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The invisible ghost.

You open the door and he skips in, happily announcing that he had found his grandfather's diary.

Silently you wonder why he had to come to you…

It is not that you have said anything that could mean you are interested in his grandfather's personal life.

Still, he's here and you know he won't go until he's done whatever he came here to do…

You could only hope that he will leave soon…

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You walk over to the sofa where he sits and ask politely:

"Coffee, tea?"

"Nah, I don't think you have any in your pantry either…"

He smiles, opens the book and starts to read out loud.

You close your eyes for a moment, too quick for him too notice, and sigh quietly. You just know he's planning to read the whole book to you. You decide after a second to not give him any water (or whatever he wants, you do have both tea and coffee) until he will ask for it and sit down in a chair to listen if what he has is worth your time…

"What I am going to tell is something that will require all your faith in my honesty for you to believe. I myself can wonder if it really happened, and I was there when it happened. I don't know why I am writing this down… I know I will never show anyone this book, but I feel that I have to do this… maybe for my own sake.

It happened here, in Azumano, a summer when the sky was blue and the wind was warm… when I was a young man around twenty, give or take a couple of years…

The forests surrounding the town were deep and green and the mountain was becoming a popular place for walks, both for young lovers and families. But it's not the area I want to write about. What I want to tell you, is about two girls that happened to fall in love with the same man… so insanely in love that their love lead to such malice that was revenged with even more malice that it gave birth to a hate beyond all boundaries.

You snort mentally. What 'hate beyond all boundaries' can his granddad had witnessed? He was still sealed away at that time. The thought of letting the now old man meet Krad face to face creeps through your mind. You banish the thought from your mind as you check that he is asleep and will not get any inspiration from you. At least not this time…

'Not that I think he would do anything even if he'd heard it… But on the other hand, you never know with him…'

"Miss Hikari was the daughter to a widow; the father had died long time ago. She was fair and was very beautiful with fine white teeth and blood-red sensual lips that made every man want her. She had a lean nice body that had all the right curves. Her mind was cold, silent and she always kept a distance to people."

'…Hikari?' Your interest is peaked.

Something stir inside your mind… lazily… sleepily… but listening…

"Ruri Yasuda was the daughter to a farmer and I think her family was richer than Miss Hikari's. In my eyes was Miss Yasuda just as beautiful but she was also quite the contrast. Her curly hair was reddish brown and she had warm brown eyes that could sparkle invitingly whenever she wanted to. Her skin was slightly tanned over her lean body. She lived with her parents and siblings in a little house where they had a couple of animals… a dog, ducks and a couple of hens…

As all of us had been in the same class at school we all knew each other…

The two young women were not exactly what you could say good friends. They had been some sort of rivals since a young age. Both of them were excellent students, Miss Hikari more so than Miss Yasuda. And even if Miss Yasuda was the more social one, did Miss Hikari get just as many admirers... maybe even more."

'That antagonism was only because Miss Yasuda was a complete nutcase and didn't understand that my Tamer wasn't as interested in boys as she was.'

Something is definitely awake and interested now… and you wonder if you can make it through this without gaining a headache.

A chough resonates in the room and he lowers the book.



"…Yeah…" he laughs.

You nod and prepare some warm drinks.

'You know. The youngest of the twins in your class reminds me of Yasuda… She's also a nutcase…'


You walk back and he continues.

"Miss Hikari helped her mother with the mansion in which they lived. I think she became an artist of some sort but her main-work had something to do with the local police.

Miss Yasuda on the other hand continued to study and became after some time a teacher in the local school.

Of course this rivalry continued when the two women became old enough to start the search for a husband. And you could bet on that whenever Miss Yasuda had found a man, the poor fellow would soon be enchanted by Miss Hikari's appearance..."

He takes his cup and takes a sip.

'I notice that he hasn't written about Miss Yasuda's… habit… of comparing every man she dated with Dark… The poor suitor wasn't good-looking enough, not tall enough, not yada yada yada and she told them this. Most of them fled from her…'

'And I guess that everyone tried to woo the Hikari-girl?'

