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Goosebumps Adventure

Readers, Beware….

…You're all in for a scare.



The deep misty and gothic region that was known as Transylvania was only something one could read about in horror stories. The forests surrounding a certain area stood high and mighty, shielding the night sky down below, creating a moonlit and eerie feeling. The dark cloudy night sky was like that of a huge ocean of darkness that swayed in the sky. The mountainous area was that of a setting from one of those old Boris Karloff movies back in the 1930s. Indeed the area was that of something from a horror film or story.

However, at the moment, there was another scene in the forest being played out as an angry mob of one of the villagers. They were carrying pitchforks and torches; something had them riled up into a huge heated rabble. This was only proven by the huge battering ram the size of a tree trunk that a gang of villagers were carrying with them. They had all heard of something going on at the castle to where the madman, Victor Frankenstein used to reside in. They marched and yelled out in anger, swinging their pitchforks and torches as they marched towards the Frankenstein castle.

The room was vastly huge as it was big enough to contain a lighthouse sized laboratory within it. Ancient machinery that dated back in the 1890s were placed in some key areas, not even being touched by anything. There were also walk rails hanging over them, a different one on every level reaching upward to where an opening at the ceiling was made. A fireplace that was big enough to park a Mini Cooper stood at the only entrance. But the room was not empty, save for only three individuals.

One was near the fireplace, poking at the fire with a poker stick. It was a young man around the age of fifteen, Caucasian, slim but fit figure, dressed in brown pants with black shoes, a white button-up T-shirt, a cap, and holding in his hand, a trench coat. He also had short brown hair shown from the cap, and a look of serious thought on his face.

Pacing back and forth all over the room was a man, Caucasian, around in his forties or fifties, with a look of seriousness on his semi-wrinkled scowled face. He was wearing black pants, a white button up shirt, with a black vest, black tie, an overcoat, and black dress shoes crusted with mud on the heels. He was wearing rimless glasses, going slightly bald with brownish gray hair, and had the look that could only belong to a horror writer that had gone into seclusion but still retained a friendly face to everyone else.

But these two were not alone, as a certain figure sat on what appeared to be an operation table with straps and wires on it. The figure's form was slim and slender, with a figure that belonged to a fourteen year old girl. Which it could have been if the figure wasn't covered in a brown cloak and hood. However, it was clearly shown by the hands and feet as they were sticking out; the hands were small and slender, with carefully cleaned and trimmed fingernails, and the feet were dainty and the toenails were clean and trimmed as well. But the odd thing was that her hands were bandaged as well as her feet, only letting out the fingers, toes, and back heels out. Her face's silhouette was shown out of the hood, and showed she had a very pretty face with a few strands of silky red hair coming down her shoulders. She turned to her side as she looked down and saw an object of much attention.

It was a book of unique design and function as it lay next to the girl, almost as if the girl was guarding it. The book was big enough to match the famed title book, War and Peace, in both size and thickness. The book's outer form looked like it was wrapped in dry and stretched human skin. The spine was held together by three black belts nailed into it, in order to make sure it stayed in place. The middle belt was wrapped around the whole thing, ending at the sides to where the book opened up. The book was kept locked by an eerie skull shaped lock that held the book closed there was a title part of the book that was stitched on the front of the book, and on it was the title. It appeared to be written in blood as it was an eerie and blood-chilling red. The title read as the following:

The Book of Goosebumps

The boy had gotten up from his spot and looked to the older man as he asked, "How much longer are we gonna wait for the contact, Mr. Stine?"

The man stopped his pacing as he turned to the young man, without a change from his face' expression, "Don't worry, John. She'll get here; she just likes to make an entrance."

The young man just sighed as he looked to the girl sitting at the table, and then at the book. He then took a deep sigh, as if a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders. He then asked, just to make sure of something, "So this is it? We head over to America tonight with the Book?"

