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Bones sat down in her office one month later with a letter from Amity Park. Carefully she opened it

Hi Aunt Temprance (or do you prefer Bones?),

I wanted to thank you and agent Booth for freeing me and Danielle, although I did hear a slight rumor you don't believe in ghosts, hope this changed your mind! Anyways, I hope Danielle is doing fine with you, I still am very grateful for your decision to adopt her. Vlad is safely behind bars (in the ghost zone of course) and will not be getting out for the next ten thousand years if I remember right. And for the record, I found where little Ms. Spectra went, apparently she still had some haunting to do around Amity, though it is so easy to keep her in check.

Hope your doing well, say hi to Danielle for me!


PS. If Booth asks, the flowers were your idea…

Bones smiled and handed the letter to the youth sitting across from her, Danielle had been helping her with many cases and seemed to have a knack for picking stuff up.

Then Bones smiled as Booth walked into the office looking flustered "did you send me flowers by any chance" he asked.

Bones rolled her eyes "yes I figured they would be a great way to show how I feel about you" she said, thinking along the lines of Daisies or something.

To her surprise Booth blushed "Danny did it, didn't he" he asked.

Bones raised an eyebrow "how did you…" "because I got red roses, not some friendship or thank you flowers" he said.

Bones blushed and shot a look at Danielle who vanished "well maybe one person can see we were meant for each other and should try a date" Booth suddenly said slyly.

Bones smiled "pick me up here tonight at eight" she said.