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Chapter 29

"Oh God…" Hermione moaned before she threw her head back over the toilet bowl and puked out the contents of her stomach. It was only the second day in which she was experiencing what was called 'morning sickness.' Hermione quickly found out for herself that it was more like 'all day sickness.' She started to hate it already.

"Come here Love," Severus said softly. He pulled Hermione to his chest, and allowed her to lean against him. With a cool cloth, she wiped off the sweat from her brow, and watched her tremble a bit.

"I feel horrid Sev." She breathed in deeply and exhaled, trying to let her body calm.

"If there was a potion that could ease this morning sickness, you know I'd give it to you Love." Severus was starting to feel bad for his wife. He didn't like seeing her in a weak state, and wished that it was he that was going through them, and not her. He couldn't do anything, but just be there for her and support her a hundred percent.

"I can't imagine. The next few months are going to be like this."

"I'm here Love, and I'm not going anywhere," Severus told her as he gently rubbed his wife's back with small circles.

Hermione didn't say anything, but just closed her eyes. She murmured something incoherent, and placed her cheek against his shoulder.

"All done?" he asked looking down at her slightly pale face.

"Yeah…" she sighed in reply.

With that, Severus gently carried her up in his arms, and walked towards the bed. He set her down on her side of the bed, and brushed off some of her curly strands away from her face.

"What would I do without you?" Hermione said ever so softly, as she watched her husband sit next to her. She held onto his hand and gave it a small squeeze. "I'd probably be dead."

Severus shook his head and smiled down at her. "You are not, for I am here."

"Severus…" Hermione chocked out, and started to cry.

Severus immediately lay down next to her, and pulled her against him. He started to whisper comforting words into her ear, hoping that they would eventually calm her.

"I'm supposed to be dead…" she bawled out loud. "I can't do all of this. I can't!"

"But you're not. You're right here with me. You won't do this all alone Love," he murmured against her temple right after he kissed it. He felt Hermione clutch onto him like her life depended on it. Soon enough, he felt her wrap one of her legs around his waist. She needed contact for assurance. "I'm right here, I'm here," he repeated again and again. Severus was so worried. Hermione was already an emotional wreck as it was. She wasn't even in her second or third trimester of her pregnancy, so it couldn't have been her hormones. What all the more then?

Eventually after sometime, Severus felt Hermione's breathing even out against the skin of his neck. The grip that she had around his neck, had loosened somewhat. He knew pretty well that his wife had fallen asleep. She had cried herself to sleep, like she had so many times with him before.

Severus pulled back a bit so that he could look at Hermione's face. At that moment, she seemed like she was peace. No frown lines on her face. No worries, no stress. He couldn't even imagine waking her up even if he wanted to. This was one of the moments were Hermione didn't need the real world, and all its commotion. She needed the time—the peace. It seemed to be a rarity for her nowadays.

His hand travelled down to her stomach. There was a child growing within her, and it was their child. He couldn't believe it. Part of him still couldn't believe that he had this magnificent witch in his life. His life… He remembered the days when he too got abused by his father, and how he also abused his mother. He never thought in a million years that he would be a father. Right then and there, he promised and vowed to himself that he was going to try and be the best father there was. He would never even think about raising a single finger on his son… or perhaps daughter. He smiled to himself. Never mind the child's sex as long as he or she was healthy.

"Severus," a familiar voice called from his door.

Severus looked at the door and saw Albus, with a finger against his mouth. He then gestured for Severus to get up and come out with him to the living area. They needed to talk and he didn't want to wake Hermione. Slowly, Severus pulled away.

"Severus…" Hermione murmured softly, but still very much asleep.

Severus didn't say anything. He took hold of one of the pillows and placed it next to her. He let her arms and legs wrap around the pillow like she did to him. He saw her snuggle against the soft pillow, and sigh. She still thought that she was holding him. He would return to her soon enough.

"Poppy told me the news Severus about Hermione's pregnancy," Albus started, with a twinkle in his eye. He was overjoyed when he heard the news earlier. "Congratulations!"

"Thank you Albus," Severus sighed as he looked down at the empty coffee table in front of him. Even though he was happy, he was very worried about Hermione.

"What's the matter my boy?" the old wizard asked in concern when he saw an all too familiar look in Severus's black eyes. "Are you not happy that you are to be a father?"

"I am Albus, I am. It's just that…" Severus trailed off for a bit before he continued. "Hermione's been through a lot lately, and then suddenly, she's pregnant. She already has a hard time dealing with her life as it is. She's breaking down Albus. I've never seen her in such a state before."

"I know what you mean Severus. That is why we have to be there for her, and you must continue being her rock," Albus looked at him over his half moon glasses. He saw just how lost Severus was. The last time he saw the man in such a state was when he told him he had taken the Dark Mark. Now, he seemed more lost than before.

"I'm worried Albus, I truly am. What am I going to do?"

"Just be there for her Severus, as you've been there for her before. Love her."

"That is all that I'm doing. But then is it going to be enough?"

"Love will always be enough. It shall conquer all, even your worries. You will see to it one day, I am sure." When Severus didn't respond to what he said, he changed the subject. "There will be an Order meeting tonight at Grimmauld Place. A few Order members will be there. You and Hermione must attend."

"Why? What about?" Severus asked curiously.

"It is about the both of you—"

"No doubt they have heard of our marriage," Severus interrupted.

"It particularly involves Hermione actually. In her current condition, more steps have to be taken to ensure her safety. The Order must know what truly is happening."

"Even Black?!" Severus scowled.

"Yes even Sirius. Even though you both despise each other, I have no doubt that he cares for Hermione."

"Molly would probably want to hex my balls off later," Severus added. He knew that she looked at Hermione like a daughter and was a little too over protective.

"Probably," Albus chuckled as he stood up from the chair. "Remember though, we are doing this not just for the war, but for Hermione." With that, Albus departed Severus's chambers through the fireplace.

Severus sighed and headed back to his wife. Tonight was a night that was going to be filled with commotion, there was no doubting it.

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