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Author's Notes: I was thinking about how I could make a twisted Ouran fanfic and had issues finding a villian but soon, it came to me! If you haven't seen the entire series, this might be confusing.

Warning: Graphic and disturbing scenes. Read and your own risk and PLEASE REVIEW!

"I've called you gentlemen here for a special reason. This is not a mission that can be interrupted with feelings of regret or pity. You will follow orders or you will be terminated. Is this understood, gentlemen!?" The female voice speaking cried out to her followers.

"Yes ma'm!" They replied.

"Good. Your target is Haruhi Fujioka. You've been given your instructions. You are to leave her alive and you will bring the evidence back to me on tape. Failure is not an option."


Back at Ouran High School

"God, what a mess." Haruhi looked over the Third Music Room at the chaos from their last event, confetti and sweets littering the floor.

"Haru-chan, come with, we're going out tonight for sushi!" Honey pulled at her arm excitedly.

"No thank you Honey. I'm going to help pick up a bit here, then head home."

"You should leave that work to the janitors; it's their job." Kyouya replied, scribbling notes in his notebook. "But if you want to..."

"Aww, you're no fun, Haru-chan!" The tiny boy whined, then crawled back onto his companion's shoulders.

After the group gave up their pleading for her to go along, Haruhi was finally left alone in the room, sweeping up the mess.

"How they can just leave this as is, I do not know..." She sighed to herself. The sky was fading from the bright orange of sunset into the night outside the huge windows. It felt good to have a quiet moment though.

Outside of the doors, however, the night was about to become anything but quiet as three pairs of menacing eyes watched her.

"Wait until she's about to leave..." One whispered to the others.


With the room finally cleaned, Haruhi wiped a bit of sweat off her brow, feeling accomplished. Night had descended and she wondered what time it was.

Picking up her bag, she pushed open the doors and began to walk the halls of the empty school.

Every few seconds, she could swear that there was someone behind her. Footsteps echoed behind her.

"Hello, is anyone there?" She asked the darkness, who replied with hard footsteps, making the girl's heart race. As she turned to begin running, two sets of hands gripped her, pulling her into the room behind her.

"Target acquired. Begin Mission: Sweet Vengeance." One whispered as Haruhi screamed into the empty school.


The familiar sound of Kyouya's cell phone rang in the limo as the boys chatted, coming back from the sushi restaurant.

"Moshi moshi. Ah, Ranka-san. How are you?" He answered coolly.

"Hi Ranka!" The boys yelled into the phone, Kyouka pushing them away. His face changed as he listened.

"No, she's not with us. She should have gotten home by now." The air in the car suddenly began thick and tense as they tried to listen in. Tamaki noticed Kyouya's free hand had begun to dig into the leather seat.

"Yes, of course." He flipped his phone off and slipped it back into his pocket.

"Gentlemen, we have a situation on our hands. Haruhi has not returned home. Ranka-san has tried her cell phone, but there is no answer."

Each of the boys shuddered as visions of what could have happened to her ran through their minds. Kyouya's cell vibrated, making them all jump. He flipped it back open and stared at the screen, his breath caught in his throat.

"Kyouya, what is it?" The twins inquired, leaning forward.

"Driver, the high school. Now."


"She has to be here somewhere. Split up!" Tamaki shouted as the boys ran frantically around the school, each one of them both hoping and dreading to find her.

"Haruhi, where are you?" The twins begged as they searched the rooms.

After about half an hour, they group met back up in front of the Third Music Room.

"We can't find her." The twins panted.

"Neither can we." Tamaki sighed, laying his head against the door.

Mori soon came, as did Kyouya.

"No luck."

"Wait a moment, where's..."

Kyouya's cell phone rang once more, this time it was Honey on the line.

"Honey, where are you?" He asked.

"I...found her..." They heard over the speaker.

"Really?" Tamaki grinned and pulled the phone close. "Where is she? Is she all right? What's going on?" He begged franctically.

There were short sobs on the other line. "Room 2-B. Oh God...please get here..." Honey's voice made their hearts drop.


They found the room and Honey curled up outside the door, sobbing.

"Honey...is she...?" Tamaki asked the smaller boy, who ran into Mori's arms and bawled.

The door to the room seemed like they would unleash a nightmare onto the world. It was Tamaki who finally gathered the courage to open the door.

Desks were scattered and in the middle of a clearing was a dark figure, laying motionless. No one dared to even breathe as Tamaki shakily flipped on the light.

"Haruhi..." Tamaki managed to breathe finally as he looked down upon her body. 'No...not this, anything but this...' He begged in his mind that this was a nightmare.

She was alive, but it seemed barely. Her uniform had been torn to pieces and her nude figure, one Tamaki had wanted to see, the beautiful girl had been bruised, cut and broken. Her chest barely rose and fell as his eyes looked down along her abdomen. The word "WHORE" had been cut into her skin and left her in a puddle of slow flowing blood. Between those soft thighs, both blood and semen were flowing from her feminine parts and bottom. Her arm had been broken and shoulder dislocated.

Tears began to flow down his cheeks as he looked into the eyes of the girl, those eyes that were always big and bright, that smiled when she did. They were empty and void.

"She's been raped." He whispered.

The boys simply stood in shock as Honey's soft sobs were the only sound made.