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The boys had grabbed the Host Club king and dragged him along to follow a manic eyed Kyouya out of the building, despite doctors attempting to stop the still bleeding boy. His spirit was energized with a near demonic lust for retribution. He reached down and pushed a few buttons on his phone, signalling the driver to come around the front. The boys barely had enough time to jump in the car as it screamed around the corner and Kyouya pushed his driver aside, taking the wheel. He flinched slightly at the pain in his shoulders, but it did nothing to stop the frenzied boy from tearing out of the parking lot and in turn, slamming his friends into the side of the car, and then to the other.

"God damn it, Kyouya, slow down!" Hikaru cried out as his shoulder hit the window, wincing. "You're gonna kill us all!"

Kyouya heard nothing as he drove, eyes glued to the road. Soon, they had reached his house and he walked quickly through the front doors, the others following as best they could. They watched as he pulled a small black book from a shelf, browsed through for a moment, then dialed in another set of numbers to his phone.

"Boys, pack your bags. We're going to Paris."

They all looked at him as he smiled an evil smile and waited in front of his house.
"Kyouya, what the hell are you going on about?" Tamaki asked, recovered from the kiss now.

The answer to the question was forgotten as they heard the whirl of helicopter blades above them.

"The Agusta Ootori Branch at your service, sir!" The pilot yelled out as Kyouya climbed, albiet slowly with a messed up arm, into the cockpit.

"Much appreciated, Roman." He said something in Italian to the pilot and the blades spun faster, about to take off.

"Hey...Hey WAIT FOR US!" The others cried out as they jumped for the rope ladder. Mori and Honey made it in, but Tamaki and the twins clung to the ladder for dear life as the helicopter took to the skies. After a minute, they climbed in and laid on the floor.

"Kyouya, you are out for your fucking mind!" Hikaru yelled. "What the hell are you trying to prove?"

"That our King had the right idea in the first place."

"What...you mean, Eclair? I thought you said..." He cocked his head.

"That's right. You were right and I was wrong. Funny, isn't it?" He laughed darkly as he sat back in his seat. His shoulder ached heavily, but it was nothing compared to the rage bubbling inside him.

The boys shook their heads and were about to take the chance to relax before looking behind them at what the helicopter was holding. Hikaru was leaning on a large box painted tan that they recognized as an army regulated weapons case. There were dozens of them behind their heads, as well as a mounted turret. Their eyes grew wide as they turned to the Ootori boy, who smiled and was settling in for a nap before the event. The twins turned their eyes to one another.

"Brother, we're going to get arrested." Kaoru whimpered softly, but Hikaru stopped to think for a second.
"...Nah. We're just going to have to pay a bit of cash to make up for whatever we fuck up."

"Hikaru!" Kaoru reeled back a bit, shocked at his brother. He looked around to see if anyone would agree with him and saw Honey being taught by Mori how to set up and load an M4 Carbine. Tamaki picked up a .22 and looked it over before Kyouya snatched it out of his hands, proclaiming he was not allowed to touch the weapons.

"You don't...You don't think this is a bit extreme?" He asked the group.

Kyouya got out of his seat and walked over to the younger Hitachiin, picking him up by the shirt. Normally as smart mouthed as his brother, he felt nothing but fear as he looked into the murderous eyes of Kyouya Ootori.

"Extreme, Kaoru-kun? You think this is extreme?" He said softly, touching the boy's cheek as he shook.

"Kyouya-chan..." He swallowed. Those eyes were burning holes into his very soul.

"I'm just simply playing on their level this time." He set the younger down, who breathed a breath of relief.

"Rest up, gentleman. You'll need it."


"Miss, we've detected multiple aircraft entering our range." She heard over the radio. A smile moved across her lips as she finished painting the reddened paint onto the girl's mouth.

"They're here for you, mah sweet doll. Isn't that sweet?" She spoke to the barely conscious girl. "It was stupid to leave your fate in the hands of an imitator. After all...Revenge is sweetest when made with your own hands." She touched the girl's cheeks, ghostly white now.

"Don't worry, love. You won't have to suffer much longer. Once they are dead, you shall reign as the new King." She let the painted girl rest now as she walked back into her bedroom. She turned her head to look at the pair of lifeless eyes that were staring at her from the hook on the wall.

"Oh, don't look at me like that, Pierre." She pressed her hands to the cheeks of the dead man. "You were never meant for me. My love rests only with one man."