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Chapter 6

The skies were a vivid blue with only an occasional white puffy cloud. It was a breath-taking sight as they flew over the country on their way towards the Pacific Ocean. Naruto couldn't help but think that the one thing that would make this trip perfect would be if Sasuke was there with him.

He was interrupted from his musings when Sai nudged his shoulder. "Go check on our guest."

"What the hell? Why don't we ever have a flight attendant? You'd think that if they were important enough to bring out the jet that they would have other people helping," Naruto complained as he unbuckled his seat belt. "The only time we ever get an attendant is when they have someone from another company around and are trying to impress them."

"You know if you worked as hard as you bitched, you would be done and back in your seat already," Sai pointed out.

Naruto stuck his tongue out at the other pilot before half-stomping through what should have been the attendants' area and back into the passenger cabin.

He came to an abrupt halt as he jaw dropped open.

Sitting calmly in one of those large comfy chairs with his jacket, tie and shoes off and his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows was his boss. A glass of what looked to be champagne in his one hand and a report that he was currently reading in the other; he took Naruto's breath away. Had he forgotten how utterly gorgeous the other man was? Had he forgotten his aura, his presence, the sense of masculinity that he radiated?

Naruto didn't think he had, but he had no other explanation for how his senses reeled at the sight of Sasuke sitting there calmly doing nothing that even hinted at seduction but just as surely pulled the blond in.

Sasuke didn't seem to be surprised at his sudden appearance and merely lifted those coal dark eyes until they met deep, hungry blue ones. The glass lifted almost languidly to pink lips, the liquid swirled and the throat muscles swallowed. The glass lowered and the tip of a tongue darted out to catch any loose drops before retreating once again.

"I would offer you a drink," Sasuke murmured in a smoky tone, "but somehow I think we're already past that."

As if Sasuke's voice broke whatever stasis that had overtaken him, Naruto suddenly jerked into motion. His uniform jacket was flung somewhere, shortly followed by his tie as he made his way quickly over to the man before him.

Sasuke barely had time to find a safe place to set his glass as Naruto immediately leaned over and seized his lips, plunging past them to the heat beyond.

Not wanting the blond to get the wrong idea, Sasuke grabbed two handfuls of dress shirt and pushed Naruto into the opposite seat. A mouth opened to protest which Sasuke took quick advantage of by sealing his own against it as he straddled a pair of strong thighs.

"Don't forget who's in charge here," Sasuke whispered against his lips huskily.

Naruto groaned and wrapped his arms around that strong, lithe body, his hands dropping straight to Sasuke's ass.

Sasuke stifled a moan of his own as he felt the warmth of the caress through the cloth of his pants. He was just about to resume his assault on Naruto's mouth when a sharp sting brought him to a shocked halt.

He blinked.

It just wasn't possible.

Surely, Naruto wasn't that stupid.

The grin on the scarred cheeks before him contradicted the assumption however and he felt his outrage increase.

"Did you just pinch my ass?!"

Somehow, the grin grew even wider.

Even as Sasuke tried not to give into the urge to clobber the moron, he had to admit that the idiotic maneuver did accomplish one thing. The tension in the room had dispersed slightly, bringing them back down to a more manageable level. At least no one was about to be inadvertently hurt while they tried to rape each other.

Sasuke felt his muscles relax slightly and leaned forward to gently nip and nibble at Naruto's jaw and throat. Those warm hands continued to explore his back, shoulders and bottom as his fingers worked at the buttons on Naruto's shirt.

"I missed you," Naruto said softly, unsurely.

"Hn," Sasuke said, hiding a slight blush against the tanned neck. "I was enjoying the peace and quiet."

"Bastard," Naruto said, a pout evident in his voice.

There was a warm puff of a chuckle against his skin before lips soothed his ego. Naruto reached up and guided Sasuke's lips to his own, gently kissing them a few times before suddenly devouring them.

Sasuke sucked in a surprised breath through his nose as his hips gained a mind of their own and ground down against the hardness beneath them. Both men moaned and one of Naruto's hands dropped down to Sasuke's hip to keep the motion going.

