Summary: She looks up to gaze at his coal obsidian eyes as he gazes downward at her enchanting sky blue eyes. They both thought, "Is this love?" Who says opposites can't attract? SasuFemNaru… MORE PAIRINGS INSIDE

Pairings: SasuFemNaru, ItaFemKyuu, LeeSaku, NejiTen, ShikaTema, KibaHina, ChouIno

Warnings: OOC-ness, language

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Kesshite Wasuremasu
by Aesura


Thunder ripped through the air. Screams echoed throughout the night sky, followed by a sickening crack of human bones. Leaf jounins and chuunins lay scattered on the battlefield, some disoriented in places unimaginable. Their surviving comrades jumped back a good few yards to get within throwing range of the murderer.

"Hold it here until Yondaime-sama arrives!"

The remaining shinobis followed the order given out to them with determination, only the thought of the Yondaime coming any minute to get rid of this demon drives them forward. Kunais and shurikens were thrown and the beast to delay its venture into Konohakagure no Sato. Lifting its paw off a now dead shinobi, the nine-tailed fox pounced to a new area, knocking trees out of the way in doing so, to avoid the onslaught of weapons aiming for it.

Kyuubi no Kitsune snarled as wave after wave of kunais and shurikens embed themselves into its hind legs. The beast whipped one of its tails on to an unexpected chuunin, killing him instantly. Truly, the nine-tailed demon fox is a powerful beast; a single swipe of one of its nine tails can raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. The demon's red, ruby eyes were glazed over with clouded lust for blood. Its orange fur casts an ill omen as the full moon's light shines down upon it. Those nine tails that Kyuubi possesses swerved behind it, challenging anyone that dares to come within its path.

Far in the distance, few shinobis could hear someone shout, "It's the Yondaime!"

Several teams cheered and renewed their efforts. The man looked at the fox through blonde spiked hair and said to those around him, "Hold it here! We can not allow it to get to the village!"

The Hokage looked at the demon fox with calculating blue eyes. His white cape with red flames at the bottom of the material and the kanji words, 'Yondaime' written on the back fluttered in the light breeze. A small bundle wrapped in a white blanket was cradled carefully in the Yondaime's arms. Little tuffs of blonde hair poked out of the blanket childishly. The blonde haired man gently shifted the bundle upward a bit so his hands were free. He bit his thumb, just enough for blood to flow through, and made hand signs at high speed until he slapped the ground.


Smoke from the summoning covered a few kilometers of ground, amid the Yondaime has now risen stories up into the air on top of the great toad summon. Colossal webbed feet pulverized the trees standing in his way, crushing them into derby.

"Hello, Gamabunta. No time no see," Minato said while looking grimly at Kyuubi.

"Could say the same thing to you, Minato," Gamabunta bellowed, hiding his shock of seeing the most powerful of demons before him. A deafening roar rippled out into the sky, signaling the little reunion over.

"Gamabunta! Let's go!"

The toad grunted before charging at the demon fox. Gamabunta drew knife from its sheath and slashed it at the fox. But the nine tailed demon bit at the knife with its sharp, monstrous teeth and held the toad from moving forward. Its voice was a low rumble of laughter. The fox flicked one of its claws into the air, and strike with full force on to the toad's left eye. The red toad swore loudly with pain.

"What ever you are planning better be worth it Minato," Gamabunta seethed, knowing that the claw mark is going to leave a mark. The frog summon was pushed back and forth not willing to pull back his knife from the fox's mouth or let the fox push him aside. The fourth ignored the rough ride, allocating a small fraction of his chakra to staying on top of the toads' head. The Hokage was still silently gathering chakra and performing seals with his hands. His hands blurred until his final hand seal, 'tori'.

A cold breath ran across Minato's neck, he ignored the impulse to shiver. The jutsu is working. The death god, Shinigami, rose above him and the Kyuubi. He could see its white robe billowing through the moonlight. Minato could not help but gasp deeply at the sudden rush of his impending death. Suddenly, an idea popped up into his mind.

"I got it!" The Fourth leapt from Gamabunta's head and dove towards the fox's head. "Goodbye, Gamabunta."

