Flaming Fox

"demon talking"

"person speaking"

'person thinking'


"summon speaking"


'demon thinking'

Chapter 12: confrontation , part 2


Naruto looked them over, Ino was healing Asuma and Sakura was healing Kiba, though the dog-boy was glaring at her. Shino, Shikamaru, Chouji and Temari stood in front of the injured. Kankuro stood behind the injured, in the middle of them, while Kakashi and Sasuke stood at front.

She smirked at the way Sasuke was glaring at Itachi, 'this is the perfect time to piss off teme and I know exactly how', "Hey Itachi, your little brother's hairstyle looked like a duckass, what hairdresser do you think he goes to? Or does he do it by himself?" She asked loud enough for all to hear. She nearly burst at laughing at the reaction she got.

Itachi looked emotionless but his eyes were laughing, Sasori was laughing deep, scratchy laughs, Most of the Konoha were giggling quietly except for Kiba who was laughing his ass off, while dodging punches from Sakura who was trying to hit him for laughing at her 'Sasuke-Kun'.

Kakashi looked indifferent and Sasuke had turned his glaring from his brother to her. She grinned and appeared next to him and poked his hair. He tried to punch her but she dodged and was back to where she was before.

"Hmm, he uses gel" She muttered loud enough for them to hear her, as she rubbed her fingers together. The others laugh got louder, but they had resumed their stances, that they had lost when she made the comment about Sasuke's hair.


Jiraya was nearly killing himself by holding his laughs inside; He froze though when he felt her eyes on him. They were the Rinnegan, she knew he was here.


Naruto grinned as she saw the pervert slip out of the bushes and stand in front of Kakashi and Sasuke. They were suprised to see him, Kakashi asked him why he was here, but it was Naruto that answered for him," He was sent by your Godaime to watch over you".

They were slightly taken aback when she answered for him, Jiraya's eyes narrowed at her.

"Are you Nagato?" He asked Her, She asked him, "Now why would you say that?" she teasingly asked him. His serious face didn't waver, "You have the Rinnegan,the only person that has had that in the last 100 years was Nagato".

Naruto grinned, "Well sorry but I'm not him, Uncle Nagato died" She shifted into a loose battle stance, everyone that saw this got ready to defend themselves.Jiraya slipped into his battle stance, his eyes never taken off her. 'The perfect chance to test if I surpassed ero-senin' .

She glanced back at Itachi and Sasori, "I feel like a spar, how bout it toad hermit?" she asked, She glanced back at the Konoha bunch, then her gaze fell back onto the Toad sanin. "Just you and me?" she asked, Jiraya's face hardened, he knew she was no easy foe. But he nodded in acceptance because it would be the perfect chance to find out the way she battled.

Before he could blink, she came flying at him then disappeared.


Itachi watched as his leader and the sanin battled it out. Naruto ad disappeared behind the sanin and nearly stabbed him with her sword. The two had been dodging blows, Naruto sliced him with her sword, but Jiraya had dodged before it got too deep. The old man had nearly landed a hit on her but missed as she disappeared behind him again.

It was a taijutsu-kenjutsu match. Before he could watch the rest of the battle, His brother came charging at him with a Chidori.

He quickly grabbed his wrist and the Chidori died down, Sasuke always attacked the same way, he was too predictable. But before he could think, Sasuke charged another Chidori in his other hand and tried to ram it on him, but he dodged it and it only ended up scratching his side.

He quickly punched his little brother in the gut, Sasuke flew back. They glared at each other, sharingan spinning wildly. Their smirks identical on their pale handsome faces. Red eyes glaring at the other, both breathing evened out and calm.

They both ignored their surroundings, the battle of Jiraya and Naruto faded out into the distance and the callings of Sasuke's comrades were tuned out by the 2 brothers. It was the calm before the storm.

Shikamaru watched the battle with interest, though to others he looked as bored as ever, but their was a slightly calculating flicker in his eyes.

He watched Jiraya dodge a bolt of lightning from on the leaders clone-like things.

The leader had taken out 6 bodies each seemed to control some different element, and then she had stood back and watched them. Each body looked the same except for the different hair colours. The first body had bright, yellow hair, it reminded him of the loud mouth blonde that had died, the body used lightning attacks only. The next body had dark blue hair, it used water based attacks, the next used earth attacks and had brown hair.

