Okay, a bunch of people said I should post this so…I am. This is just the start of what will eventually become the world's longest Cath/Sara fluff fest.

The whole thing from start to finish is Cath's POV. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I owned them (and this goes for the whole fic) then you would be watching this on TV, not reading it.

It had been just over six months since Eddie died. Lindsey was doing much better and I would be lying if I said that Sara wasn't a big part of that. She had taken a special interest in Lindsey's well-being after the case had been closed. I wouldn't have allowed it; I still blamed her a lot for not being able to solve the case, but my daughter liked her, missed her, and found support in her.

I didn't understand why, at first, I mean it was Sara; cold, detached, and unemotional. But in the end I saw it; Sara treated her like she was a normal kid when all of her friends, her friend's parents, her teachers, even me and Nancy and our family, tip-toed around her like she was glass.

Sara would take Lindsey on outings; to the park, the zoo, the movies. I didn't understand where she found the time. And they would have 'sleepovers' on nights when I had work and Sara didn't. I remember coming home one morning to find that my living room had been torn apart. My mind immediately jumped into crime scene mode, panicking at the idea of Lindsey having been hurt in an attempted robbery.

But when I ran to her room I saw what really happened and I sagged against the doorway in relief. A very well constructed 'fort,' complete with support beams (chairs, a broom, and a floor lamp), walls (cushions, boxes, and pillows,) and a roof of sheets had taken over the entire floor space of Lindsey's room. I grinned when I saw two sets of ankles and feet, one much longer with a toe ring and one with glittering blue toenails and a pink anklet, protruding out of the "front door." After that I trusted Sara implicitly with my daughter and I saw how my little girl smiled with her and was eternally grateful.

So it happened, and slowly Sara and I built a truce of sorts over work and gradually developed a tentative friendship, bonding over our love of my daughter. On weekends we would sometimes go out all together, the three of us and play soccer in the park or go see one of the 3-D IMAX that they both loved so much. Sara even got Lindsey to go to museums. Museums!

And breakfasts, just the two of us became a regular event after shift, until we were going several times a week and it made sense for us to carpool most nights to work. We even went to dinner on our on-call nights. We usually discussed cases or Lindsey, maybe the news or our coworkers, and never opened up a great deal, but that didn't bother either of us. I understood that Sara was a very private person and I respected that. Even if she never opened up to me, she had earned a place in my heart the second she began to build forts with my daughter.

She might never have opened up to me, either. But one day, something happened that sped things up or maybe, gave them a new direction entirely- a direction I never imagined they'd go. Though in the end, it is clearly where things, where Sara and I, where our family was always meant to be…