"Anything yet?" Lucy asked Sam as she poured him some more coffee.

"Not yet," Sam replied, taking a sip of the coffee and putting it on a plastic stand by the couch. Then, he went back to rifling through the newspaper that was sitting on his lap.

Sam, Dean and Lucy had spent two nights so far in a halfway decent motel in the microscopic town of Soldes, Montana.

Lucy sat down beside Sam on the couch. The couch in this motel was much better than the one in Idaho. The spring stayed at the bottom, supporting the cushions, and cockroach nests weren't clustered in the corners. Though the sofa smelled strongly of mothballs, it was still a great improvement.

"Have you been sleeping?" Lucy questioned him, making note of the dark rings under Sam's eyes and his slightly vacant expression. She put her coffee pot down on the coffee table by their feet. It was a rather…interesting coffee table that was crudely carved out of pine.

"Kinda," Sam shrugged.

"It would be better if you could sleep like Dean," Lucy chuckled, looking at the green, plastic watch on her wrist. The digital numbers read "10:30 AM".

"Maybe…" Sam's tongue was poking out slightly from the corner of his mouth as he read an article.

"Is that something?" Lucy peered over at the article.

"Nah," Sam sighed. "They found the guy's DNA all over the gun…see?" Sam pointed a section of the article with a picture of a man's mug shot embedded in it.

"Nothing paranormal?" Lucy said, trying to coat the fear in her voice with false curiosity.

"Not today, it seems," Sam threw the whole entire newspaper on the floor and put his head in his hands, running his fingers through his dark, silky bangs.

"Hey, look on the bright side," Lucy put an arm around Sam's shoulder. "You can relax a little, now…I mean…after Peter…" Lucy had a stretched, fake smile on her face as she thought of Peter. "I mean…you could probably use some rest…sleep, really."

"I can't sleep," Sam blurted out. "I really can't sleep."

Lucy was silent for a moment before she spoke,

"I was awake during the drive here."

"What?!" Sam sat up straight, alarmed. Cold dread washed over him. "But…I thought…"

"I heard everything," Lucy smiled gently. "And I saw everything…"

"It's not what you th-"

"I witnessed a rather cute, brotherly moment," Lucy had a broader grin on now…and a mischievous look glimmering in her black-brown eyes.

"What do you mean?" Sam was almost on the verge of trembling. Had she heard everything to do with Ruby, the demon girl and his plot to save Dean?

"Well…I woke up when Dean swerved around that dairy truck…"

Sam heaved out a huge sigh of relief. She hadn't heard everything. "Oh…"

"And I decided to stay awake since you two seemed to be arguing about something juicy…and Dean kept almost hitting cars…" Lucy chattered away. "And when you pointed your finger at him and he took the finger and started holding your hand…that was really cute…"

"Er…" Sam bit his lip.

"And then, you two pulled over, and you held hands again, and then…" Lucy had to take a deep breath since she was talking so fast. "There was a cliffhanger…something I've been curious about…"

"What?!" Sam snapped, irritated slightly by Lucy's seemingly mindless chattering.

Lucy pretended not to be bothered by Sam's sour mood. "What did you want to tell him?"

"Huh?" Sam feigned ignorance.

"What did you want to tell Dean?" Lucy's tone was pleading. "I reeeaaaalllllyyyyy want to know!" She stuck out her lower lip excessively and pouted. "Why don't you tell me?"

"It's nothing," Sam evaded her question. "When do you think we should move on? I mean…this town seems pretty demon-free."

"Don't avoid it, Sam," Lucy frowned. "I want to know!"











"NO!" Sam shouted, cheeks flushing from embarrassment and rage. "I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU, DEAN, OR ANYONE ELSE!" Lucy looked incredibly hurt and looked down,

"Sorry, Sam…I won't pry anymore."

Sam's look softened. "I'm sorry…I should've yelled like that…"

"And I should've pestered you like that," Lucy was hiding tears. She was oversensitive about being yelled at.

"Look…" Sam sighed. "I don't even know what to tell, really. I mean…I think I'm in the dark as much as you and Dean are."

"What do you mean?" Lucy looked confused.

"I mean…I was about to tell Dean…something," Sam was being extremely cautious about not letting anything stupid slip from his lips. "But…I don't exactly know what it is I wanted to say. I think for some reason, I was trying to put some very jumbled emotions into words. It didn't turn out too well…"

"Sam…" Lucy twiddled her thumbs. "Maybe you were just trying to tell Dean that you loved him…"

"WHAT?!" Sam yelped.

"As a brother, silly," Lucy rolled her eyes.

"R-right," Sam stuttered. "That…m-might be it."

Lucy raised her eyebrows and her eyes widened with a revelation. "OOOOH!!!!!!"

"What?!" Sam jumped back in surprise from Lucy's loud expression of her realization of something.

"I should've known," Lucy's voice was breathless.

"Should've known what, exactly?" Sam was annoyed at being kept in the dark.

"I should've known," Lucy repeated, this time with an amused tone and a chuckle.

"Lucy…" Sam's brows knitted together in frustration. "Tell me what's going on in your sick, twisted little mind." Lucy began laughing. "Now!"

"The way he looks at you...the way you look at him…how you two bicker…" Lucy was beaming. "Sam…both of you are head-over-heels for each other."

"What the hell do you…?"

"I mean…" Lucy giggled. "You both are in love!"

"WHAT?!" Sam said for about the umpteenth time that day. "You're crazy!"

"So are you…" Lucy smirked. "…for Dean…" she tossed back her hair. "And vice versa."

"Ridiculous!" Sam stood up and threw his hands in the hair. "That's homosexual and incest at the same time! Disgusting…"

"Kind of sweet, actually," Lucy said in faraway voice.

"I'm out!" Sam stormed out of the motel room.

"You'll be back!" Lucy shouted back at him, happy that she had made this discovery.