"Wait, what are you-" Gamabunta was cut off when he was forcefully dismissed by the summoner. The Yondaime landed on the head of the demon fox and gripped the fur in his free hand. He peeled away the blanket from his daughter's body, just enough to see her exposed stomach to preformed the forbidden seal on.


Kyuubi howled in pain. Kyuubi looked into the sky and saw the form of a monster-like deity with a knife in its mouth and a human soul wrapped around in its robes. The arm of death was inside the soul, coming closer and closer to it. The demon fox's immortal body and soul understood what was happening to it. Kyuubi's eyes seemed to loose its glazed look, only to be replace with fear and confusion. But as quick as those looks came, they vanished along with the fox's body. The fox let out its final roar into the air, before being sealed into the body of the infant. The clawed hand from the Shinigami is still in the middle of the Hokage's chest. He performed two more seals when he felt his body falling to the ground. His vision started to blur.

"Give me a few more seconds, Shinigami!" Minato hugged his daughter closer to him, embracing the last moments he has with his only child, and last family member.

"I'm sorry, my daughter. Hopefully, you'll forgive me in the future. Remember, I'll always love you.." He slowly closed his eyes, waiting for death to sweep through him. His daughter, Naruto, was crying in both pain and sorrow. Pain, from the recent sealing done on her body and sorrow, as if understanding what her father is saying.

While in the midst, Shinigami has been watching the father-daughter scene fold out in front of him. He could see his next sacrifice's soul slipping out of his body with each passing second. A concentrated look is shown on the Shinigami's face.

"…One sacrifice is good enough for now.."

With his decision made, he released his grip from the Yondaime's soul, it gradually receding back into his body. Minato snapped his eyes open and took an intake of breath sharply. Even, though he and Naruto are still falling from hundreds of feet up in the air, everything seemed to be going in slow motion for him.

"..I'm…alive? But how?" Minato then glanced over at the figure looming above him, seeming to be fading and getting smaller time by time.

"Be thankful, Yondaime. Not many get a second chance in life.."

Minato smiled tiredly, still exhausted from his battle with Kyuubi. "Thank you, Shinigami… Uh, not enough chakra… can't..-"

He loses conscious from the use of so much chakra and stamina, plummeting to the ground from so high up in the air.

"That damn gaki! Why did he ever thought of using such a dangerous jutsu?" An hour has pass since the attack of Kyuubi reined over Konoha. Hundreds of shinobi and villagers have already died from the onslaught of this demon fox. The white haired man jumped from tree top to tree top, trying to reach the area of the fighting. "You better not die on me, Minato."

The memory of their last meeting flashed through his mind as he sped up his pace.

Namikaze Minato smiled wearily at the seal he had finally completed. It had taken three whole days to finish the scroll that was going to give him the power to stop the most powerful of demons. Minato glanced around his office in the Hokage's tower, his eyes finally resting on the moon that shown brightly past the dark clouds and in to the office, through the open windows. A ghost of a smile tugged his lips when he felt the presence of another. The clickery-clack of the wooden slippers gave away his visitor's identity.

"Jiraiya-sensei," Minato said knowingly.

"Minato." Jiraiya replied back. They both stared at each other, neither faltering nor moving. One may think they're having a staring contest. Jiraiya was the one to break the silence. "It's coming pretty fast."

The blonde sighed morosely. "Yeah, I know."



"Are you still going along with that plan of yours?" Jiraiya said seriously.

Minato sighed. 'Not this again.'

"You know I have to. I have to protect this village and all of its people. They're precious to me."

"What about your daughter? Isn't she important to you?"

"She is but… hopefully she'll understand why I must do this." He spoke the words with much calm andnonchalant that it pissed off the Sannin to a high degree.

"Minato, you're making a mistake! If you die, Naruto will have no one left. She will be hated and treated terribly for the rest of her life." Jiraiya's voice echoed throughout the room, his cool stature replaced by an aggravated look. Minato still had his composed look, as if he had not even heard his sensei's outburst. He walked over to the crib placed in the center of the office, eyes resting upon his daughter. She's sleeping soundly, her umbilical cord still freshly cut off.