Sasuke shoved Naruto's shirt back, refusing to stop the kissing that was quickly washing away his control just to peel the offending garment off. His hands roamed over the planes of the broad chest and over the ridges of muscle over his stomach reveling in the heated skin beneath his fingers.

As much as he wanted to continue to rub and writhe against the blond, he had other ideas where he wanted to take things. He lifted his hips enough to get his hand between them, rubbing his palm roughly over the hard length hidden by the black slacks.

Naruto let out a moan, his hips jerking up into the touch and his head pushing back into the chair, forcing his hat to lower slightly over his eyes.

Sasuke smirked down at the reactions he was causing, enjoying the strange sensation of power that they evoked in him. Who knew that reducing the loudmouth to a pile of whimpering mush could be such a turn on?

He slid back off of the seat, kneeling down before the blond. He made quick work of the dress shoes before reaching up to unbuckle the belt. By the time that he was working on the zipper of the pants, blue eyes were eagerly watching him from under the brim of the hat, waiting to see what he had in mind next.

Sasuke grabbed the waistband of both the pants and the light blue Sponge Bob boxers. Naruto quickly snaked a hand underneath to protect his rigid length and lifted his hips as Sasuke jerked both articles off of at once. He settled back into his seat and watched the dark eyes take in every detail before them.

Pale fingers reached forward and gently brushed along the velvety tip, gently smearing the bead of moisture there. They hesitated a moment before leaving him just to bring that drop to pink lips. Naruto watched, enraptured as a wet tongue darted out to taste. His cock jumped slightly at the sight, bringing an amused smirk to Sasuke's face.

A slender, graceful hand wrapped around the base of his manhood, giving a gentle squeeze. Naruto moaned as his eyes tried to slide shut in pleasure, but he wanted to see this, wanted to watch everything that Sasuke did.

A slow caress began, gaining rhythm and confidence as tanned fingers dug into the arms of the chair. "Oh, gods, yesss…" Naruto moaned as he lifted a shaky hand to run along Sasuke's arm.

Watching Sasuke watching his cock as he stroked it was almost too much for Naruto. Every twitch of his shaft, every tightening of his balls had Sasuke looking on avidly. He knew he wasn't going to last long at this rate.

Sasuke had to repress his own soft sounds of arousal. He knew that he was causing every moan, every whimper that emerged from Naruto's throat and it was making his body burn hotter.

"Sasuke," Naruto said breathlessly, his chest lifting and falling with increasing rapidity. "Your mouth. I want to feel your mouth."

Sasuke couldn't have stopped the evil smirk that crossed his face any more than he could have stopped the sun from rising. "My mouth?" he inquired with seeming innocence as he dropped a kiss on the inside of Naruto's thigh.

Naruto gave a little growl of displeasure that end on a mewl at a flick of a wrist. "Bastard," he gasped. "Go down on me."

"Hn, I don't know. The last time I went down with you, we crashed in an airplane and were stranded in a cave for several days," Sasuke teased as his tongue then followed where his lips had been.

"No crash this time," Naruto promised as he panted heavily, "just a fiery explosion."

"Fiery, huh?" Sasuke asked huskily.

"Volcanic," Naruto assured.

Sasuke finally gave in with a small moan and engulfed the head of Naruto's cock with his warm, wet mouth. The strangled gasp was very gratifying as was the hand that tangled itself tightly into his hair. With his hand still working what his mouth couldn't reach, he let his tongue slide around the thick, hard flesh, tasting and teasing relentlessly.

Naruto could feel his body tightening quickly as he watched Sasuke sucking on him. The tightly sealed lips created a vacuum that pulled the blood to the tip, making it even more sensitive to the tongue lapping at it. His body quivered and shook and he knew it wouldn't be long before he reached his limits. He gently urged Sasuke faster with his hand in his hair, helping him maintain the rhythm.

"Oh, fuck, I'm close," he whispered hoarsely in warning.