The man nodded as his attention was turned to the window. He walked towards it and stopped as he looked outside, and nearly paled at what he saw. The villagers had gotten there in record time and were standing at the front gate. It stood straight up like a fortress wall. The villagers stood aside and allowed some of the villagers to bring up the battering ram. The man known as Mr. Stine knew that they were running out of time and needed to get out of where they were before someone took hold of the book.

The young man, identified as John, leaned near the fireplace with his arms crossed. He looked at Mr. Stine, and then at the cloaked female. His attention was then turned to the book at her side. The book carried much importance if he had kept his eye on the book, as the girl kept a hand near it. He then sighed as he asked, "I've been wondering, Mr. Stine…if we do get to America, and if someone were to get a hold of the book….what if someone reads it?"

Mr. Stine's gaze was kept at the window as he continued to look at the angry villagers. It was a little observant that he didn't pay any attention to the question, but it was as clear as daylight that he heard the question. If anything caused him to flinch a little, it was the quandary of that book being read aloud. He backed away from the window slowly, and then answered in a voice filled with a calm demeanor, but with a little dread mixed in, "Then, may God have mercy on all our souls."


Mr. Stine stopped in his steps as a look of startle came on him as he heard that new voice come out of nowhere. He turned around as the voice spoke up again, "I think mercy's hardly the word to be used if that book's read aloud." Mr. Stine finally came face-to-face with the one who spoke up as John and the hooded girl looked as well.

Suddenly, out of nowhere between the three, and with no noise whatsoever, a very attractive woman stood in front of Mr. Stine. She appeared to be Asian, but the accent in her voice made her more American. She had long silky raven black hair that was pulled back to expose her forehead, and went down to her back. Her figure was slim but fitting for an attractive woman as she wore a very sexy dress. It was black, satin, with long sleeves that covered her hands, save for her fingers as a ring of cloth was hung around the middle finger, and off-the-shoulder, and covered her feet; it looked like a dress from Elvira's collection. But the eeriest thing about her was her ruby red eyes; they were almost like a pit leading into danger and fear.

However, the three were a little calm around her, even from her spooky appearance. John however was a little tense whenever this woman was around; ever since she helped them with the book, he couldn't help but feel there was something about her he did trust.

Mr. Stine didn't seem to mind as he passed her, stating with an unfazed voice, "Oh, it's just you, Volta."

The woman now known as Volta just walked towards the window as she looked down at the village mob. They were still trying to batter down the doors, even during the stormy evening. She let out a small smirk creep up her face as she chimed, "I was beginning to lose faith after one whole year." She then turned her attention to Mr. Stine, as he helped the hooded girl down and began packing a few things. John walked up to him and the girl. Volta just stated, "It's a real pity the villagers found out about your female bodyguard. Seeing as how she's the end result of a couple of grave robberies."

Mr. Stine merely sighed as he got a few things together as he walked over to another direction, "Yeah, we know that. Which is why we were hoping you could get us out of here."

However, unknown by the three, Volta had mysteriously appeared on one of the rail walkways from above them. She lightly walked around them as her shoes clicked, indicating that she was wearing high heel shoes. She swayed her hips as she walked, looking down at them, and asked when she looked away, "And where would you all go? Don't forget: your peculiar hobby in hunting and trapping the strange and unusual have made you all unwelcome in most parts of the Eastern Civilized world."

And then as she finished, a huge bolt of lightning erupted from outside, lighting the room for only a brief second. Had the three knew where she was and looked at her, in that brief second, half of her face had lit up, showing a horrific and demonic face hiding behind the visage of beauty that she disguised herself to be.

Mr. Stine had finished packing and handed a bag to John, as well as the hooded girl. He then stated as he put his own bag on, "We'll go away, far away in America. Where no one will ever find the book."

John nodded as he stated, "Don't worry, after this, you won't hear from any of us ever again." He then went to the book and wrapped it up in a few rotten rags, "You won't even see this again." And then held it close to him, as if it were a life preserver.