'Almost…' A sigh. 'She was a Hikari after all. Most Hikari's are by human standards beautiful. She wasn't interested though… not until he came along…' The smooth voice became harsher at the end.


'Listen… he'll probably explain it… was quite a scandal at the time…'

"… And every time Miss Hikari had a suitor would Miss Yasuda do everything in her power to capture that man. But whether it was by choice or by a cruel fate, none of them seemed to be able to get a husband. In fact when they turned 25 they were both still unmarried…

But that was when it all happened that poisoned both of their lives."

'25 and unmarried? What a scandal… What happened? You awoke?'

'Hnh… she's a girl. I couldn't get out… and yes, this was 100-120 years ago. Women weren't supposed to care for themselves.'

"A young handsome painter came to the town, and during the late summer-dances that took place on the mountain did he encounter Miss Hikari and Miss Yasuda.

Shuichi, as he was known as, danced first with Miss Yasuda and then with Miss Hikari. But that night, the first night, won Miss Yasuda. Shuichi followed her home through the dark forest and what happened during that walk was something that should not have happened until after they had met the priest. But the young man could not control himself when he was faced with Miss Yasuda's glittering eyes and red lips.

The dances continued on the mountain. Shuichi danced also with Miss Hikari, who silently and carefully followed him in the dance. And when the nights grew gloomier and darker he follows Miss Hikari home. In her room at the mansion happen yet again things that shouldn't have happen. The blood was hot even in Miss Hikari's veins."

'You're asleep for one night and what do they do?'

"…and Shuichi could not control himself this time either. During these days was protection almost non-existent… so there could be consequences.

Soon, it became apparent what had happened.

Miss Hikari cried but Shuichi comforted her. They would always manage. They just had to work a little harder to produce art-pieces.

They got married in a small, quiet ceremony where he took the name Hikari."

'…Another scandal at the time…'

"It was inevitable that Mrs Hikari and Miss Yasuda would meet sometimes. The ice-cold hate that Miss Yasuda showed at those times did no one fail to notice. But that was still nothing compared to the cruel words and disrespectful actions that she let Mrs Hikari undergo when she thought there was no eyewitnesses.

Mrs Hikari suffered and kept quiet.

Maybe she felt a tad guilty… but she was in love.

Miss Yasuda vowed that Mrs Hikari would suffer as long as she lived.

Soon gave Mrs Hikari birth to a boy that was named Yoshishi.

The years passed and soon Yoshishi began to attend school.

It was in the class taught by Miss Yasuda, who had neither husband nor children, he would begin.

Miss Yasuda now transferred her hatred from Mrs Hikari to the young boy. He was ruthlessly punished for even the slightest fault. His small hands were often blue and swollen from beatings with Miss Yasuda's ruler.

One day he was forced into detention because he had answered cheekily when the teacher had asked if his father was at home sleeping when his mother was working. He saw Miss Yasuda come toward him with the ruler held high. He made a try to escape her, but got entangled in a bucket with water. The water flooded over the whole room.

Miss Yasuda grabbed hold of him and shouted that he would get a punishment that he would never again be cheeky.

She dragged him down to the nearby basement where corpses used to be stored before they were transported to the undertakers. This basement was at the time happened to be unlocked, so she pushed him inside and locked the door and walked away.

As the frightened little child that he was, despite his attempts to stand up against his teacher's unfairness, was he almost certain that he saw corpses.

He saw them everywhere, even if the basement in reality was empty for the moment.

It was dark and damped. The air was stale and weird.

He was scared stiff."

'Why didn't you keep him company?'

'I was with his mother…'

"No little boy came home to the Hikari's that night.

They searched for him almost the whole night.

When they finally came to the area where the basement was located they could hear cries and the sudden sound of laughter.

Laughter that sounded like a madman's scream.

It was the teacher that had come to lock up the door and let Yoshishi out.

When the Hikaris finally found their boy again was Mrs Hikari so exhausted that she almost couldn't stand on her legs. And with eyes that shone with a white-hot hatred she vowed that her old rival and arch-enemy would pay dearly for this.