Sasuke's grip tightened on him, the suction pulled at him harder as the other man's body clenched in excitement at the thought of his lover's completion.

Naruto felt his whole body tense and draw tight, everything seeming to focus on the mouth and hand bringing him such overwhelming pleasure until there was nothing else in the universe.

"Sasuke!" Naruto almost snarled out as every muscle in his body seemed to try to help his balls pump his cum out.

Sasuke's eyes widened as thick salty fluid filled his mouth. With the hand clenched in his hair he didn't have much choice but to swallow as another jet flooded his mouth. He grimaced slightly at the taste but shrugged it off figuring he had worst tasting things at some of the dinner parties that he'd had to attend.

As soon as the hand in his hair let go, he sat back and discreetly wiped at his mouth. He glanced up and couldn't help but feel a keen sense of satisfaction at the puddle of goo that was currently residing in the chair before him. That sight was definitely worth it.

With a slight smirk and a confident sway to his walk, he stood and moved over to where he had left his champagne glass. After taking a large swallow to wash the taste from his mouth, he began to strip down figuring it would take Naruto a few moments at least to recover.

He supposed that he could always have the blond bring him off with either his hand or mouth. 'Or even something lower,' he mused as his eyes drifted down to where Naruto's bottom was planted firmly in the seat. However, there was only one way that he wanted to cum after waiting a whole month and it required Naruto's full participation.

While he would never admit to it, he had gotten frustrated enough a few times during his absence that he had taken matters into his own hands. And even though fingering himself while jerking on his cock made him cum way harder than just jerking alone, it wasn't anything compared to what he had experienced with Naruto in that cave. He had finally come to the conclusion that he only wanted Naruto and no one else. He only wanted that body beneath him, trying to keep up with him, trying to please him and driving him insane with pleasure. He wanted those hands on him, wanted that mouth on him, wanted that cock filling him.

Sasuke's eyes drifted upwards, catching blue looking back at him with renewing interest. Sasuke merely lifted an eyebrow, knowing it would annoy the blond, and went back to pulling off his pants. Now that those eyes were staring at something besides his face, he let another evil smirk cross his lips.

He walked over to the bottle of champagne and, instead of walking back to his seat, planted a knee in the one next to it and leaned over to refill his glass. He knew it was a cheesy move, but it was obviously working since Naruto's eyes were glued to his ass at the moment. He set the bottle back into the small ice bucket and walked back to his chair where he picked up his briefcase. Naruto watched curiously as he popped the latches open and lifted the lid. He reached into a small pocket inside and pulled out a small tube before carefully closing the briefcase and setting it aside once more.

He retrieved his glass and carried both to his new seat on the blond's lap. Without seeming concern for his dignity, he casually straddled Naruto once more. He was expecting a hot kiss or perhaps some much wanted groping of his hard and needy cock so he was surprised when Naruto lifted a hand up and cupped his cheek. And when he met those deep blue eyes with so much emotion in them, he felt awkward, breathless and perhaps a little stunned.

"I will be happy to pleasure you in any way you want, Sasuke, but if you want me in you then I want to be sure it means something to you. I know we talked about it before, but it sounded like we were going to take things slower," Naruto said quietly as if unsure how his words were going to be taken.

Sasuke felt he could have easily gotten annoyed by Naruto's lack of understanding, but he didn't feel in the mood to fight right now, even if it was sometimes fun pushing Naruto's buttons.

"Naruto, it meant something to me the first time," he said quietly before handing his pilot the glass. He locked his eyes onto those of the man before him, trying to impart his seriousness. "I don't do casual. I don't have the time or patience for casual. If I make a move on someone it's because I am truly interested." He blushed slightly and looked away. "And I've been interested in you for some time."

"You have a funny way of showing it," Naruto pointed out before taking a sip to wet his throat.

Sasuke shot a frown at him. "We're here, aren't we? Shut up and make the best of it."

Naruto grinned up at him. "Yes, sir."

"Hn." Sasuke flipped the cap on the tube and looked up at Naruto. "Fingers."

