Amazing Kiss . LaviXLenalee

D.Gray-man doesn't belong to me .

He couldn't stop thinking of her . She visited him in his dreams , in his nightmares . He couldn't sleep at night for fear of being haunted by her frequent visits .

She felt different from all the rest . She loved him , but didn't know whether he felt the same towards her .

She often had dreams about him getting killed by the Earl . She was too nervous to tell anyone , not even her dear nii-san .

Her older brother wasn't of much help , anyway. All he did was say , "Lenalee , how can you get married without me ?!" and grab her .

He didn't confide in anyone his feelings for her . Yuu-chan was continually out on missions , and Allen wouldn't be of much help , seeing that he had never actually had feelings for any girl before ... although girls had taken an interest in him .

They didn't know when they had developed feelings for each other . But ever since they had managed to get the Exorcists who were trapped in the collapsing rooms of the Ark , they had spent a lot more time together .

Her comforting smile , her faith in her friends , her everything , was what he had wanted all his life - to feel loved by someone . He had been abused by his family when he was young , until the day when Bookman had brought him to the one place he could ever call home .

He had met her , two years his junior , on his first mission without Bookman .

She remembered that other than her brother , she had always felt out-of-place in the Order . She was one of the youngest , with all the other Exorcists looking down at her .

But once he had come into her life , together with her other friends , life had seemed inviting , kind even .

He had added a spark to her life , telling her the true meaning of life . Her smile had become a real one , her laughter no longer an act of pretence .

She was scared to tell him . Scared that he might reject her , scared that she would be made the laughing-stock of the Order .

One day , she gathered her courage .

The day before , he had made his choice .

When the two met , that fateful day , the electric spark that connected them flickered momentarily , before she finally said , "Lavi , I want to talk to you ."

He came with her , walking with her to her secluded hide-out , where she settled down , before turning to face him .

"Lavi , do you like me ?"she asked , looking into his eye without faltering .

He started . He calmed himself down , before breaking their gaze , and looking out into the deep blue horizon .

"I don't like you . I ... love you , Lenalee ."he murmured lovingly .

She looked out into the horizon like him . A pair of doves flew past them , the wind rippling through their hair.

Red hair and black hair mingled together , flowing as one .

Their lips locked in a kiss as they looked lovingly at each other . It was indeed an amazing kiss .

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