Finding Out The Truth

Chapter 19

Severus used his wand to get a few pieces of his son's hair; he had given him a sleeping potion while he did the potion. He had to be concentrating on his work, he didn't want to take the chance of him wakening up and Severus end up distracted.

Once he started he was sailing through the process the potion was no match for a potions master like him. He had never done it before, it was complicated but he enjoyed a challenge. Sighing softly he added in the second last ingredient and let it simmer. It had to stand for twenty four hours before he could add the last ingredient which was Adrian's hair.

"Morning Daddy" smiled Adrian.

"Good morning son did you have a good sleep?" asked Severus, knowing very well his son did indeed have a good night.

"Yes" grinned Adrian cheekily.

"Come get some breakfast" said Severus, he was very good with his son but when it became time for eating he was strict. He always wanted his son to eat everything on his plate unless there was reason for it.

Of course Adrian didn't have much problem with that rule.

Severus was constantly on the edge just in case Dumbledore found out just who Adrian really was. Sirius Black had been released from St. Mungos and there was no doubt Dumbledore had found out Harry was gone - he hadn't been in Hogwarts all day.


The next night Severus finally put the hairs of his son into the potion; it went into an exact replica of his son, Severus then had to change it to make him look more like James Potter. It was hard to do as he had to make it untraceable but he managed.

Once it was finally done, he asked a house elf to look after his son as he used a spell that would trace Lily Evan's blood. It would have to stop at petunia as Lily was dead, finally the spell showed the result - the idiots hadn't even left the country. He just hoped Dumbledore hadn't resorted to dark arts like him to find Petunia but he knew it wouldn't be long.

With the potion created doll 'Harry Potter' he quickly apparated to the home the Dursley's now had. He gave a huge sigh of relief when he saw everything was normal, putting Harry into the cupboard under the stairs which had been his room in other house. He made it look as if a child had been in there for a few months.

He thanked silently that he knew the Muggle world probably for the first time as he called the police and made sure they would discover the dead remains of Harry Potter. With that done Severus quickly disappeared leaving his plans to finish itself. It was the next morning before everyone knew what happened to Harry Potter.

Muggles who knew about the wizarding world told their Muggle born sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins and grandchildren all about it. Squibs told their families it wasn't long before Witches and Wizards all over the United Kingdom found out Harry Potter had been starved, beaten and abused by his Muggle relatives.

-----------Hogwarts at breakfast --------------

"DUMBLEDORE!!!" yelled one pissed off Sirius Black.

"Sirius...what is the meaning of this?" asked Dumbledore shocked by the way the usually respectful (in his presence) man was being with him.

"My godson is dead because of you!" snarled Sirius; two of the teachers were holding him back from getting to Dumbledore.

"What do you mean? Harry cannot be dead!" protested McGonagall.

"Is he?! Well that says differently!" snarled Sirius throwing the paper in front of the old wizard looking utterly defeated.

The unmoving words shock McGonagall to the core 'HARRY POTTER FOUND DEAD' They told about the gas explosion that killed his parents and about Harry surviving because of his mothers quick thinking. Only to be abused beaten and eventually starved to death, the corner gave a full detailed report. The two adults were now in prison awaiting their sentence and the other boy had been given to his Aunt Marge.

"You told me they loved him!" snarled McGonagall looking at Dumbledore accusingly.

"I thought he was" said a shocked looking Dumbledore, everyone could see he was shocked - but for the wrong reason. He had not thought they would actually kill the boy, he wanted him beaten and downtrodden but what was he going to do now? Harry Potter was dead. He knew it would be in the Daily Prophet by this afternoon and everyone would know - Fudge was going to make his life a living hell that was for sure.

"He must have thought this other boy was Harry" said McGonagall sadly tears coming to her eyes the grief for a sad lonely boy started to take over her. After saving their world from a mad man, she silently apologized to Lily Evans for failing her son, her only consolation - that they were all together again in the spirit realm once more a family.

Severus watched all this without any emotion showing, but giving a huge sigh of relief when it seemed they were all buying it. Harry Potter could finally be put to rest and his son would have a future without hiding he truly was just Adrian Snape now.

And Severus could feel himself already breathing easier.

In time Adrian forgot that he had at one point been Harry Potter all he knew was he was Adrian Snape he had a father that loved him and a mother that had died and gone to heaven.

All in all Severus thought Finding out the truth had truly been the best thing that had ever happened to him. He silently thanked Lily's best friend Jane Edwards - without her none of this would have been possible.

She had been the one to tell him the truth.

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