I listened to the song, and then I sent it to Becki (this is dedicated to her by the way) and then I had an awesome idea that this might appear in the Christmas Special, but I shall leave that and other Kylie jokes to Russell T, and instead I'll write it in a different way :D

It's just a conversation...

I don't own the song that prompted this or the characters. But it's unbeta'd so I own my mistakes.



"Why are you in my head?"

"I'm not… Am I?"

"You are. See."

"Oh. Ah, yes, so I am."

"Why? And can you get out? You know how I feel about it."

"Um yeah… push me out? I kinda can't get out. Not sure why."

"I just can't get you outta my head Doctor."

"Oh well thank-you. Now I'm gonna be humming Kylie all day."

"Yeah. In MY head."

"Ah yes. Sorry."

"Stop it."



"I can't help it! You're the one who got the song stuck in my head."

"But YOU'RE the one who got stuck in my head."

"Well not exactly. I dunno how I got in there. The only reason I'd go in your head would be to…"

"Would be to what?"

"To… enhance pleasure…"




"Well what?"

"Well why don't you?"

"Ah yes. Fantastic!"

And now you all hate me, because that song's in your head no isn't it? I'm sorry.