Minato carefully wrapped her in a blanket and lifted her up from the crib, into his arms. "She is the only sacrifice I can make. I couldn't ask another family to give up their child. That wouldn't be right." His tone was melancholy sad, it filling his heart with the guilt of a being a bad father.

Seconds tick by in silence while tension begins to form in the air. It was broken by the young Hokage. "Ne sensei, when it's over could you-"

Loud piercing shrieks cut him before he could continue bringing him to alertness. It was starting, the Kyuubi had broken the village walls.

"Don't follow me! Promise me." He shouted through the chaos to be heard.


"Promise me!" there was hesitance before affirmation. Yondaime gave a relieve sigh and gaved his mentor a small sad smile before jumping through the window and into the open night sky.

Jiraiya watched for a moment as his student sped off quickly in a yellow streak before turning around to face the now deserted room again. "If you're not back in an hour, gaki, I'm going after you. That is my promise."

An earsplitting howl snapped Jiraiya out of his daydream, awaking him to the situation a couple of kilometers in front of him. That sound, it could only come from the…

"Kyuubi…" Jiraiya whispered.

He stopped on top of one of the treetops, looking around for any signs of where the Kyuubi may be. Jiraiya sees nothing. The air had an eerie silence to it that sent a shiver into his spine. He knows that this is the right spot, the littered dead shinobis on the ground indicate so. Fear suddenly grips Jiraiya. "What if he succeeded in sealing Kyuubi in Naruto? What if the jutsu was a success? What if the bargain was completed? What if he-?"

He was cut off from his assumptions by sensing a familiar presence above him. Minato. Jiraiya glances up where Minato was, only to see him falling, Naruto still in his arms. He sped up to him and caught his dumb student in his arms, grumbling about how his prize student can be such a baka sometimes. He landed safely on the ground, with both of the last two remaining Namikaze's with him.

Naruto was screaming and crying, a noise that irritated the old man. But as irritated as he was, he could not help but feel sorry, sorry and proud. Jiraiya rearranged Minato so that he was carrying him on his back, Naruto cushioned in his right arm. Jiraiya looked down at the baby, and felt a grandfatherly surge of protectiveness. He noticed that the girl's navel where the angry black spiral was burned. He frowned.

"I need to get her to the hospital immediately," Jiraiya thought. He adjusted the weight in his arm carefully. "If only Tsunade was here."

Forming a hand seal, he disappeared in a puff of smoke along with the unconscious Hokage and Naruto.

The Sandaime paused before the Hokage door, a sense of apprehension swept over him. The old man was wearing his former red robe with white coat, the Hokage hat with the kanji word, 'fire' on the center of it adorned his head. Instead of his usual relaxed face, the present one was plagued with deep worry and fatigue. The events that occurred the previous day still plagued his mind. The Kyuubi - has it finally been vanquished? Will all terror lie to rest? Uncertainty erupted in his inner self and slightly trembling, he pushed open the door quietly and slowly - as if a single sound will cause an avalanche of catastrophes.

The dim room was illuminated by the faint sunlight shining through the windows. Scrolls lay forgotten on the cluttered floor, fallen down from the goring battle last night. Did all this mayhem and havoc occur just yesterday? Crying was emanated from the center of the room, snapping the Hokage out of his delirious state. Cautiously, he walked over to the crib placed a few feet from him. He could see a baby girl crying loudly while a man lay slumped on the side of the crib - eyes closed in exhaustion from the ordeal last night. The old man closed his eyes, sighing at scene in front of him.

" Quiet.. Little one.." He whispered and much to his surprise, the baby compromised, staying silent. He then turned his attention to the sleeping figure.

"Jiraiya," the Hokage said, shaking the shoulder of his former student. "Wake up, it is already noon."

"Mmm…" Jiraiya moaned and opened up his sleep-deprived eyes groggily.

"Go home and get some rest, Jiraiya. I can take over from here."

"But I can't just leave Naruto! I owe it to Minato that much-"

"Minato will understand," the Hokage said, ending the argument immediately. "Now go home and get a decent sleep."

Jiraiya sighed in defeat and got up to his feet, walking to the door in silence. Just as he puts his hand on the knob, about to leave the room, he turns around to face his former sensei. "Can you handle giving the news to the villagers?"