"Oh no, Johnny…", Volta just said, surprising the boy as he, Stine, and the girl looked to Volta. She had mysteriously appeared near them, as she lightly walked to Mr. Stine. She then tapped her fingers together as she stated to them, "Oh no. The time has come for me to collect what's mine." She then stopped as she stated, "Namely the book."

That caused Mr. Stine's calm demeanor to fade and one with shock as he asked, "What do you mean by that?"

It was then that she got fed up, and Volta turned to face them as she shouted with much venom in her voice, "WHY DO YOU THINK I GAVE YOU THAT BOOK? GAVE YOU ELSA? FUNDED YOUR EXPEDITIONS?"

John backed away defensively, as the girl, who was probably Elsa, stood in front of both him and Mr. Stine. Under the hood, only a single eye showed while the hood covered the other. It was revealed to be a beautiful Emerald Green eye…and it was a look of pure vicious nature being directed at the woman named Volta. But Mr. Stine calmly walked from John and Elsa and stood in front of them, defending them both as he answered, "Because you said you believe we could do it. You believed we could use the book you gave us to finish the task at hand."

Volta's look of venomous fury then softened back to her calm demeanor as she looked at him innocently, "But I still do, Mr. R.L. Stine.", she then turned from them and back to the window as she silkily walked a few steps from it, "But now that you have completed the long hunt…", after she had said that, a huge lightning bolt shook the room, and had it lit only for a moment. Then Volta spun around to face the trio as she stated with a sinister smile on her face, "…the book must now serve its true purpose."


Back Inside

Volta had explained to the trio her full plan for the book that they carried with them. John had a look of sheer terror as he held onto the book, in fear that Volta would get her hands on it. Elsa stood by the boy's side, protecting him and the book. Now that she saw the true motive, she was more determined to protect the book and its guardian. Mr. Stine's face conveyed a calm look of shock and horror as he spoke out, "Good God! I would have burned the book, if I had known you were planning to use it for this!"

Volta just shrugged as she calmly walked past him, "Go ahead and try. I made sure that the book was protected by magic." She then walked towards John and Elsa, and stopped as she tapped her fingers together in delight. And with a devilish smile, she replied, "Don't waste your lives over a simple piece of parchment. I just want the book…it is the key."

Mr. Stine walked up but stopped a few feet from her as he stated, "I could never allow the book to be used for something as evil as what you have planned."

Volta turned around as she seductively smirked, "I could. In fact, I'm insisting upon it." She then walked towards John and Elsa, as she went for the book. But Elsa stood in front of the boy and her; guarding John with her own life. Volta had a look of disgust on her face at this as she asked the girl with a raised eyebrow, "You would defy your creator? The one who gave you life…for a bunch of mortals?"

Elsa stood defiant as she spoke up in a cute voice that belonged to a fourteen year old girl, "They may be mortals…but they treat me like one of them. And that is more than enough."

Volta snapped her fingers, and all of a sudden, a bunch of vines shot from above and wrapped themselves around Elsa. They weren't like vines, as vines were green; these vines were brown and thicker, like tree roots. Elsa struggled as much as she could, but was pulled up a little by the source of where the vines came from. It was a strange fellow in a dirty trench coat clotted in mud, and a hat to boot. The only thing that could be shown was a lone red eye, and a mouth full of yellow jagged teeth.

Elsa struggled as much as she could but to no avail as the stranger chuckled, "Neheheheheh! You can't escape the grasp of the Crypt Creeper, Gestalt."

Volta then gingerly walked over to John, as she reached for him. Her fingers flexed for the book, and she would tear through the boy just to get it. John tried to back himself away, but was cornered by Volta and the lab equipment. There would be no easy escape for the boy at this point in time. However, that altered in plan as Mr. Stine got in between her and John with a fire pick in his hand, and held it at Volta in a threatening manner, "Stay back!"

