Flaming Fox

"shinigami talking"

"demon talking"

"person speaking"

'person thinking'


"summon speaking"




it doesn't matter what lies behind us or before us all that matters is what's within us

chapter 1: fed up

12 year old Uzumaki Naruto walked through the marketplace in konoha, he didn't look anywhere other then the floor because he knew if he looked up he would see the hateful glares of the villgers.

The orange clad boy was upset and angrey, he had returned their precious Uchiha 2 months ago. 'i thought they would be nicer since i returned him but no...they hate me even more, hell even their glares have gotten colder and more hateful, hmph if that's even possible, man even kakashi and sakura barely talk to me anymore and seem to dislike me, sauske is well... i havn't even seen him since the fight, man we don't even have team meetings anymore, the only time i see kakashi or sakura is in the streets, hn their probly training together without me or something!, man sometimes i just want to rip all these people apart, arg!, man i need ramen.'

He walked into the ramen store, "konbanwa old man and Ayame-chan"he greeted, "hi Naruto-kun, how are you?" asked Ayame, "i'm coping"he answered dully. "hey cheer up, want the usual?"asked ichiraku, "yea, thanks" he replied. these two were 2 of his precious people, they cared about him and for that he would protect them and wouldn't let anything happen to them.

His order came, 'aah, nothing could be as good as miso ramen, it's so juicy and yummy!'

and he slurped it down in about 2 seconds, after chowing down on 15 bowls he payed and left. the sun was setting so he was lucky he didn't have to go through as much glares since most people were to busy closing down their shops to notice him. thinking of the villigers made him get angrey and sad again,' i can't believe this but i hate the villgers, i gave them everything and they spat in my face arg!!, they treat me like a demon, they should go look in the mirror, no wait they might faint from seeing their ugly faces' he chuckled at his joke. the few people out glared at him, for the first time he aucually glared back, a few of them were suprised and looked away but others just glared harder, he just ignored them and kept on walking.

He walked home, though as he arrived at it , he wasn't sure it was a home anymore. It was a dump, the door had been broken off, the blonde could tell the person had to be strong to do this, ''probly one of those root anbu people, never thought they would stoop so low, effing bastards!' he walked to the room and saw graffitti all over the walls, die demon!, no one likes you!, go to hell!, sandaime was a fool not to kill you!, demon-spawn, your parents probly left you! all these and all other sorts of mean and hurtful comments were blasted on the walls in red paint.

His bed, clothes and all his belongings were destroyed and burnt,tears fell from his eyes.

He checked under the floorboard, underneath there were all his precious belongings, birthday presents from ji-san and one from Ichiraku and Ayame.

Ones he hid so they would not get destroyed. They were gone! they took everything, nothing was left nothing...for the first time since he was 5 Uzumaki Naruto broke down and cried his heart out. He ran out of the house and up to the Hokage mountain. he cried until he was tired, he sat looking out onto the village.


Inside of him Kyuubi, was feeling extremely guilty, now don't get me wrong he was a demon and hated humans but he had also lived inside this boy for 12 years, he has seen everything his container had been through and he was suprised to see how tough the blondes will and spirit was. he was abused and glared at everyday and only had a couple of people who cared about him and he had let nothing get him down. he had earned the old fox's respect.

No other ningen or even a demon could go through what this boy had gone through and still not be broken. most people would be broken after a couple of months with this treatment but the boy had lived through it for 12 years! hell he wasn't sure he could live through that and not kill someone, he had seen all the assaination attempts on him from when he was just 2 days old till he was 11, all 261 of them, thankfully they had stopped after the boy became a genin. Though that didn't mean the abuse stopped, that's why the boy kept up the mask, the one which made him always look happy and made him an idiot, when he was really very smart and cunning. The fox thought at the irony of it, humans called them monsters because of how they acted when in reality they were the monsters for treating an innocent child like this.

Kyuubi was furious, even they demons did not treat their young like that, hell if you did do that you would be dead after 2 seconds. Treating young ones like that was not tolerated in the demon world. They demons were more respectaful then humans because they killed for food while humans killed for money, power or pride. Hmph what idiots, and they called them demons.


