I do not own Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse. They and their respective characters are the property of Stephenie Meyer and her creative mind.

I, however, am borrowing the characters and the events transpired to write this fictional tale.

Beginning of My End

Chapter 1

"Edward," Bella snuggled closer to his stone chest, "you are very quiet this evening. Are you alright?" Bella met his eyes with a stern gaze. I averted her gaze and instead picked up her hand, "Of course I am fine, my love." Liar. Thief. You are going to hurt her and you won't even warn her.

I did warn her…I warned her not to get involved with me…

Even so, I pleaded with myself to think this through again. I begged myself to find another way. "Bella, it's late. I need to go." She readjusted herself in my arms. She sighed a frustrated sigh, "Will I see you upstairs?"

Oh god, how I wish I could stay, but this is for the best, my love…

"No. I will not be staying tonight." I looked away from her. "Edward…is something wrong? Edward!" We were outside now and I was already 6 feet away from her. Bella Swan swung herself I front of me, "Dammit, Edward! Something is wrong! Tell me! Please." I ran my hands through my hair, if I didn't finish this soon, I wouldn't be able to leave. I would fail her again. "Bella, you are not safe as long as I am here with you. In order to keep your sweet pulse beating, I have to leave. I don't…" I hate myself, "…want you anymore." She took a few steps back, "W-what?" Tears stained her sweet face. Her beautiful eyes were fearful, "You don't want me? Y-you don't love me anymore?" She took a deep breath, "I knew none of this couldn't have been real. You are too good for me. Too perfect…I'm just Bella Swan, a plain, human girl. Not good enough for Edward Cullen." She grasped me around my waist.

I want to hold you! I never want to see you cry again! I am doing this because I love you!

I pried her hands from around my waist and kissed her forehead, "Time heals all wounds for your kind." I answered coldly as I turned away for the first and last time. I would never return to see her. I heard her try to follow me, so I ran. I ran until I could no longer smell her. I fell to the ground. Sobs racked my body, no matter that I couldn't cry. I almost felt human. Almost, if only I hadn't hurt her, what a monster I was. What a damnation.