The Third nods his head in response. "Yes, …I could. You do not need to worry about me, Jiraiya, I will be fine. Just take care of yourself for now."

Jiraiya, taking his words to heart, left the room quietly, closing the door on his way out. Sarutobi dropped his act almost immediately after Jiraiya left. The truth is he did not know how to tell the villagers the truth, of how the Kyuubi is not really dead but is actually sealed away in an infant. The Yondaime's daughter no less! Taking a few gulps of air, he opened his eyes and brought his attention back to the infant.

The baby lay on the white cloth sheets, stark naked yet angel like, almost ethereal, beautiful and unmarred except for the distinct black spiral seal at her abdomen and the three whiskered-like markings on both her cheeks. He picks up the baby gently from her bed, wrapping a sheet cover around her body in the process. Patting the little one, he smiled warmly as he melted at the sight of the tousled blond ringlets framing her heart shaped face and her eyes so startlingly cerulean blue.

"The resemblance is uncanny," he muttered under his breath. The Sandaime walked over to the tower window that overlooked Konoha, he massaged his aching shoulder at the same time.

The destruction of the battle was visible. Houses had been struck down by the blast, walls swept away, shutters and window frames ripped off and smashed. The heart of the village where the post office, bazaar and eateries once stood was no longer visible. The stricken village was strewn with wreckage. Protruding from the debris were smashed crockery, parts of broken furniture, bits of wood and debris from mixed buildings. At the base of the tower, the population of Konoha was waiting impatiently. Noticing the crowd, he unwillingly ventured out into the view of his people. "It'll be a long difficult day."

As soon as the Third Hokage appeared, an impenetrable silence hung in the air. The atmosphere was electrifying and intense with sobriety. The old man stared at the villagers for a full minute. And every second, he could feel himself growing older and wearier. Bracing himself, he cleared his throat and started. "The terrible beast that slew countless ninja has been defeated-"

He was cut off by the countless cheers and applause caused by the villagers.

"-But," Sarutobi continued over the sudden uproar, "is not dead."

The crowd quieted down abruptly, all traces of joy and happiness was replaced by terror and fear.

"Instead, the demon was sealed into the body of a newborn since it was too powerful to be killed."

There was a deadly hush after he made the announcement. Silence blanketed the village as all became subdued by the news. After a long moment, a jounin asked, "Then Hokage-sama, who is the vessel of the demon?"

Sarutobi closed his eyes, knowing he can not prolong the inedible. Opening them, he proclaimed a seldom tone that is heard throughout the crowd, "The Yondaime sealed it in a child named Naruto."

As if something snapped, the villagers started speaking in hushed whispers. Words like, "We must kill this demon spawn before it kills us," and, "This is out chance to avenge those whose lives were taken away by that demon", linger in the air.

Then the Sandaime said something that shocked the whole village. "..Or should I say Namikaze Naruto...his own daughter."

Stunned, the villagers could only look up at their Hokage. "Why would Yondaime-sama do such a thing, and to his own flesh and blood no less."

As if reading the villagers' minds, he answered, "The Yondaime could not bear to sacrifice another parent's child..and also, he knew he could only trust his daughter with this burden."

Before the crowd could interject even more, he announced, "With that said, I'm now issuing a new law, stating that the information I had just told you all is now an S-class secret. It must be kept confidential, and anyone who dares to speak of it to anybody will experience punishment worse than death."

Leaving the gossiping crowd, the Sandaime entered into the Hokage's office again, walking over to the now slumbering infant. He gazed downward at her peaceful face, hoping she could endure this burden like the Yondaime said. "I tried my best Minato. I just hope it was enough."

.::7 years later…::.

A seven year old boy wondered around in the forest, seeming to be looking for something or someone. Black bangs on either side of his face framed his porcelain skin with black spikes tussled out on the back of his head. Onyx eyes scanned behind the bushes he pulled back with irritation, again not finding what he is looking for. Adorned in a simple attire of a black shirt with the Uchiha fan on the back, black shorts, and black sandals, he huffed and crossed his arms in frustration.

