Title: No Such Thing As Regret
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG-13 or T
Pairing: SasuNaru

Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me. The prompt also does not belong to me, for it is silver windflame that prompted me with "I'm sorry I cared, I'm sorry I brought you back, but I'm never sorry that I love you." so visit her! ;3

Author's Notes: I... miss SasuNaru. ;; It's been so long since I last wrote anything for them. D: And I'm not sure if this can count as Naruto's birthday gift since it's sort of angsty buuuuttt maybe. 8D HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NARUTO! I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope they're not horribly OOC. -sweatdrop- Reviews are love!

no such thing as regret

Hollow eyes.

Sasuke had such hollow eyes that it nearly broke Naruto's heart because it was so different from the Sasuke he remembered, the person he considered as a rival, whose eyes were once full of determination and life. The fire that once was found in his best friend's eyes was gone – Naruto saw that as soon as he entered the hospital room and locked eyes with him for the first time out of the battlefield.

When he walked near the hospital bed, the sound of his footsteps echoing in his ear like a distant tune, Naruto nearly broke down. Sasuke was sitting upright, lower body tangled with the bed sheets, a scar on his cheek – a scar that Naruto remembered doing in the midst of rage and despair – and those eyes, those lovely… hollow eyes.

"Why?" Sasuke's voice was raspy. It had been two days since he last spoke, refusing to utter a single sound to the ANBU, the medic-nins, and even to the Hokage that tried to assist him although it was blatantly obvious that they were wary to even step close to him.

And Naruto was crying, shoulders shaking as he fought to keep his sobs in, already knowing that it was futile to even try to hide his tears at such a maudlin time. They were running down his cheeks before he even realized it. "I'm sorry, Sasuke." He stepped forward, trembling as he grabbed Sasuke's shoulders, crushing their bodies together, whispering words with a shaky voice.

"For everything." He mumbled, the tears overflowing even as he felt Sasuke's head lean against his shoulder numbly.

For what? For caring? For bringing you back? For stopping you?

"But you know…" Naruto chuckled humorlessly, arms tightening unconsciously, "You can't make me regret this, Sasuke." He muttered harshly – too angry, too lonely, too desperate.

And slowly, Sasuke's bandaged hands rose, with the pain it brought him being ignored. Hands grabbed at Naruto's jacket, clutching tightly, shaking. Stiff arms enveloped him, pulling him closer, and Naruto buried his face in Sasuke's neck, his tears sticking to the skin as he felt Sasuke's body start to tremble in his arms, both of them feeling each other for the first time in such a long, lonely time.

"You can't make me regret loving you."