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A Mother's Struggle...by Heartbroken1

Chapter One - Scary Secret

I had heard of the superstitions regarding the Quileute tribe. As a teenager, my friends and I even joked about them. But I never imagined that they might actually be true. Nor did I consider the possibility that they would ever affect me or my family.

My husband and I were not happy when Emily, Sam and another Quileute boy showed up on our doorstep. The boy holding our beloved Claire in his arms. Her big brown eyes looked up at him adoringly. He carefully tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and gently kissed her on the forehead. She giggled.

I felt my eyes widen as fear and anger built in my stomach. I forced my lungs to accept the oxygen I was giving them and stepped forward, snatching my baby girl from the grasp of this teenage pervert.

"Quil!" my little girl screamed as she began crying, reaching for him. She struggled desperately against my hold.

Her outburst caught me by surprise. Not only was she usually a mama's girl, but she had a very limited vocabulary. Most of her words were the standards for a little girl barely two-years-old; hi, mama, dada and a muttering that resembled 'ranger' for our dog. But Quil, that was a difficult word and she'd said it so clearly. Not to mention the intensity of her cries; it was almost as if her little heart were breaking.

I tried to comfort her, but she only looked over my shoulder and screamed for this boy named Quil. I watched him suspiciously. His eyes never left her; agony filled them, almost as if he felt the pain she was putting a voice to. I watched as his arm twitched slightly and wondered if he was fighting the urge to take her away from me -- something I would never allow.

I glanced over to notice that my husband was balling his fists and clenching his teeth as Sam began explaining the events of this afternoon. Sam told us that under normal circumstances a parent would not be informed of the secret internal workings of the wolves. But since we were the parents of a very special little girl, we needed to understand.

My head was spinning as Claire continued to shriek. I felt the tears of fear and frustration threatening to make an appearance. Emily gently placed her hand on my arm, asking for permission before gingerly taking my baby from my arms. Emily's eyes were kind and pleaded for my understanding. I wanted to grab my little girl and run away, instead every ounce of my body was completely frozen except for the lone tear rolling down my cheek. Claire's screams slowed as Emily made her way over to this boy who stood nervously in our kitchen, claiming to be Claire's soul mate.

As soon as Quil reached out to Claire, her fussing ceased immediately. She threw her arms around his neck and giggled. I understood in that moment, this 'imprinting' thing wasn't just affecting him...

It seemed that Claire had accepted Quil's imprint too.