"I can't believe aniki ditch me like that!"

With that accusation said, the young boy's memory of what happened that morning came to recollection.

A thirteen year old Uchiha was putting on his sandals, getting ready to leave his house to start his first day as an ANBU Captain. This person was Uchiha Itachi, the Uchiha prodigy. He graduated from the Ninja academy at age 7 with top grades, mastered the Sharingan at age 8, became a Chuunin at age 10, and now recently became ANBU Captain at age 13 two weeks prior. Just as Itachi was standing up and about to slide the door open, he felt the presence of his younger brother running towards him, ready to send a surprise punch his way which did not surprised him at all.

He mentally groaned and swiftly turned around to face his younger brother, raising his right hand gradually. Itachi's little brother had a shocked look etched across his face as he slows down to a halt, though not quick enough. He closes his eyes and waits for the impact. But all Itachi did was extended his two fingers and poked his little brother on his forehead. He immediately rubbed the part that his older brother touched, a simple routine they have every time before Itachi leaves for another mission.

"Not fair!" His little brother wined.

Itachi just shook his head, frowning at the sudden migraine. Can thirteen year olds even get migraines? His dear little brother had a long way to go if he wanted to defeat him.

"I don't have time for this, otouto," Itachi replies to his brother.

"You always poke me on the forehead and say 'I don't have time for this, otouto.' ever since two weeks ago. Well why? Can't you just spend at least one day with me, aniki, without using that same excuse over and over again?" His face faulted and dropped low facing the floor. Itachi sighed, feeling the migraine coming at him again. How is he going to get out of this situation without hurting his little brother's feelings?

"Sasuke-chan? Itachi-chan? What's happening in here?" questioned a new feminine voice. Sasuke and Itachi, who scowled at his mother's use of the hated suffix, turned to faced her. A young looking woman was now standing a few feet from them.

Black silky hair flows down to her mid-back with bangs parted at either side of her face. Porcelain skin, which both sons have inherited, graces her like a full moon's luminous glow. Her eyes, like a night time sky, boarded down on the two boys with slight confusion and worry at what all their commotion was about. She adorns a long-sleeved, neutral colored shirt with a maroon colored skirt that went down to her knees. The pale yellow apron she is wearing indicates that she just came out of the kitchen. This woman is none other than Uchiha Mikoto, mother of Itachi and Sasuke. "Well?"

There was a faint mischivous smile drawn on Sasuke's face as a sudden idea popped up in his mind, but it quickly faded as it appeared. "No, okaa-san," Itachi quickly interjected, "nothing's going on here."

Sasuke started to cry at that exact moment. Mikoto saw Sasuke cried.

"Oh my, don't cry sweetie." Concern crept up her motherly face. She approaches Sasuke and embraces him in a comforting hug. She then turned to Itachi and shot an accusing glare at her oldest son. "Itachi, what is happening here? Why is Sasuke crying?"

"I don't know! He just started crying when you came in here!" Itachi explained, not wanting to get on his okaa-san's bad side. His mother can be pretty scary when she gets mad. As if on cue, Sasuke cried even harder. Itachi shot a sharp glare at his brother. 'Otouto, you are so-'

Mikoto cut off Itachi's musing. "Itachi, explain now. Why did you make your brother cry, young man?"

"I did not make him cry!" Itachi retorted, glaring angrily at Sasuke.

"I don't believe you. He can't be crying for no apparent reason. Now tell me the truth!"

Her voice was louder than usual. Not a good sign. "I. Am. Telling. The. Truth." Itachi replied between his gritted teeth, getting irritated even more with his mother's use of that accursed suffix again.

"What is going on here?" questioned another new voice. Everyone turned. A tall, lean, and well built man appeared. His sharp coal eyes gazed at everyone seriously. He held a strong resemblance to Itachi, especially his eyes and the diagonal lines underneath either side of his eyes. No doubt that he is Itachi's and Sasuke's father, Uchiha Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan and captain of the Konoha Military Police Force.

Itachi groaned. If his father interferes, things would turn out rather complicated. 'I did not wish for this.'

