A/N: This is a little like my last Saw-fic, but I'm the author and I can do that. I realize no one reads this stuff, but there's not enough AdamLawrence on this site, and there's never too late to turn the whole thing around. This is just the prologue, it's very short, the next chapter will be longer. Enjoy!

Prologue: Would Never Lie To You

- We're going to be all right?

His eyes. Wide. Crazy. They're so beautiful and blue, but they're all wide, shines from the pale face.

Crazy. He's gone crazy.

- I'd never lie to you.

Never… Would never lie to you.

Would never lie to you.

The doll. Knife. Flashes.

Hurt. Hurt so fucking bad.

Would never lie to you, Adam. Would never lie to you.

He's holding me. Lawrence holds me like I remember him, Lawrence with a scrape in his face and a blue, bloody shirt.

Lawrence that would never lie to me.

I'm in his arms, crying with fear. The doll is coming, his knife is raised and he'll kill me, but I don't care, because Lawrence is here and he would never lie to me.

Never, Adam.

Never lie to you.

These are the words that I whisper when I wake up, drenched in cold sweat and tangled in my sheets.