Naruto obediently held out the hand that wasn't holding the stemmed glass and Sasuke coated two of the fingers in the clear gel. Naruto quickly knocked back the rest of the alcohol and leaned over to set the glass in another seat.

Sasuke grabbed his wrist and guided it down to where he wanted it. "First one," he said as lowered himself down.

Naruto couldn't help but raise his own eyebrow this time. "You know I've kinda done this before. I really don't need the step by step."

Sasuke glared at him. "If I'm letting you do this, then I'm in charge."

"And if I was the one on the bottom?"

"Then I'd still be in charge."

Naruto let out a snicker at the expected answer. Not waiting for the next call, he thrust his finger up inside watching the widening eyes with a grin. The mouth thinned out and opened to deliver a reprimand when Naruto pulled the finger almost all the way out and had its buddy join it before delving deeply back inside.

That opened mouth let out an interesting noise as Naruto started to move his fingers. "If I'm supposed to just sit here and let you move me around, then I might as well buy you a vibrator," he commented as he twisted his wrist slightly and thrust harder.

Sasuke's head tilted back in pleasure as he hands grabbed onto Naruto's clothed shoulders.

Naruto leaned forward slightly and nipped and licked at Sasuke's pale, defined chest while wrapping an arm around his waist. He halted the other man's motions and just started slamming his fingers as deep and fast as he could.

Sasuke let out a cry and clutched at him, trying his best to grind his cock against him.

It was when he felt the pale body start to quiver and tense that he ceased all motion.

"No!" Sasuke protested, trying to twist his body in Naruto's hold. "Don't stop! Don't you dare stop!"

Naruto slowly pulled his fingers out, feeling the muscles clenching at them in futility. "Shh," he said quietly, "we're not stopping. But I need you to put lube on my cock so I can fuck you."

Sasuke moaned at the thought of finally being able to drive himself down onto the man beneath him. He looked around almost wildly for the lube, having forgotten where he had dropped it. He spotted it in the chair next to them and grabbed it, shoving his bangs out of the way in irritation.

Naruto released his hips so that he could lift up enough to coat Naruto's erection, causing the blond to hiss slightly at the chill. Sasuke glanced at the excess on his hand indecisively for a moment before Naruto guided his hand down to his own dripping cock. He quickly smeared it on, almost whimpering at his sensitivity.

"Push your bangs back," Naruto told him.

Frowning slightly, Sasuke did so only to watch Naruto take off his hat and slip it onto his own head. It was definitely better not having the irritation of his bangs sticking to his sweaty forehead, but he wasn't going to tell Naruto that.

"Perv," he said instead, his frown ruined by the way his lips kept trying to curl.

Naruto merely chuckled before scooting further down in the chair so that they had more room to maneuver.

Sasuke carefully positioned himself as Naruto held his cock steady. There was a twist to the pale features as Naruto breeched his entrance, then he was sliding downward until he could rest fully on Naruto's pelvis. A gentle touch on his cock brought his eyes open and made him lift his gaze to meet his lover's.

"You okay?" Naruto asked quietly while continuing his tender caresses.

Sasuke nodded, not trusting himself fully enough to speak without sounding ridiculously breathless.

He entangled his right hand into blond hair as his left braced himself on a broad shoulder. He then began to slowly move, sighing as the discomfort and slight pain gradually morphed into pleasure. A hand kneaded his hip as the other continued to glide over the lubed skin of his cock, encouraging him to speed up as euphoria spread throughout his body.

It wasn't long before he was riding the thick, hard cock with abandon; making it hit in all the right places, letting it draw out the moans and grunts of erotic bliss from his throat.

Damn but he had missed this.

Naruto groaned as Sasuke slammed down hard and fast atop him. He could barely think, could barely remind himself to keep jerking his lover off as the pleasure caused shorts in his brain. Whatever rhythm he might have had was shot to hell as heat gathered and knotted in his lower abdomen.

"Take over," he gasped out as his slickened hand moved from the flushed, rosy cock and grabbed the other hip.

The hand in his hair dutifully dropped down and picked up where he had left off as he used his tight grip to move Sasuke's hips faster and harder onto him.