The other 3 bodies had white hair, red hair and an ice blue hair colour, to represent wind, fire and ice. All in all these 'bodies' were not your average bushins, he had a feeling it was to do with this 'rinnegan' Jiraya had mentioned earlier.

She watched as Jiraya dodged the elemental attacks, the bodies worked in perfect unison, they had perfect teamwork, it was as if they could read the others mind.

Something clicked in Shikamaru's mind, they could read the others mind, well not exactly, they were similar to the kage bushins in that sense because they didn't read the others minds. They were like robots obeying their master's orders, who in this case was the Akatsuki leader.

It all made sense to him now, but that didn't mean there was anyway to beat them and even if they did, the leader would still be there.

He glanced at the others and saw that most of them were watching the fights going on around them, the other Akatsuki member had his eyes on the konoha group, silently warning them that if they moved, he would take them down.

Asuma was still unconscious, but he could see him breathing so that was good. He watched Sakura as she cheered Sasuke on while he fought Itachi.

The 2 Uchiha brothers were moving so fast that he could barely see them. Their jutsu's were flying around the place and he could hear and feel the bangs happening every now and then from their direction.

He could also feel the genjutsu being used by Itachi he guessed since Sasuke wasn't one to use illusions.

He signaled to Kiba, Kakashi, Shino and Chouji telling them to move in. He quickly told them what he had learned about the 6 bodies and then told them they could help Jiraya take down the bodies, but before he could finish explaining they felt a giant rise in chakra level from Jiraya.

Smoke hid the sanin from their eyes, when it cleared Jiraya appeared covered in warts and carrying 2 frogs on his shoulders.


Naruto smirked at her old teacher, "So this is why they call you the Gama senin" she muttered but he heard her, he nodded his head. She had never heard of this before and was suprised to see, she was excited, His chakra had risen considerably. Before he had about 1/2 as much chakra as hers, now he had 3/4 as much.

She grinned at the 2 old frogs, the one on his left snorted, "Geez Jiraya first time in years we see you and you just want help in a fight". The one on his right smacked the Sanin with its webbed hands, "Yea, what happened to your manners boy, where's that kawaii boy that we first saw" it scolded.

The sanin smiled sheepishly at the 2 frogs that he obviously respected, which suprised her since even Gamabunta didn't receive that respect from the frog senin. She giggled at the 2 frog's comments, they were like parents scolding a young child. Jiraya apologized to them while smiling sheepishly.

The spell was broken though when his face became serious again and he tensed, she stopped giggling and waited for him to attack. She didn't have to wait long, a spit of oil surrounded her, she didn't move as Jiraya covered the oil with waves of fire.

She could feel Itachi and Sasuke fighting still, though she knew that both of them would faint from chakra exhaustion soon. She mentally rolled her eyes at them, they had used too much jutsu's, unlike her and Jiraya who were relying on their taijutsu skills. She did not want to carry Itachi's body all the way back to the hideout.

She sighed, as she noticed that she and Jiraya were surrounded by smoke and flames. She glanced at they sanin, who was conversing with the frogs again. She noticed his distraction and grinned, she called on a rasengan, his face was shocked when he saw her charging at him with one of the yondaime's moves. He quickly called up his own rasengan.

The 2 collided, but Naruto's was stronger and she managed to push Jiraya back, the rasengan slammed into his stomach. She didn't push it in enough though, so it didn't knock him out or kill him but it was enough to keep him down. She gave him a small smile and tucked a piece of paper into his vest, as she watched the 2 frogs disappear. Her clones had been standing off to the side, she mentally cancelled them and they faded out of existence.

" Suiton no jutsu" The fires were put out thanks to the water, She made her to Itachi, signaling Sasori on the way, she grabbed the older Uchiha before the 2 brothers could do more damage to the surrounding environment and then the 3 Akatsuki members disappeared in a puff of smoke.


The Konoha group were shocked from the turn of events and that none of them had died. Sakura rushed and started to heal Sasuke's wounds, while Shino and Kiba checked on Jiraya, Ino healed the wound he received from the jutsu.

Shikamaru was lost in his thoughts as he watched Ino heal the toad sanin. After both Sasuke and Jiraya were sufficiently healed enough to travel, they made their way back to Konoha with Chouji carrying the still unconscious Asuma and Sakura helping balance Sasuke. Jiraya was too stubborn to let anyone help him.

