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To Fight for a Bad-Guy

Missing Them

The sweet soft whisper of raindrops filtered through the cold night air, caressing all in icy fingers and breathless winds. The city was dark; a bitter eerie stillness had claimed the once bustling town and high above this calm shadowed world, stood the silhouette of a lone and unmoving figure. The arctic winds whipped the dark cape, grasping it with freezing fingers, holding tight before slipping off and flying through the night.

Batman stood motionless upon the roof, his eyes never leaving the city once, the last few days had been quiet, too quiet in his opinion. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the break once in a while, it was simply he couldn't understand why they weren't causing him trouble.

He had grown so accustom to the constant bustle form his villains that the sudden calm, this cool quiet was steadily driving him mad.

'Perhaps I should join them in the asylum,' he mused with a small smile, 'When people start calling murderous monster 'their villains' I think it's safe to say there is a screw or two loose.'

But the eerie stillness had yet to even hint at leaving, it was sitting there like a predator, waiting to pounce when the Bat wasn't looking.

'The calm before the storm'

Penguin hadn't threatened him in days, which is saying a lot as the plucky man is usually very annoyed if the handsome Bruce Wayne captures a bit of Fame. And by annoyed he means completely irrationally enraged.

Mr. Freeze hasn't tried to freeze over the city in months, well he doesn't do so on a daily basis, but he at least shows his face every now and then, just to keep the Bat on his toes.

Riddler… not that he comes out to say hello every second day, but there is another quiet one, not even so much as a little puzzle for Batman to tinker with. The Bat frowned at this; he felt a little left out all of a sudden.

The Joker, now there was a worry, if this madman hadn't come out in months then there was surely either something very wrong or something very big was about to go down. But the Joker was an unpredictable creature, perhaps he was taking some time off.

Batman snorted at the gesture.

Unlikely at best; almost all the villains of Gotham suddenly decided to take a break? Not bloody likely.

Batman sighed sadly, truth be told he was a little worried, not because they might be planning something big, but because he hadn't seen them, to a small almost maddened sense he kind of missed the mad boys. Even though they're lunatics, they're still humans… to a sense. When their hearts had been filled with joy and laughter, when they had been young, they had had dreams and achievements they had wished to fulfill, but all they got out of life was a cold cell in Arkham Asylum and a big bat to shove them through the door.

He shifted his weight; the rain was falling harder now.

He would give it another week, only one more week, if nothing happens then he will start searching for them.

They might be criminals, but they were his criminals.

And with that thought the figure leapt from the roof in a perfect swan dive, the ground rushing towards him, his eyes focused on the ill lit lamp pole looming on the tar road. In a flash the grapple hook shot out and clamping onto one of the building the batman swooped away into the night, barely a story away from his impending doom below.

The darkness clasped onto the pale figure with burning fingers, holding him into consciousness, keeping his mind focused on the burning pain his body has so steadily grown accustom to.

"How are you doing today?" a voice whispered from the shadows.

"Fuck you," the figure snapped from the cold metal slab he was tied down to.

"Tut tut," the voice said, "I would have expected better Mr. Enigma"

There was no reply, Edward Enigma, better known as the Riddler, turned his throbbing head away from the voice, hoping to put a stop to the stupid conversation. He was tired, his body ached and his stomach was groaning in protest to the lack of nutrients it so dearly craved.

"Well, there are other ways of making you talk," the shadows shifted and moving over to an illuminated red lever the shadowed figure grinned at Enigma before slamming the lever down.

Sparks blazed in the darkness, engulfing the form of the Riddler in hard painful jolts, twisting his body with violent electrical shocks. Enigma bit down on his lower lip, he would never give the bastard the pleasure of his screams. His body shook violently, slamming his brittle bones hard against the metal slab, only intensifying his apparent pain.

"Brave…" whispered the voice, "But not enough!" The lever was flicked up and slammed down once more and in the shadows of the lab Enigma screamed.

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