"Ronald. Bilius. Weasley. What in the name of MERLIN did you do that for?" Ron shrank back. "He-he was messing you around!" his voice attempting to gain confidence. Ginny snarled back, "We were kissing! Do you honestly think that I would let him mess me around?" He shrank back again.

Hermione joined in, "Honestly, Ronald! When was the last time you knew Harry to hurt someone purposely? You're best friends; you need to trust him!" He looked at Harry, who was knocked out with a trickle of blood flowing out his nose. Ron was reduced to mumbling, "teenage…boys…hormonal…last summer…older…brother…protective…not my fault…"

"Honestly, Ron, you need to grow up, and you need to see that I can take of myself and –"she continued glaring at him before he could interrupt, "You need to see that I'm not a little girl anymore. Maybe this will help imprint that into your mind." And with that, Ginny gave him the worst Bat Bogey Hex seen on the grounds of Hogwarts before or since.

Harry started to come around. The blow had knocked the glasses off of his face, but he could vaguely see one redhead running in circles, being attacked viciously by flying bogeys, and another redhead, no doubt the cause of the bogeys, looking more beautiful than Harry could ever imagine.

Harry was suddenly filled with anger and hurt. Why couldn't Ron just trust him with his sister? He felt a sense of gratification seeing him being attacked by the flying bogeys. Harry smirked to himself. Ginny certainly could take care of herself.

"And that," Harry said getting up, "was just what that git deserved." Harry got up, and Ginny beamed.

"Ginny," Hermione said, "I think that you need to teach me that hex." The three smirked at each other and laughed. Finally, taking pity on him, Ginny lifted the hex as Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Ronald, brother dearest, come here." Ginny said in a mock- sweet tone that happened to remind Harry of Umbridge.

"I believe that you owe my boyfriend," she said emphasizing the word, "an apology." She beamed at Harry again, while Hermione looked expectantly at Ron.

Ron looked at Harry earnestly, "Look, Harry, mate, I am sorry," he hung his head, "I was a git. I guess that I just can't get used to you being with Ginny, let alone actually loving her. But, mate, I reckon now that you feel about her the same that I feel about Hermione," at this, Hermione blushed. "And mate, if that's true, I know I can trust you. Forgive me?"

Harry eyed him up and down, and finally nodded his head. Harry pulled Ron in for a hug, which Ron returned briefly.

They looked toward the castle and saw the great oak doors open. When Harry saw who it was he walked purposefully toward the castle, with Ginny not far behind him. Hermione started to follow, but was held back by Ron, for once being the insightful one. "Hermione, this is something that they need to do on 

their own. Care for a walk around the lake?" Hermione, looking shocked at his rare insightfulness, nodded slowly and took his hand.

Harry looked up and down the rows of bodies. So many! So, so many were gone! Damn it, it was all his fault!

As if reading his mind, Ginny grasped Harry's hand tightly as another bout of rare tears streamed down her face.

"Harry James Potter, you listen to me. You had better listen well, because I am not going to say this again," at this point she was giving him a glare a little too reminiscent of her mother for Harry's liking "None of this was your fault. None of it, you hear me?!"

"If I had just given myself up sooner…"

"Damn it, Potter! None of us wanted you to give yourself up at all! We were all fighting for your survival, don't you get it? We were fighting because we loved you! I'd be even more upset if I didn't know why you went into the forest that night." She took a breath, and was about to ramble on, but seemingly thought better of it, and instead gave him a searing kiss.

Harry reeled back for a moment, shocked by her sudden change in demeanor, but started kissing her back with fervor, both of them only stopping when the wolf whistles were constant in their ears.

"Got it?" she asked haughtily. Harry eyed the beautiful girl, no, woman in front of him. Her flaming hair streaming out behind her, and her cheeks flushed (though from the anger or the kissing, Harry wasn't quite sure.)

He chuckled. "Yes, ma'am."

With that he grasped her hand tightly and continued facing reality.

At last they got to Tonks and Remus. An image flashed through Harry's head of Remus at Shell Cottage.

"Oh Merlin. Gin, you know what this means?" The reality of it hadn't struck Harry until then. Teddy Lupin was an orphan.

"Oh damn." Ginny said softly. Then muttering she added "Well he's gonna have the best damn godmother that there's ever been…"

Harry did a double take.

"Gin, what did you say?"

She looked puzzled for a moment, and then her eyes flashed. "Teddy Lupin is going to have the best damn godmother that there's ever been. I will personally make sure of that."

Harry's eyes widened.


"What is it?" she asked, pushing him.

He finally choked out, "I'm his godfather."

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