Without saying anything, Itachi sighed irritably and picked up his younger brother with abnormal ease. He gave a one hand wave to his mother and walked away with his brother under his arm. Mikoto, proud and wonderful mother that she is, waved back enthusiastically, knowing that her job was done. Fugaku just stares at his two sons and wife in bewilderment.

When they were out of sight of the Uchiha compound, Itachi dropped Sasuke (not so gently) on the ground.

"Oof," Sasuke said while getting up and started to rub his buttocks.

"Hey, aniki, that hurt!" Sasuke shouted at his brother, only to find that he wasn't there anymore, but heading off into the forest.

"Aniki," Sasuke yelled, forgetting about the pain, "wait up!" Sasuke ran up to his brother and caught up with him, trying to keep up with his pace along the way. Though that was a bit difficult with Sasuke's short paces and Itachi's long strides.

"So aniki, what do you want to do today? I was thinking you could help me with my shuriken training. I'm getting better at it, but I am not as good as you yet. You can see how much I improved and help me what I need to work on. Or you could teach me one of your cool jutsus, or-" While Sasuke kept rambling on, he did not notice the evil little glint that appeared in his brother's eyes. But as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. The idea of his mind is now set into motion.

'Pay back time, otouto.'

"Sasuke," Itachi suddenly said, making little brother stop what he was saying. They both came to a halt in the middle of the forest.

"What is it, aniki-"

"This is the first part of your training. Are you ready for it?"

Determination lilted up in Sasuke's eyes as he faced his brother. "Hai."

Itachi kneels down to Sasuke's level and turns him around to face a tree far off in the distance. "Training lesson #1: Stare at the knothole on that tree for an hour," Itachi stated.

Sasuke sweatdropped and turned to face his brother. "Are you actually serious, aniki?"

"Of course, otouto. This exercise, when mastered, will enhance your precision and accuracy skills. With those to skills combined, you will be able to throw a shuriken at a target with perfect aim."

"Wow, really?" Sasuke asked, staring at Itachi with awe.

"Now would I lie to you, otouto?"

"No," Sasuke automatically answered.

"Good, then get started."

"Hai!" Sasuke begins to stare at the knothole with great intensity. His eyes are slightly narrowed, concentration flowing in them. But Sasuke was too engrossed in his special "training" exercise to notice that his brother was walking away noiselessly.

Itachi was silently laughing inside as he walked off. 'Ah, otouto. If only you knew how naïve you really are.' With that thought said, he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

One hour has elapse, and Sasuke is starting to feel the strain in his eyes.

"Hey aniki, I don't think this is working. All I feel improving is the dryness in my eyes."

Silence greeted Sasuke's reply.


Sasuke turned around, but only finding a vacant spot of where his brother was suppose to be.

A frown appeared on Sasuke's face as the not-so-fawn memory finally ended. "And I trusted him too…"

Suddenly, a cute, puzzled look settled on the boy's face as he hears a faint sound not a ways far from where he was standing. Curious of the sound, he delays his search and follows to find the source of the noise. After a while, Sasuke comes to the source of the sound. He hides behind a tall cherry blossom tree, remembering the ninja skills his brother had taught him in one of their mini "training" sessions. Cautiously peeking from behind the tree, Sasuke comes across seeing a person huddled up in a ball, with their hands wrapped around their knees in a small clearing. The person sniffed a little, choking on their sobs every now and then.

The crying child is wearing a light orange summer dress with little flowers embroiled into the hem. Their blonde hair is down to their mid-neck, and the boy assumed that this person was about his age. The person's face was obscured because it was buried on their knees, but that did not seem to bother the young Uchiha.

"This kid seems nice. Maybe they'll tell me what's wrong if I go ask," he assumed quietly in his thoughts. With his decision made, Sasuke walked to where the crying child was and plotted down right in front of them till he was to their level.

"Hey, why are you crying?"

The person flinched by the sudden noise and shyly gazed upward.

The Uchiha stared. He'd never seen such bright hair; they seemed kissed by the sun, almost blessed by an angel. On the girl's plump cheeks were three whiskers marks, scarring but at the same time making up her face. Her eyes, full of brimming tears bore into Sasuke's own obsidian eyes and almost instantly he was lost. There were so many emotions in those bright blue eyes. Sadness and Sorrow. A lot of pain. And she looked so lost. Sasuke gasped. He did not know eyes could be that big, or that beautiful.