But Miss Yasuda just laughed scornfully at this threat and asked:

"What can you do? You can't even tell what kind of shameful job you have at the police-station… You're just a moron who thinks she is an artist, but can't ever show a single art-piece.""

'Just because Yasuda couldn't afford any of them… The fact that they lived in a mansion should be proof that they could sell the stuff.'

'What did she work with?'

'Hmm? Oh, hunted Dark… like most Hikari's.'

"Mrs Hikari nodded sharply and said with a hoarse voice:

"You're right that I cannot do anything to you now. But if I die before you do… I will be able to…"

They separated with those words."

'I never understood why she didn't send an art-piece after that woman…'

'It would probably have killed her too…'


'Ugh… Quiet I want to hear…'

'He drinks his chocolate… not much to hear…'

"Miss Yasuda wasn't that hateful towards Yoshihi after this. She became quiet and thoughtful.

The year passed and many children were made into the Hikari-family. After the last child, a girl that was named Rio, did Mrs Hikari not make it up from the bed… she died soon after the birth."

'Rio? My mother?'

'Yes…'a snort. 'Many kids… they had three…'

"One day when Miss Yasuda was standing in her kitchen she could witness how all the doors in it slowly opened.

'Huh, I must be tired and hallucinating.' She thought and automatically walked up to the nearest door to close it. She didn't even touch it before it banged shut over her fingers, leaving them aching and throbbing.

She had never been afraid of ghosts so she went to the next door /Bang/

… And the next… /Bang/



… But the same thing happened all over again.

Her finger and knuckles were now swollen and bloodied. She turned around and noticed how the door to her wardrobe stood open.

She walks up to it to close it… but as she got closer she could hear how a low, crazy laughter resounded from deep within the wardrobe…

"Iiiiiaaaaahaahaahaahaa khkhkhkhhh"

She halted, remembered how she had laughed that time outside the basement and understood what was going on.

In her mind she saw how her ruler danced over Yoshihi's small hands.

She fell on her knees in front of the wardrobe and prayed for forgiveness and amity:


But the answer from the wardrobe's darkness was muted laughter… just as scornful as the first one…


She knew then that Mrs Hikari wanted revenge on the one that had tortured her so mindlessly throughout the years.

She raised her eyes and saw a sight that was worse than she could stand.

Hanging in their right places were all her lovely Sunday-clothes, shredded to thin bands.

But how could that have happened?

She fainted and landed in a heap on the hard floor."

'Your doing?'

'Actually no…and I don't think it's Dark's work either…'

"When she awoke was all the doors closed, except the one to the wardrobe.

Her unstable legs took her to the wardrobe and she started to pluck out all her damaged clothes. She put them all in a bag which she hid in her basement.

As quick as she felt she could stand it, trotted she over to her neighbour.

"Good day. Could I borrow a jacket from you? I had a little accident with my Sunday-clothes and need to buy some new… I spilled a full bottle with ink on them when I aired them."

Miss Yasuda bought the most necessary, basic clothes and put them into the wardrobe.

The next morning stood all doors opened again. But she didn't dare to try and close them this time. She walked straight up to the wardrobe and inside hang all her newly bought clothes… shredded…on their hangers.

By this time was Miss Yasuda exhausted and worried and knew she had to ask for help…

The few friends she had eagerly agreed to stand guard at her wardrobe day and night.

But no matter how well they guarded the furniture, all the clothes Miss Yasuda put in it ended up shredded into long bands.

So they decided to powder a thin layer with flour over the floor, too see if that could give anything.

It didn't.

The clothes were ruined and the flour was undisturbed the next morning.

By now was Miss Yasuda a nervous wreck. She had hysterical attacks and was moved to a mental hospital.

When she had been removed sauntered the local politicians into the room to investigate. They wanted to prove to the people that what had been witnessed was nothing else than figments of their imaginations. But no matter how keenly the ruling men guarded the wardrobe, soon were the clothes shredded in even thinner bands.

