A.N. I just want to say that this story starts with a newspaper article and…yes…it's supposed to sound kind of stupid…so don't critique me on that. And…I'd like to tell you…though I will try in every way possible to keep this story T rated, some snippets may contain some M rated material…I'm sorry about it if this occurs. Also…this story takes place during the time of Season 3…just letting you know.

Strange Disappearances Puzzle Pocatello

By: Christopher Valet

The peaceful city of Pocatello, Idaho has been thrust into a mysterious nightmare. In the past month, there have been eight different disappearances with no trail left behind. Coincidence? I think not. Look at the list of people that have disappeared:

Vanessa Hamilton (27) Caucasian Female

Andrea Johnson (24) Caucasian Female

Katherine (Katie) Osmond (25) Caucasian Female

Claire Hepburn (24) Caucasian Female

Dorothy (Dolly) Perkins (24) Caucasian Female

Sarah Whelan (21) Caucasian Female

Abigail Martin (26) Caucasian Female

Lucinda (Lucy) Love (23) Caucasian Female REPORTED MISSING YESTERDAY

Are we starting to see a pattern? I think so. And the chilling discovery was made that each of these young women were considerably attractive. Are the victims possibly being sold into sexual slavery or worse? We don't know, but the detectives believe that if more information is found on the victims, they might possibly be able to trace where they are being held now. We were able to get a snippet of an interview with one of the victim's (Lucy Love) boss at the restaurant, "Melton's":

"Lucy worked overtime every day…I assume she's having financial problems. Apparently she's had many jobs before…it says so on her resume…but she wasn't fired…she quit. So…I think she hasn't been kidnapped…she must've run away to find a new - - - -ty, minimum wage job somewhere else."

Though her boss is skeptical, Lucy's landlord thinks otherwise

"Well…though I eventually had to evict her, I knew she was going through a rough time. She had no family to speak of since her sister died about three months ago. Since her family couldn't afford health insurance, she's been having to pay off her sister's gruesome medical bills. The girl had no extra money to pay rent. But…I knew she has to have disappeared…I mean…where could she go? And why would she leave her stuff behind?"

Well…we'll keep you updated. Check the paper tomorrow for more news.


"This paper is bullshit," Dean Winchester grumbled as he threw the newspaper in the garbage bin.

"Dean," Sam, his younger brother, chided. "Did you look through it carefully?" Sam got up from the cheap motel loveseat and salvaged the newspaper from the trashcan. He opened it up and carefully scanned over the article. His brow furrowed and his tongue started to peek out from the corner of his mouth. "Hmm…"

"What? You find a typo?" Dean took a sip of coffee from a "Hooters" mug. He wrinkled his nose and spat the coffee back out. "God damn it, Sammy! What the hell did you put in this coffee?"

"It's a hell of a lot better than the pot you brewed yesterday," Sam muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Dean shouted from the bathroom as he dumped the mug's contents in the toilet. A loud splash and a flushing sound were heard.

"Nothing!" Sam yelled back. Dean sauntered back out and plopped down beside Sam.

"Nothing my ass," Dean gave Sam a playful shove.

"Dean…look here," Sam pushed the article directly under his brother's nose and pointed at a section. Dean snatched it away and skimmed over it.

"What!?" Dean said in annoyance.

Sam sighed and began massaging his temples. "The part about her landlord. He said he evicted her…but he thought she had been kidnapped because she left her stuff behind. It makes no sense…"

"He probably had just evicted her, Sammy," Dean said nonchalantly. "I mean…they don't send you out of the house right away. They give you a couple of days."

Sam started gaping at his older brother for a minute. Had Dean outsmarted him? Before Sam could speak, Dean tousled his hair, making it stick up in odd places.

"Aw! Little Sammy got outsmarted!"

"Shut up, Dean," Sam snapped as he flattened down his dark hair. His look darkened. "We need to get to the bottom of this one."

"Seems like a sex predator to me," Dean shrugged. "I mean…what makes you think that it's a demon behind this?"

"Dean…how is this guy not getting caught?" Both brothers shared a look of mutual understanding. "And…I don't know…I kind of just sense that there's a demon in this town."

"Or demons," Dean added grimly.

"We have to be ready for anything. Who knows what we let out? We've got to know that we aren't just going to be seeing our every day demons."

"Alright, Sammy," Dean gave Sam a pat on the shoulder. "Do you have a plan?"

"Yep," Sam replied as he clapped his hands together. "We're going to Melton's tonight,"

"Melton's?" Dean raised an eyebrow.

Sam groaned. "The place one of the victims worked! A restaurant! The place the girl was last seen…"

"Oh yeah…that Lucy chick," Dean stood up.

"Yes, Dean. That Lucy chick."


"The police have already been through the surveillance camera tapes." The manager of Melton's loosened his crimson-red tie and strutted over to the Winchester brothers that stood before him. "Why do you young detectives need to see them as well?"

"Please, sir," Sam took a step closer to the short, balding man. "I think they might've missed something,"

The manager rubbed his chin. "You said this was for the Lucy Love case?"

"More or less," Sam replied as he turned around and gave Dean a nasty look that said,

"Stop playing with the manager's bobble- head toys!"

Dean took the hint, but still gave the Donald Trump toy one last thump on the side of the head.

