Supernatural Spells

Disclaimer: I don't own supernatural, Sam, or Dean. (Although I wish I did!)

Chapter 1

Sam awoke with a start he had defiantly heard something in his room. "Dean! Pst."

"What the fuck Sammy I'm trying to sleep here jeez." Said dean with an irritated tone to his voice.

"I heard something in the room help me find what it is."

"You know what Sam we are hunters of course there is always going to be something scary and mysterious in our room. We are always being followed."

"I know but this one doesn't really give me a bad feeling."

"Well then go back to sleep Sam."

All of the sudden a little brown and shriveled up creature jumped out from the bathroom

"This doesn't look right to Dobby." The little creature muttered

"What the hell?" Dean and Sam were bewildered by this little wrinkly creature.

"Who are you?" said the small creature.

"More importantly who are you and what the hech are you?" said Dean

"I am Dobby from the Malfoy residence I am looking for my house but this doesn't look Dobby's house." All the sudden the creature did the weirdest thing it started banging its head against the wall "bad dobby bad dobby!"

"Stop making all that noise!" Sam picked up Dobby and set him on the bed.

"So you're Dobby? Are you evil good I'm so confused?"

"It's so simple Sam." Said Dean "He's that little character from Harry Potter."

"Do I even want to know why you know that Dean."

"Hey I get bored and sometimes kids leave them behind in the hotels and I read them their quite funny."

"Wow." Said Sam "you really do get bored easily."

"Dobby is very confused now."

"Ok Sam we got to figure out how to get this creature back to his story and however he got out he's got to do it to get back in."

"Dobby used his charm to travel through time."

"Well then us it again." Said dean

"No! We have to find out what he is!"

"I already explained that Sam!"

But, it was too late Sam had grabbed the traveling dobby and dean and Sam and dean were flying through time with dobby a character from Harry potter.

Sam and Dean landed with a thud on the grass and in front of them was an elegant hallway with children walking down and staring suspiciously at them. Dobby was no where in sight.