They asked to be sent the clothes Miss Yasuda had at the mental hospital. They wanted to try a new thing. The clothes came and were put inside the attic together with clothes belonging to other people. More flour was powdered over the floor and the only entrance was guarded as before.

The next morning were Miss Yasuda's clothes shredded, but the other clothes were untouched.

The men became really frightened now and asked the priest to come. He promised to come together with his apprentice-priest to stand guard in the room.

They arrived at the evening, loaded with religious books. They put the books on a table inside the room and started to mumble their prayers.

Suddenly, at midnight, the room became lightened as if by lightning. The now totally destroyed clothes fell from their hangers. And as if swept by an invisible hand, the books flew off the table and fell, with the pages fluttering like wings, down to the floor.

The same throaty, scornful laughter that Miss Yasuda had heard rang once again out from the wardrobe.


The priests fell to their knees and prayed terrified to God for forgiveness, for mercy and that Mrs Hikari's soul should find peace. That she should be able to rest in her grave.

As they prayed they could feel a change, how something released them.

They raised their eyes and watched the now almost empty table. Only one book remained on it: Prayers for small hands.

Whatever had been in the wardrobe, it had not touched that book…

With time was Miss Yasuda permitted to leave the mental hospital. But it was arranged that she had to work in another town.

Her clothes stayed un-shredded.

However, she never become completely recovered and her last years were spent in a mental hospital in her new town.

By now can it not be anything else but earth left of the two women that loved the same man and hated each other with such ardent passion.

It's told that Mr Hikari brought up his children to respectful men and women. And that he each midsummer night, for as long as he could, walked to his wife's grave with his hands filled with white flowers.

Whatever happened, brought on by love and hate, are forever slumbering behind the veils of the unknown…"

He stops reading with a smile and turns to you.

"Well what do you think? Would it work? Dad said I needed your permission to do it… something about the mentioning of the Hikari-girl and a grey-zone of classified information… I didn't really get it."

You stare at him for a moment.

"It's a nice story, but I still don't know why you read it to me."

"Oh right. I never told you. Heh. I'm planning to print it in the school-paper. You know, in a series of ghostly articles that has happened in this area."

"… and you think that is good and interesting journalism?"

He sighs.

"No…" he admits. "But I can't think of anything else to write about right now… and I have two pages to fill to tomorrow…"

"I think it's better to print some riddles, mind-games or something... horoscopes maybe. Just one finished story isn't much of a serial… and to get information about more happenings around here you would probably have to make some visits at some homes for old people… or the Library." You see how he blanches.

"…I didn't think of that…" He's silent for a moment. "You're right. It would take too much time to gather stories…"

You wait.

He jumps up and heads to the door. "Okay, horoscopes and mind-games it is. Thanks Hiwatari."

The door shuts behind him and you breathe out as you get up to lock it.

'You need to do something about that diary…'

'Why would I do that? Sure, it contains information about my family… But he'll never be able to find out anymore than what's in it…'

'If you care about the Wing-master, you need to hide that piece of information from him…'


'Miss Ruri Yasuda had a sister… Her name was Akemi Yasuda and she married a certain Daikii Niwa… who, you know, is his grandfather… and I think the rest of the family switched their last-name to Haranda when the news about Ruri came out.'

"What really happened?" You ask out loud.

'No one knows. My new Tamer tried to find out. He and little Rio were quite obsessed with it. But no Hikari art-piece was ever found in the room and no trace of one either. The wardrobe was a common type… And furthermore, those two holy men could not have exorcised anything. Two priests from a small town… No. Whatever it was, it left freely, according to its own wishes. It can probably come back.' He shrugged.

"What happened to that wardrobe? Is it still around? Shouldn't we seal it?"

'Seal it? No way? I want to know what it was inside it if it does come back… The Hikari's bought it. It's the antique one in your bedroom…'

DD: So the reason why Krad didn't want Dai/Dark to find out about the wardrobe's history is because he doesn't want Dark to come running over to seal the thing?