Cerulean eyes, like the color of a summer's sky itself, memorized him in their pool-like depths. With tears glazed over them, they looked like beautifully cut jewels.

"She's kinda cute," Sasuke thought while a hint of red started forming on his face.

"I'm l-lost, I-I'm lonely-y, and I-I can't find otou-otou-oto…WAHHH!" The blonde haired girl starts crying again, hands scrunched up into little balls as she wipes her flowing new tears away but was doing an unsuccessful job as more tears flow down to take their place.

The girl's small voice was sweet and childish and… sad. It was so sad that Sasuke couldn't help it. His pale hands went to the girl's scarred cheeks and wiped the tears clean. The blonde closed her eyes and allowed it to happen. Not only that, but her tears cease as she leaned into the touch trying to get more. Sasuke complied and simply caressed her cheeks like his mother had done with him so many times before. The dark haired young boy just kept the touch going, seeming in bliss… It did not seem to occur to Sasuke that he is comforting a girl he barely knew… in fact did not know at all. Though even if he did know, he could care less. Suddenly, a great idea came to Sasuke.

"Why don't I help you find your otou-san?" Sasuke suggested. He extended his hand out to her, waiting for it to be clasped with her own. The girl's eyes snapped open and widen as she gazed up at the dark haired boy. Her face had a surprised look to them, as if saying "why"? Then, a blooming smile appears on her face as she took hold of his hand. Sasuke pulled the blonde to her feet. "Come on," Sasuke said to the angelic girl, "let's go."

The smile on her face appeared to widen. She nodded her head and said, "Okay! Oh, by the way, my name is Naruto… Namikaze Naruto. What's yours?"

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"So how old are you anyway, Naruto? I'm seven."

"I'm six… but I'll be seven in October!"

Naruto and Sasuke have been looking for Naruto's father for a while now, up trees, behind bushes… They only started to talk to pass the time quicker, and that Naruto can not stand a quiet place for so long (about 5 minutes).

"…aru-chan! Naru-chan! Where are you?" A distant voice called out, getting the attentions of the two young children.

Naruto's head instantly snapped up at the familiarity of that voice. "That's otou-san!"

A look of happiness washed over Naruto's face. She turned towards the direction of the voice and was about to go, but then stops. Naruto faces downward to look at the ground, her bangs hiding the expression on her face. Bewilderment crosses Sasuke, wondering why Naruto is not running off to reunite with her father. "I thought she wanted to find her otou-san. Wasn't that the reason why she was crying?"

"What's wrong, Naruto? Don't you want to see your otou-san?" Naruto looks up to face him, a saddening look on her face. Sasuke's heart clenched painfully at the sight. No angel should ever have that look upon her face.

"I do! But,… I don't want to say goodbye! You've been so nice to me and…" Her voice trails off as she gazes downward. "Great. My first best friend probably now thinks that I'm acting like some baby…"

But unknown to Naruto, an idea popped up in Sasuke's mind.

"Wait right here for a minute!" Sasuke shouted as he ran into the depths of the forest.

"Eh…?" Naruto wondered by the sudden outburst. She watched as his retreating form disappeared into the canopies. Her otou-san is still calling her, but only in a different location now. She wanted to go to him, embrace him and letting him know that she is all right. But nether less, Naruto stayed rooted in her spot, waiting for Sasuke to return.


The sun is starting to set, and Sasuke still has not returned yet. Naruto was getting tired of waiting. Her otou-san's voice is starting to fade bit by bit as the sun sinks lower and lower.

"He's late…" Sadness begins to overcome Naruto once more as realization hit her: Sasuke is not coming back.

"Maybe he went back home…" Naruto plops down on the grass and starts tearing up again. "Uhh…"

"We won't see each other again, will we?" Naruto thought sadly. Suddenly, rustling sounds from the bushes crackles from behind her. Naruto gasped, the sounds making her jump at bit. A frightened look carves upon her face. Naruto spins around to find...Sasuke!