He turned to John and ordered, "John, get out of here with that book. Now!" John was a little hesitant to leave Mr. Stine behind like this, even Elsa as she struggled to break free of the Crypt Creeper's grip on her. However, circumstances were put in the right direction as John had no choice and ran for the door.

However, when John was out of the way, Volta grabbed the fire pick while Mr. Stine held onto it. She stated with a look of boredom on her face, "You can't kill me, R.L….", and then without any effort or sign of straining, she bent the pick like it was a piece of string cheese, surprising Mr. Stine as she finished by saying, "I was never mortal to begin with."

She then grabbed him in an embracing hold, with her hand behind his head, and her other hand on her shoulder. She gave the confused and terrified man a seductive smile as she stated, "And by the way, it's not Volta….it's Revolta." And then she opened her mouth, exposing a set of vicious and inhuman razor sharp teeth, along with her lower jaw splitting down the center, turning into a frightful pair of mandibles of some sort. She let out an inhuman screech sound as she pounced forward at Mr. Stine, sealing his fate.

As John was about to escape, he heard the sounds of gagging and gurgling. He also heard something chewing and gnawing, as he turned around to see in shock what was happening. He couldn't see well due to the lightning, but he saw Mr. Stine shuttering as he saw Ms. Volta, now known as Revolta, do something to him. And then when she was done with whatever it was she was doing, she threw his limp and lifeless body over like it was a rag-doll.

She then turned her attention back to John as she slowly and silkily walked towards him. Her face had returned back to normal as she licked her lips seductively as she cooed, "Oh, Johnny…I want my book…" John back away with his back still turned to the door. He tried to fidget with the door, only to realize to his horror; it was locked as Revolta walked towards him.

But just before she could get a hold of him, they heard a thumping sound as they turned around. Elsa was back on the ground, a few tears in her cloak, but nothing much else. The tears in the cloak revealed her whole body was bandaged up, but were coming a little loose due to the struggle she had. In her right hand was a bundle of the vines that the Crypt Creeper had, which he was still attached to as he struggled to break free of her grasp. And then, with a show of amazing strength, she lifted him up in the air by his vines, and began to swing him around like a huge bolo. John and Revolta watched this, but Revolta watched in horror at this action as Elsa was heading right for her. And then with one last swing, Elsa threw the Crypt Creeper at Revolta…right into the fireplace as it erupted with a huge blast.

After that, Elsa went for Mr. Stine's limp body, and picked him up, holding him in her arms with ease. She knew full well that the man who had been like a father to her had been taken out of this life. But she just couldn't leave him here like this; neither could she leave John's side now more than ever. She went to him and saw he was still recovering from what he saw, but she snapped him out of it as she lightly shouted, "John! We have to go! Now!"


The villagers were running up a stairway, heading straight to where they knew where the people were. Their torches and pitchforks looked even more dangerous than before. However, had they notice it, they would have known that they were going the wrong way for the culprits.

Back down on the ground, two wooden doors busted outward, being shattered to driftwood. Where the doors once stood, Elsa was there, still holding on to Mr. Stine's body, and putting her foot down from a kick. She led the way as she, and John got out. John was still holding on to the book that the monster Revolta had wanted so badly, and now more than ever, wouldn't let it out of his sight.

The two looked around to see if there was anywhere they could hide or run to. But then John spotted something that might have been of some use to them. A raggedy old and abandoned windmill on the edge of a canyon cliff that separated the mountainside and led a half a mile down. John knew it was a dead end of some sort, but it was the only chance that they had. He tugged Elsa by her arm and pointed to the windmill, "There! We can escape that way!"

Not wishing to argue due to the nature of the situation they were in, she nodded, "Okay, let's go, John." And with that, they ran towards the lighthouse. However, as they did, they didn't notice one of the villagers had spotted them. All he could see was the limp form held in the girl's arms and only could deduce the worst of it.

