Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. The wonderful author J.K. Rowling is. If I did own HP, Sirius and Dumbledore would be alive, and certain people who died in Deathly Hallows wouldn't have died. If I had my way, it would have been only Death Eaters and nameless or very minor, unimportant people on the Lightside who died. So please don't sue.

Summary: I had a very odd dream in which I was Harry Potter, except that he had turned into a girl with the name of Alexis Lily, and dated Neville. Therefore, I have decided a write a fic in which Harry is a girl, but whether or not Alexis ends up with Neville is debatable. The Dursleys will treat Alexis a little worse than they do in the books, but not abuse her as much as in some fics I've read. This is completely different from my other fic, as she will attend Hogwarts, and Dumbledore is like the way he is in the books.

A/N: I probably shouldn't be writing this when I'm busy with my other fic, but the idea just popped into my head after my dream. So I'm writing this, and I apologize to readers of my other fic who might not like my dividing some of my time so I can write this.

James Potter and Sirius Black nervously paced the waiting room in the maternity ward of St. Mungos. Or rather, James was nervously pacing, while Sirius only paced to keep his best friend company. A few minutes later, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew appeared. "How is it going?' asked Peter, sounding breathless. "Did Lily have the baby yet?"

"Not yet," responded James, tearing at his hair. "What's taking so long?"

"Sometimes it takes more time," said Remus calmly. "Have you and Lily decided on a name?"

"Harry James if it's a boy and Alexis Lily if it's a girl," answered James. He turned to Sirius and said, "You're godfather, of course. And Moony, sorry about the stupid laws that prevent werewolves from being godparents. But you can still be god-wolf, of course."

Remus grinned, while Peter asked, pouting, "What about me?"

"Uh, you can be the uncle who shows up with gifts and spoils him or her," suggested James.

"Okay," said Peter, looking satisfied. James continued pacing for the next half hour, until a Healer came out.

"Good news, Mr. Potter," she said. "You have a daughter! The mother is resting, but you can go see them."

James sprinted for the room Lily was in. Lily was sitting up in the bed, looking worn out, but happy. A pink bundle rested in her arms. James kissed his wife, then looked down at his daughter. A curl of jet-black hair peeked out, and the eyes opened, showing that they were the same brillant green as Lily's. "Oh, Alexis Lily Potter is so beautiful!" exclaimed James. "Just like her mother! Though she does seem to have inherited my black hair, only it's curly."

Lily smiled up at him. "We do have a lovely daughter, don't we? You're going to have fun scaring her potential boyfriends in thirteen or fourteen years, won't you, James?'

James looked horrified, then grinned. "Yeah, I will. No boy is going to touch my precious daughter or hurt her in any way."

A few minutes later, Sirius, Remus, and Peter came in to meet Alexis. Sirius was introduced to Alexis as godfather, Remus as god-wolf, and Peter as the uncle that would spoil her. The three fell in love with the baby girl at once. (Though it didn't stop Peter from betraying the Potter's whereabouts a year later, because his life was more important to him.)

On November the first, Mr. Vernon Dursley returned home from work, feeling discomfited with all the snatches of talk he had heard. The Potters, his in-laws, had been mentioned, and he had heard the name Alexis, which might be the name of his niece (though as he'd never met the girl, he couldn't be too sure.) There had been funny people outside in cloaks, and one of them had hugged him and said something about how even Muggies or whatever the word was should be celebrating.

The evening news on the telly didn't make him feel any better. First was the report about flocks of owls, and instead of the predicted rain, in areas such as Kent, there had been a downpour of shooting stars. It didn't help matters when he'd asked his wife, Petunia, about her sister's family, and she'd informed him that their niece was named Alexis. Vernon Dursley went to bed, feeling unhappy.

At around midnight, one wizard by the name of Albus Dumbledore appeared in Privet Drive. After putting out all the street lights with his Deluminator, he took a seat on a wall next to a cat. The cat transformed into Minerva McGonagall. After some talk, Dumbledore confirmed, "Yes, Lily and James Potter are dead. However, their daughter, Alexis, managed to survive. Voldemort tried to kill her, but failed. In any case, I'm leaving Alexis Potter here, with her aunt and uncle."

"Albus, you can't mean the family who live here!" cried McGonagall, springing to her feet and pointing at Number Four. "They're the worst sort of Muggles! That bratty son of their's kept kicking his mother all the way up the street, screaming for sweets. And Lily once told me that her sister was jealous of the fact that she was a witch and would have little to do with her. Alexis Potter, having to live here, with relatives that will hate her!"

"Alexis will be safe here," explained Dumbledore gently. "I've activated some blood wards, since Lily died for her daughter and her sister will share the same blood. And Minerva, you know Alexis will be famous for what happened the day before. She has no recollection of it, but the wizarding world would treat her differently because of it, and we don't want her to become spoiled."

McGonagall sighed. "I suppose you're right. Fine, Alexis can live here. But if she comes to any harm from her relatives, there will be hell to pay. Now, how is she coming here?"

"Hagrid's bringing her," replied Dumbledore. Just as he finished speaking, there was a roar in the sky, and second later, a giant of a man riding on a flying motorbike landed on the street.

"Where did you get that contrapation, Hagrid?" inquired McGonagall, staring at it.

"Young Sirius Black lent it to me," responded Hagrid. A bundle was in his arms and he was most reluctant to leave Alexis at the Dursleys. However, Dumbledore insisted, and Alexis was left on the Dursley's doorstep, with a letter resting on top. Hagrid kissed her, McGonagall blew her nose loudly and wiped her eyes, and the twinkle had gone out of Dumbledore's eyes. Then the lights were returned to the street lamps, and the three left.

Alexis Lily Potter slept soundly on the doorstep, not knowing that she was famous and that in a few hours time, she would be woken by her Aunt Petunia's scream.