Sasuke looks as if he is hiding something behind his back. He had a questioning look on his face when he sees red puffy eyes on Naruto. "Were you crying?"

"Eh…" Naruto was embarrassed to be caught again by the same person when she was crying. She sits up quickly to face Sasuke and shakes her head frantically back and forth.

"Really?" Sasuke, sweatdropping, was not completely convinced by the answer he gotten. Ignoring that fact, he reached out and grabs Naruto's left wrist. "Here!"

Sasuke slides a ring on her ring finger. Well, a dandelion that has been tied at the stem to look like a ring.

"Uwah…" Naruto was lost for words as she gazes down at the gift she received. A light blush appears on her cheeks.

"I'll marry you!" Sasuke declares.

"Marry?" Naruto seems to be a bit confused.

"Kaa-san said that if you get married, you'll stay with the other person forever."


"Yeah, forever!" Sasuke started to panic, thinking that Naruto does not like his present since her face is facing downward again. He tried to reassure her. "Rings are supposed to be more pretty-looking, but since I heard they're expensive, I'll get you one when we become adults!"

Naruto still had her head cast down. "Adults? So even if we become adults, we'll be together forever?"

"Of course! …You don't like it?"

A tint of red can be seen on her cheeks, but Sasuke did not know if they were from the ring he had given her or from the crying incident. As if reading his mind, Naruto said, "No, I do!"

She then lifted her head up and kissed Sasuke sweetly on the lips. After they parted, both children are blushing scarlet. Sasuke covered his mouth with both of his hands, face as red as a tomato. Naruto smiled cutely, eyes closed as to not give away the emotions racing through her.

"That was my first kiss," they both thought. Naruto clasped her left hand, which was where Sasuke had placed the ring, and cradles it like it is the most precious thing to her.

"Arigatou! It's a promise!" Naruto then ran off to the direction of her tou-san's voice, hoping he has not left yet. Sasuke stares at Naruto as he watches her run off. The blush is starting to dim a bit, but it stubbornly still holds its place upon his pale cheeks. A daze look is plastered on Sasuke's face.

"So otouto, had fun today?"

Sasuke snaps out of his delusion and turns around to face…


Itachi and Sasuke were now walking home from the forest. The sun was already shining its last few rays into the sky, creating hues of autumn colors. As they turned another corner, Itachi can not help but noticed that his little brother has a happy smile on his face while swinging his arms to and fro at his sides. Sasuke is also not throwing a tantrum at him for ditching him in the forest, which perplexed Itachi. Usually, he would start getting a fit and annoy poor Itachi to death. Something had definitely made his little brother very, very happy.

"So, who was that girl you were with, otouto?" Itachi asked, wanting to know who this person was that had made his brother this gleeful.

Sasuke, who stopped his arm swinging and dropped his grin for a milder look, looked at his brother with an expression that seems to say in an innocent way 'Why do you want to know?' Then replying in a smooth content, he said, "Her name is Namikaze Naruto."

Sasuke said her name as if they were magic. He likes how her name easily glides off his tongue, like how a piece to a puzzle effortlessly fits into place.

"So, otouto has been with the Yondaime's daughter," Itachi mused to himself.

Giving an amusing smirk, Itachi turned to face his little brother. "It looks like my otouto has a little girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend!" Sasuke suddenly shouted.

Itachi lifted a dark brow. "Oh?"

Itachi thought it was humorous his little brother could get worked up over a little accusation like that. He could not wait for his comeback.

"Yeah! She's my wife!"

Itachi, not expecting an answer like that, almost tripped and face-planted to the ground. Regaining his composure before anyone sees him in a very unlike Itachi-way, he said, "Y-your what?"

"I said she's my wife," Sasuke said again a bit slower, thinking his brother does not understand what he is saying while putting emphasis on the word "wife."

"I married her today. I even gave her a ring as proof!" Sasuke boasted like it was no big deal and the greatest thing in the world.

Meanwhile, Itachi was sweating. "How am I going to tell okaa-san about this? I was supposed to be watching over him today!"

Just to let you guys know, I got that cute little SasuNaru bit from a doujinshi I read called "A Gentle Promise". It might be a little different, but it will connect for my whole story idea.

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