Back in the Lab

The fire roared some as what appeared to be the burning bodies of the two monsters that Elsa had dealt with. However, that changed as the Crypt Creeper's yelping form was thrown out of the fire. He stopped, dropped, and rolled a frenzy as the fires nearly baked him like a hot potato. Then following him, a smoldering form as it walked out of the fire. It was none other than Revolta, as her fires were put out instantly; her face being that of a burnt skull with a few skin and hair still on there.

However, that began to change as the skin and her dress were healing back like her injuries were nothing. She stood there, completely healed up and looking back the way she was, with a blank look on her face. She looked around and saw that the children and Mr. Stine's body was missing. She sighed at this even as she muttered, "I loathe children."

The Crypt Creeper got back up as it brushed itself; the coat burnt off revealing what he or it was. It was a creature composed of a dirt brown pelvis and upper human torso, with a bunch of root vines entangled together forming a crude set of arms and legs, and a head with a lone red eye and mouth full of yellow jagged teeth. He muttered, "M-Mistress! They've escaped!" However, his attention was turned to his mistress' shadow on the wall as he saw it was changing shape.


John and Elsa had reached the windmill and were going in to the front door. However, they also took notice of the crowd chasing after them, as they saw that the villagers were getting closer. The villagers had gained some great distance at them, but were a little slow as the two kids got inside the windmill.

The two searched around, trying to find a way out on the other side. They were hoping that there was a stairwell that led down the canyon, but as they looked around, there was no back door. Nor was there any indication that there was a way out. All they saw was a cluster of Vodka bottles and Absinthe, and with all those torches out there, this made the windmill a very dangerous place to be in.

John could only say one thing at the time as he looked in surprise as to how many bottles there were, "What is this place, a windmill or a saloon?" He shook his head as he led Elsa up the stairs, knocking down Vodka or Absinthe bottles down as they broke and spilt their contents on the wooden floor and stairway.

Outside, the villagers chanted for the two kids to come out with the man and face their doom with some dignity. They believed the strangers had brought with them some great evil. And that the only way to rid themselves of it was to kill the three. One of the villagers grew impatient at this whole thing and threw a torch at the windmill. The torch rolled a little as it hit the exposed wood, and then it caught fire. The flame spread and went into the house, touching the exposed Vodka and Absinthe. Now everyone knew that Vodka and Absinthe were both ninety percent alcohol, and that it was pretty flammable.

As the alcohol was touched, the fire grew even worse, going for the other bottles. A huge explosion erupted as everyone cheered on the windmill burning, and then shouted in protest as they saw someone come out of the top of the windmill. Elsa and John had made it to the top and saw the villagers down below; to them they looked like angry ants, wanting something to eat or attack. The two kids looked around, seeing that there wasn't a way out of this as they saw the windmills' sails catch on fire.

Just then, the villagers' attention was brought elsewhere behind them as they heard the most inhuman screeching roar in their lives. Back at the Frankenstein castle, something busted out of the roof at blinding speed. The villagers could only make it out to be something with a female torso, a huge snake's tail with spikes on it as the lower torso, and a huge pair of razor edged bat-like wings that spanned fifteen feet. They saw the monstrous form glide through the foggy and stormy night sky, heading straight for their direction.

One of the villagers looked out in horror as the villager realized what it was, "It's the monster-witch, Revolta!" After that name was heard, all anyone could do was scream or yell in terror as they all ran away from the flaming windmill and headed for the forest.

The two kids looked around, hoping to find some way out of all this. However, all they could do was turn to each other as they heard the windmill giving way. Then the windmill toppled backwards, into the canyon, carrying with it the still form of Mr. Stine, and the two screaming kids as the flaming windmill fell into the dark chasm, disappearing into the darkness.

At the flaming debris to where the windmill stood, Revolta, now back in her human form, floated downward on the ground. She gingerly walked forward, attempting to find any trace of her book, but to no avail. She walked over to where the windmill fell and saw only a foggy darkness below. She realized that the two had gotten away...gotten away with the one artifact that would have helped her rule the world.

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