"Well…if it's for Lucy, then I'll let you watch the tape. She was really a great employee. She was so optimistic and had such a great sense of humor." The manager smiled weakly and went rifling through his desk.

Both boys tried not to think of what a great person Lucy might've been, for they knew that Lucy was probably dead.

"Here you go," The manager handed Sam a rather plain looking, black video tape. "Now…off you go!" The man waved the boys out of the room. "You can keep it too."

Dean and Sam looked at each other and left the office.


"Go back!" Dean commanded as he pointed at a figure on the screen. Sam fumbled with the remote and pressed the rewind button. "There! Stop there!" Sam pressed "play" and the brothers fixed their eyes on the television.

An extremely handsome man in his late twenties sat down by himself at a booth. His waitress came up with a notepad. She was fairly attractive with a slender, feminine figure and pretty facial features. Her eye and hair color were hard to make out since the video was in black and white.

Dean let out a whistle. This caused Sam to give him a jab in the ribs as he paused the video.

"Dean…that's Lucy. Look at her nametag." Sam pointed at the small rectangular nametag pinned onto the right side of the waitress' chest. Indeed, the nametag read "Lucy".

"She's got a nice ass," Dean remarked.

"What is your problem?" Sam turned to his brother. "I mean it as a genuine question. This is serious business and all you can think about is girl's…things!"

"Sorry to offend you or anything," Dean rolled his eyes. "Play the video,"

Sam grumbled as he pressed the button. The figures on the screen began to move again. The waitress looked like she was taking the handsome man's order for a drink and everything looked normal. A few minutes later, the girl came back with a soda. She began scribbling down his order and walked off. In about fifteen minutes, she came back with food. She stayed for a little while as the man ate and they looked as if they were making small talk. Eventually she left and came back with the bill. He paid and left. She cleaned up the table and left for good.

"Looks pretty normal to me, Sammy," Dean shrugged.

"Hmm…" Sam played the video over again.

After watching the video over for about five times, Dean stood up and exclaimed,

"Sam! Go back to where she talked to him while he ate! I think I saw something!"

Sam's trembling fingers pressed the "rewind" button. Both boys looked at the screen again.

"Sam…look at this guy's hand,"

Sam squinted his eyes and looked at the man's hand that was under the table. It was moving around rapidly with strange motions.

"Wait!" Sam slammed his thumb down on the "pause" button and jabbed his finger on the screen. "Dean, look what's on this guy's hand."

On the top of the handsome man's hand was a strange symbol. The symbol looked to be two circles placed right next to each other with a knife sticking upright below where the two circles touched.

"What is it?" Dean inquired in a whisper.

"I don't know. I've never seen it be…" Sam stopped midsentence.

"Sammy?' Dean began to get concerned.

The younger Winchester shushed Dean and got up from the couch. He rushed over to one of the drawers he had deposited his valuables in and began tearing through it.

"Sam, what the hell are you doing?" Dean asked with exasperation.

Sam held up his hand as he pulled out a leather-bound, moss colored book. The silver letters engraved on the cover read, symbol

"Insignias of Evil: How to recognize demonic symbols"

"Where'd you get that?" Dean questioned.

"Bobby," was Sam's short answer.


Sam ignored Dean as he hurried back to the couch and tried not impale himself on numerous springs that poked out of the cushions. He began flipping through the book rapidly, until he finally cried out triumphantly,

"Ah-Hah!" Sam put the book down in his lap. A very curious and confused Dean pulled one side of the book in his own lap and began peering down at the page inquisitively.

"Sam…have you read this?" Dean's face was ashen and his eyes were wide.

"Well…I haven't gotten the time. I've just skimmed over this book, really," Sam admitted sheepishly.

"Sam," Dean was speaking slowly with a definite note of fear in his voice. "Read it…and read it aloud."

Dean shoved the book into Sam's hands and pointed to where he should begin. Sam took a deep breath and read,

"This symbol is the mark of a Succubini demon. The sign is, more often than not, burned into the back of the hand when a human is unfortunate enough to be possessed by this demon. The symbol represents the breasts of a woman…and a knife…stabbing them." Sam paused.

"Go on," Dean murmured. "Skip to the next paragraph,"

When Sam had found his place, he continued,

"Succubinis are a very peculiar sort of demon. They like to inhabit the most attractive body they can find (always a male body) and they seduce attractive, virgin young women with their powers. They like to have many victims, but each victim is selected with care and captured individually. Once a woman is captured, the Succubini will torture her by means of physical pain, tempting illusions, taunting words, starving her, and eventually killing her. But the reason Succubinis are so strange is because instead of just torturing women …they inflict nightmarish sexual pleasures upon them such as…" Sam's eyes widened as he looked at the next few sentences. "Dean…do I have to?"

"No," Dean whispered. "But…all I know is, we've got to find this demon. We still have a chance of saving Lucy."

"The others must be dead by now," Sam shuddered. "I mean…if we find the Succubini…and the bodies…what will the girl's families do?" Sam was referring to what a Succubini did to a girl after he'd kill her. He'd strip her, mutilate her, and hang her upside down from a rope on the ceiling.

"Don't think about it, Sammy," Dean slapped his little brother on the back. "It'll only make matters worse."

Sam turned to his older brother with a forced smile. "Thanks, bro,"

Dean shrugged. "No biggie,"