They made their way back to konoha silently, their heads full of thoughts.


A couple of hours have passed since they first left the hideout, by the time they come back, it's nighttime.

Naruto laid Itachi down on his bed, His onyx eyes had closed with exhaustion. He looked so calm and innocent when he slept. She brushed a lock of his black hair from his face. His pale face contrasted with her tanned hand. She trailed a hand down his cheek, to his jaw over the several scratched he had received through his past battle with Sasuke.

She quickly pulled back her hand when he let out a low sigh. Her thoughts wandered to the words he had said

# Flashback#

He walked up to her, he leaned in towards her and her blush grew and she sputtered, "w-what are y-you d-doing I-Itachi?" she asked quietly, Instead of getting a reply, his mouth connected with hers.

Her face resembled and Tomato and he had a light tinge on his cheeks. The kiss was soft and quick, before she could start to respond he let go of her lips and moved away.

"Naruto I don't regret that, I like you a lot Naru-chan" and with that the Uchiha left the room. The redhead sat in her chair, her mind a swirl, Itachi liked her and he KISSED! her. Then the bastard left her all confused. She gave a growl and stalked out of the room to the training area to work out her frustrations.

Her last thought before she left the room was 'Do I like him?'.

#End flashback#

Did she like him ?, She looked down at his peaceful face and her question was answered. She smiled softly at the sleeping nuke-nin, she put a soft kiss on his forehead as she felt Yugito outside the door.

She opened the door and let Yugito in to heal him and left, but not before taking one last glance at her Uchiha.


Yugito laid down on her bed, she had just finished healing Itachi. Her mind wandered to the blue man that had found a way to slip into her life. As if on cue a blue shark like head stuck into her room.

Kisame closed the door behind him and sat down near the body of his lover. Yugito sat up and wrapped her arms around her scaly man. Kisame kissed her forehead softly and pulled her into his lap. He looked into her green catlike eyes, he lowered his lips down to hers, his tongue slipped into her warm cavern and he memorized every inch of her moist cave.

She ran her hands through his dark blue, almost black hair. her soft hands softly ran down his face and over his gills. He hugged her close to him and pulled his lips away from her and tucked her into his chest. She curled up next to him as he lay down on her bed, He pulled the blanket over them before her lips touched his again before they let their fatigue overtake them. Her fatigue from healing Itachi and training Yachiru the whole day on the basics of medic jutsu. He was tired from his training and spar with Deidera.


Naruto checked on Yachiru who she found snuggled up next to Kyuubi and Nibi. She rolled her eyes at the chibi demons. Yachiru could get them to do anything for her, they had a weakness to her cute pout and puppy dog eyes.

She slowly closed the door and went into the living room, to find Deidera and Sasori arguing again about which of their 'art' was better. She rolled her eyes and walked passed them into the kitchen. She made herself a cup of tea and sat down sipping it.

She started to drown in her thoughts, all of them surrounding a certain Uchiha. 'I think I do like him' admitting that to herself was easier then she expected. She did like the weasel, he was a good listener, trustworthy, loyal and the fact that he was totally hot and that he liked her back, helped.

She tugged on her ponytail and glanced down at her reflection in the cup. She inwardly sighed at the gash that she had acquired from her fight with Jiraya. It ran down her cheek, it would be healed by tomorrow. She drowned her tea and washed her cup, then made her way into the Uchiha's room.

She opened the door slowly and slipped in. She closed it softly and turned around to face a hard chest. She squeaked and looked up into the red, spiraling sharingan eyes. She gave him a sheepish grin and shrugged her shoulders at his silent question. "I wanted to check on you" she was grateful to the darkness of the room that covered her blush.

He nodded his head, "I'm fine, only small scratches anyway", Naruto resisted the urge to snort, 'Oh yea cause you were unconscious for a couple of hours because of 'small scratches'.

She turned to leave, but a hand grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. "Have you thought about what I said?" he asked quietly, Her blush became more pronounced, "Yea". She could see him smirking, she scowled and her eyes looked down to her feet. "So?" he questioned, "I-I l-like you too idiot". 'arg I'm leader of this damm organization, I'm the new Kyuubi not another Hinata!'.

She was shaken out of her thoughts by rough lips that pressed against her own. Her eyes slowly closed and her hands made themselves up to his hair and undone it from his ponytail. His arms hugged her lithe body to his, crushing her to him.


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