Sasuke panted heavily as his body started to clench tighter. He was almost there… almost…almost….


A loud ecstatic cry tore itself from Sasuke's lips as his orgasm screamed through his body, overwhelming his nerves, causing spasms along his muscles and flooding his veins, leaving no part of him untouched. He felt himself shooting his semen out all over Naruto's chest as the blond continued to piston in and out of him.

The cries, the heat, the way Sasuke's body was clenching on him and the cum sliding down his chest; all of it went first to Naruto's lust filled mind and then straight down to his throbbing manhood. The coiling spring inside him snapped with a vengeance as Naruto threw his head back, his mouth open on a soundless cry as his body devoted every ounce of energy into ripping his orgasm from him. After the first few pulses, he was able to finally drag in a ragged breath that immediately exited his lungs in a guttural moan.

Sasuke braced his forearms against Naruto's shoulders, panting heavily to try to get oxygen to his overtaxed body. He let out a small sigh of relief as Naruto's fingers finally released their death-grip on his hips but he was sure there would be bruises there soon. Naruto's arms then lazily moved up to encircle his back and draw him closer, silently urging him to relax. At this point in time Sasuke wasn't about to argue and allowed himself to rest against the blond's messy chest.

"Hey, Sasuke," Naruto ventured after a few moments.


"Have you ever thought of taking belly dancing lessons?"


Sasuke had to admit that the time they were spending together in Hawaii was exactly what they had needed. After he had concluding his meetings the first day, the two had been inseparable. Whether it was swimming at the beach, dining at the exquisite restaurants or having wild sex in their hotel room, they had fun together. Even though Sasuke thought that Naruto was impulsive, loud and a moron and Naruto thought Sasuke was cold, boringly stoic and a prick, they seemed to balance each other out. Naruto warmed Sasuke up and Sasuke calmed Naruto down.

On this particular day, Naruto had wanted to go hiking so, not having anything else planned, Sasuke had given in without protest. He had to admit that the scenery on Oahu was absolutely gorgeous.

Naruto had then asserted that they should leave the main trail and venture further into the wilderness on their own. He had ignored Sasuke's initial protests naturally, stating that the trails were overused and didn't show the true beauty of the island. Reluctantly, Sasuke had followed, figuring it was a populated island and that little could go wrong.

They had been hiking for some time, awed by the beauty around them, when Sasuke noticed that the sun had moved quite a bit in the sky.

"We should start heading back," he had announced. "It's almost time for dinner."

"We have trail mix," Naruto had said rather dismissively.

"It's late, Naruto. We don't want to be out here after dark," he had tried to patiently explain.

Naruto had looked like he was about to make some kind of snide comment about Sasuke being afraid of the dark when he noticed the time on his watch. "Fine, fine," he had relented.

That was when Sasuke had found out that unlike in the air, Naruto had no sense of direction when he was on the ground.

Currently, the two young men were standing with their backs to a cascading waterfall as they surveyed their surroundings.

"I can't believe that we're lost!" Naruto exclaimed, like it was somehow all an elaborate plot against them.

Sasuke didn't answer, his eyes taking in the way the fine mist from the water had soaked Naruto's clothes, making them cling to his body.

"I'm sure it is just a matter of picking a direction and following it," the blond continued. "I mean, this is an island after all. I can't be that big."

Sasuke eyes drifted back to the entrance of a cave nearby that he had spotted when they had arrived before slowly returning to Naruto. "It's dark," he pointed out in a slightly distracted tone. "We should probably wait until morning."

"Well at least you have your cell phone with you this time. We'll just call someone and they'll find us before dinner," Naruto said happily.

Sasuke's eyes drifted back to the cave a moment before his hand slipped into his pocket. His fingers curled around his phone and eased it out. Over the small roar of the waterfall, Naruto didn't hear the little kerplunk of the phone hitting the water and being carried away in the rapidly moving stream.

"Actually I think we may be here a little longer than we thought," Sasuke said with a self-satisfied smirk.