The carrier bag was upended, Dean spilled onto the bed along with an assortment of cookies, sweets and chocolate. Grabbing Dean, he lifted up his shirt. "Where's your battery?" Checking both front and back and not finding it, he tugged at Deans jeans, they didn't budge. Guess you dont have one.

"Jason, give me mine I want to play doctors and nurses." Molly whined holding out her hand. "Hey Jason, I wonder if he's hairy like daddy." She tugged at the jeans and shirt.

"What?" came the muffled reply from under the bed?

"I said, I wonder if he's hairy like daddy."

"Ugh that's gross! Why would you want to know that?"

"Daddy say's you will be like that when you grow up."

"So will you."

"No I won't, girls dont have hairy chests."

"No they have big bazookas like Mandy next door." Jason laughed, doing the appropriate hand gestures.

"You're rude and I'm telling mum." Molly pouted.

"Come on," Jason cajoled, "let's play war. I will be in charge of the fighting and you can be in charge of the Hospital and look after the wounded. Go and get your stuff, I will get my Jeep and helicopter." Putting Sam back on the bed, they both raced off to get their toys.


Sam had a tight hold on his jeans, he hated to admit it, but Dean did have a point. Baggy jean could be a distinct disadvantage at times. And there was no way he was wearing a dress. Dean would make his life a misery. "Hey Dean, can I borrow your belt?"

"Sammy told you those jeans would get you into trouble one day, always hanging off your ass dude." Dean grinned, undoing his belt and handing it to Sam.

"Jealous Dean?" Sam threaded the belt, doing it up as tight as he could.

"Sam, there is no way your ass is better than mine." Dean twisted round admiring his own behind.

"How do you know? Been looking?" Sam teased, adjusting his now too short jeans.

"Dude, there is nothing that you have that I haven't diapered. Hey Sam, I think you would look real cute in a pink Barbie dress and dont forget to shave your legs and paint your toenails." Dean grinned devilishly.

"You know you can be a real jerk at times." Sam scowled

Rather be a jerk than a bitch in a frilly dress Samantha." Dean ducked as a jelly baby headed his way. "You even throw like a girl." He chuckled

"Shush, Dean their back."


"You can be a prisoner and escape in the Jeep and I will shoot you with the rockets on the helicopter."

Dean was shoved into the pilot's seat and Sam in the driver's seat of the jeep.

"Molly set up the Hospital! There will be casualties."


Shit Dean thought to himself why did it have to be the helicopter? It's un frigging natural, if we were meant to fly we'd have wings. He frantically looked around for something to hold on to. His silent ranting was cut short, as the helicopter shot up into the air and his backside left the seat. His head colliding with the roof. Pain shot through his head and down his spine. His vision blurred and he felt something hot run down his face. He slid sideways onto the co pilot's seat, his sight turning red. He heard a whooshing noise and Jason yelling got you. He rubbed his eyes with his sleeve, clearing his vision slightly. The helicopter lurched to the side, he just managed to grab the seat and hold tight as the maneuver threatened to tip him out. "Ka-Boom!" Dean watched in horror as Jason kicked the Jeep, simulating an explosion. The Jeep somersaulted, landing upside down against the wall, with Sam trapped underneath.

For a few seconds, Sam could see nothing, he lifted his hand to feel his head, it felt odd and it hurt. His hand came away bloody, a few strands of hair, stuck to the palm. He was trapped, upside down in the seat of the overturned Jeep. An intense burning pain ran up and down his arms, weird… The Jeep was picked up, Sam saw his legs hit the floor, heard the thud, he was tired, so tired that it was hard to keep his eyes open. A large hand picked him up, his head rolling. He saw Dean plucked from the helicopter, his face and hair streaked with blood.


"Casualties coming in Molly, prepare the operating theatre." Jason made ambulance sounds as he rushed over to the hospital.

"Jason, Molly, time to get ready for bed, if you get changed without a fuss, you can have ten more minuets. Molly, you go tidy your room while Jason takes a shower." Sam and Dean were dumped on the bed as Jason ran to take his shower.


Dean dragged himself slowly towards his brother. "Sam shift yourself over here."

"Sorry, Dean, dont think I can." Sam's soft quiet voice continued "you look like crap."

"You dont look so hot yourself Francis." Dean nudged Sam's leg.

"Dean we're not getting out of here."

"Yes we are Sam. We'll be fine dont worry."

"No Dean. No we won't. I Cant breath properly, my head hurts, and it feels kinda funny."

Dean was checking Sam; he ran his hands carefully over his brother's head. There was a massive, dent. And oh God! Was that bone!? That definitely was not good. Dean wasn't stupid he knew this was serious, about as serious, as it gets.


"Right here Sammy." Dean pulled Sam up, so he was resting against his chest, one arm wrapped round Sam's chest, the other cradling Sam's head.


"Oh God Sammy, dont, please." Dean begged his voice cracking. He knew what was coming next. He couldn't, wouldn't, let Sam say it, because if Sam says it, then it made it real, and he couldn't cope with real.


"No sam we'll be fine …I'll take care of you, couple of days in the Hospital you'll be good as new." Dean squeezed tighter, he could feel sam shaking, going into shock and God forgive him there was nothing he could do.

"Dean stop it, I….. I'm dying, I've got a massive head injury, you know it and so do I. Ironic really…After all we have seen…. All we have done…. To be take out by couple little….Kids." Sam was cold, the shivering he had no control over not warming him.

"Sonofabitch! Dont say that. Dont you dare say that to me Sam, or I swear I'll kick your ass from here to Kansas and back, you hear me?"

"Gasp…promise…need promise…"

"What Sam." Tears ran down his face, he angrily brushed them away.

"When I…. can't... Breathe for…myself…you won't….. Do it ...For me….can't live…like this…you promise….let me…go. Sam was now gasping for each breath his lips blue.

Dean sobbed "I Promise Sammy."

"Love… you ….Dean." Sam's body relaxed.

"Oh God!" Dean crammed his fist to his mouth, biting hard to stifle the anguish.

"Dean." Sam's eyes closed the warm breaths on Dean's cheek, stopped.

"Sam? Sammy?" Dean put his fingers on his brother's neck but could find no pulse, Sam was gone.


Don't worry this is not a death fic, let me know if you want me to continue, I have a couple more chapters to add if your interested. Lorraine.