Naruto suddenly found himself pulled into his mindscape by the fox, he wondered what he wanted. He walked up to the cage and yelled out to the fox "OI! KYUUBI YOU THERE!?" "well of course i'm here were am i supposed to go?" the demon replied .

"so what do you want from me?"

"i wanted to speak to you"

"about what, how you're going to kill me and destroy konoha or how your going to break out of this damm seal, you know what go ahead i don't care anymore, i'm fed up"

"calm down kit i wasn't going to say or do for that matter any of these things i wanted to make a deal with you"

"what kind of deal?"

"kit i have been in your body for 12 years i have seen how you have been abused and treated and i know it is my fault so i wanted to apoligise and-"

"your forgiven fox, hmph it's the villigers fault for being too stupid to tell the difference between you and me"

"thanks kit, anyway why don't you leave the villige if you dislike it so much?"

"i guess i could, i only have about 4 precious people anyway and they would be fine without me, only problem is i'll be hunted and i am strong but not strong enough to face anbu and hunter-nin"

"i've got a proposal for you, i'll teach you how to make a blood bushin, it's a clone made out of blood, it can take up to a hundred hits and then dissapears also it is great for faking your death"

"oh whoa never heard of a bushin like that, okay so i fake my death by using the bushin and then what?"

"okay fake your death by making the bushin look like it blew up, while everyone is checking that out go and copy out the scrolls in the hokages office, people will never know what happened and they will see the body and think you are dead"

"damm your smart fox"

"thanks anyway i am willing to merge with you"

"what do you mean merge with me?"

"when we merge you will get my chakra, your senses will be 20 times stronger, you will get a bit faster and stronger"

"what's the catch?"

"erm you will become a half demon and become lord of the summons and of hell"

"whoa well people treat me like a demon anyway ,who cares if i become one and as for the being lord of hell and of summons well thats just COOL!"

Kyuubi laughed at that, his laughter was deep and boomed throughtout the cage.

"great kit anyway i'll also train if you like, oh and you will get demonic eyes, they'll let you see through any illusion cast out upon you"

"okay thanks Kyuubi"

"oh yea kit since your taking my chakra i'll be taken out of the seal but only in the form of a small kit, i'll still have my knowledge but if you summon me i'll grow into my former form"

"alright, when are you going to do the merge?"

"i'll do it after we're out of the villige and far away so no one will feel the power surge much"

"alright then well plan fake your death, copy scrolls and get the hell out of the villige is now in action!"


Naruto opened his eyes to find himself still on top of the Hokage mountainit was dark now and the stars were out, suddenly he heard a deep, booming voice in his head "hurry up kit, lets get this plan into action!, here are the seals for the blood bushin" Kyuubi sent him a mental picture of the seals.

The clone poped up next to him, he grabbed some explosive tags from his pocket and put them on the clone, he ran far away from the clone , henged into a random looking chuunin and ran to the Hokage's office, as soon as he got their he activated the tags and very soon a huge explosion happened on top of the famous mountain, It made a small rockslide and pretty soon ninja's arrived at the scene and started investigating with his baa-chan observing and barking out orders to them, while they ran around doing what she tolfd them to do.

Most of the villigers were running around looking like headless chickens,he laughed at them.

He rushed intot he scroll room and started copying out the jutsus in there, there were many, most of them jounin and kage level and some who were forbidden due to circumstances in performing them. after about 10 minutes he had finshed copying them out, he thanked god he had learned kage bushin, because thanks to them he had been able to finsh copying all the scrolls out. as he was about to walk out he spotted an old and torn scroll on it, was his name. Before he could look at it, he sensed someone coming close so he grabbed the scroll and got out by the window.

Tsunade walked in a few seconds earlier, luckily for Naruto she was too distressed about her little brother's death that she didn't notice the open window.


Naruto took one last glance at his baa-chan before putting the scroll into his pocket and leaping off to gates where he jumped over them, luckily for him the guards who were supposed to be there were still probly at the Hokage mountain.

Once his was over the gates he asked Kyuubi where they should go to do the merge. "hmm go to my old lair"the old fox answered, 'where is it?', "it's on the border of grass and kumo, it shoudl take about 3 days if we don't stop, otherwise about a week since you will probly stop at least once or twice" 'alright then' .with that the boy left the home he had, had for the last 12 years of his life, where he was abused day in and day out, he ran out to his new life.


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