Roar of the Dragon: Well here it is, the sequel to Naruto the Kitsune Hanyou and my first story, A Dream is A Wish. I recommend reading these stories first so you know about the characters involved from them. I'll try to keep giving the things my fans love: Fluff, great fights, and abuse of the characters that should be abused! I will be referring to Ranma as Ranma-chan when in cursed form.

Time Line: Takes place after the Tenchi Muyo OAV number 1 and the end of the Ranma ½ series, about 14 years after the end of A Dream Is A Wish, and a few weeks after the end of Naruto the Kitsune Hanyou.

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The Nerima ward in Tokyo was well-known for its outstanding weirdness level and having the highest concentration of martial artists anywhere in the city. Most of the weirdness could be attributed to the chaos that surrounded one Saotome Ranma, Grand Master of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu (School of Indiscriminate Grappling) AKA 'Anything Goes' and the best martial artist of his generation. From the time he was six, this man had spent ten years on a training trip with his father Genma Saotome. Ranma and his father had each picked up a water based curse on the final leg of the trip at a cursed training ground in China called Jusenkyo and now a splash of cold water turned him into a busty red haired girl while Genma became a panda. Ranma also had to deal with multiple fiancés thanks to his father, who had been willing to engage his son for as little as a bowl of rice, a fish, and two pickles. He had fought a dragon prince, a flying minotaur, an immortal phoenix god, and demons, plus the occasional obscure martial artist who wandered by to try their skills against the best.

Ranma had managed to resolve most of the chaos in his life by annulling the numerous engagements his father had placed on him and finally asking the only fiancé who had a place in his heart, Tendo Akane, for her hand in marriage a year after their disastrous failed wedding. With the revelation of Ranma's true feelings for her, Akane confessed her love and the two were married during the summer break before their senior year. A few months later, Ranma's mother Nodoka announced she was two months pregnant. She gave birth seven months later to a baby girl that was a younger version of Ranma's girl form and named her Ranko in remembrance of how Ranma was forced to hide his true identity from her because of his curse. Ranma's other official fiancé, Kuonji Ukyo, was adopted into the Saotome clan by Ranma's mother after her father disowned Ukyo for failing to marry Ranma or kill him and Genma and thus restoring the girl's lost honor from when Genma stole her dowry of a the senior Kuonji's yatai. Ukyo was consoled in her loss by her friend, the kunoichi raised cross dressing boy Konatsu, and eventually married him. Ranma's final fiancé, the Chinese Amazon Shampoo, was a bit harder to deal with. Ranma finally resorted to challenging her great-grandmother Cologne. The three hundred year old woman accepted the challenge that if she won Ranma would return to her village in China as Shampoo's husband while if Ranma won his family and he would be exempt from all Amazon laws and be honorary members of the tribe. Unknown to Cologne, Ranma had spent the past year mastering the deadly Neko-ken (Cat Fist), which allowed Ranma to become a cat in mind and shred nearly any thing with the ki-claws Ranma created using his cat side's natural instincts and the knowledge of how to manipulate his ki to shoot ki blasts. Ranma's training allowed him to overcome the cat mind and control the powerful technique, thus ensuring Cologne's defeat. The fight still took three hours with both fighters showing their full skills to everyone who gathered for the match. When Ranma won, Cologne kept her promise but was surprised to find her great-granddaughter wanted to stay in Nerima. Shampoo's longtime suitor and Ranma's former rival Mousse had a talk with Ranma and then challenged Shampoo for her hand in marriage. Mousse proved that fighting Ranma constantly was some of the best training available when he defeated Shampoo and proved his mastery of his Hidden Weapons fighting style. Pleased with how her formerly annoying suitor had turned into such a strong warrior, Shampoo eventually fell for Mousse and they were married a few months later. The only other major contender for Ranma was Kuno Kodachi and everyone agreed she was insane and Akane's sister Nabiki pulled some strings to get her committed for life.

Ranma's next act in seizing control of his life was to challenge Happosai, the perverted Grand Master of the Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu for the title of Grand Master of the school when the old pervert returned to Nerima a week after his fight with Cologne. Happosai had been out of town and hadn't heard the news about Cologne's defeat yet so he accepted. The battle was filled with technique after technique as the two martial artists fought. The battle ended when Ranma combined the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken (Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire Punch) with the Neko-ken's ki-claws to overwhelm Happosai's defenses. With Cologne as a witness, Ranma was granted the title of Grand Master of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu. Ranma's first action as the master of the school was to force Happosai to leave the Tendo home where he had taken up residence much to the family's dismay. Happosai left but occasionally returned to Nerima to pester the inhabitants. Ranma's next act was to start training Akane in the Musabetsu Kakuto Tendo Ryu, which was the sister school to his family's Musabetsu Kakuto Saotome Ryu, with the help of her father Soun to finalize the joining of the two schools according to Soun and Genma's pledge made before any of their children were born. Ranma also helped the local chiropractor, Dr. Ono Tofu, master the Soul of Ice technique so the doctor could finally ask the eldest of the Tendo daughters, Kasumi, for her hand in marriage. After six months of being engaged, the two were married amidst great rejoicing.

Ranma's friend and rival Hibiki Ryouga finally managed to overcome his horrid sense of direction and find the Sumo Pig farm of the girl who had won his heart, Unryuu Akari, to ask her on a date. The two disappeared for a few months and reappeared in Nerima looking travel worn and happily married. Ryouga had looked over his life and found he had unfairly blamed Ranma for all his problems. The two rivals had one big fight which ended in a tie by double knock out. Ryouga went to live with Akari on her farm. This left Ranma's only real rival Kuno Tatewaki as Ranma's designated punching bag. The idiot kendoist had yet to figure out the truth about Ranma's girl form and proclaimed he would free his 'loves', Akane and the Pig-tailed Goddess, from the 'Foul Sorcerer Saotome' constantly.

With the chaos surrounding Ranma eliminated, life in Nerima became some what boring. Ranma, Akane, and Ukyo went to college together. Ranma still fought with Mousse and Ryouga when the lost boy wandered by while training his little sister in the basics of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu. Ranko grew interested in Kendo and started training herself, creating her own unique style. Then Akane announced she was pregnant with twins and Ranma's life regained some of its chaos, but not to the degree it previously had. The birth was just as painful for Ranma as it was for Akane since she nearly broke every bone in his wrist as he held her hand during the contractions. However when Ranma looked at his glowing wife holding their son and daughter in her arms all the pain faded away. Akira had his father's black hair while Miyuki inherited the red hair of Ranma's girl form with streaks of Akane's blue black hair. When Genma suggested taking the children on a training trip, Ranma-chan and Akane both pulled giant war hammers from Hammer Space© and sent the baka panda into LEO (Lower Earth Orbit).

For the next six years things were relatively peaceful with only the odd martial artist dropping in to challenge Ranma. But then Happosai turned up with a perverted plan. The former Grand Master of the Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu had some how obtained water from the Nyannichuan (Spring of Drowned Girl) and Maoniichuan (Spring of Drowned Cat) with the idea of mixing them together and creating a Maonyannichuan (Spring of Drowned Catgirl) into which he would toss a batch of puppies to get his own private catgirl harem loyal only to him. However, Miyuki happened to be passing by and started annoying the super pervert. The two started fighting, though not too seriously, and Miyuki accidentally landed in the kiddy pool Happosai had used to mix the Jusenkyo waters. The pool was destroyed and the water absorbed into the ground, but not without Miyuki being cursed to turn into a catgirl when hit with cold water. Ranma gave Happosai the worst beating the old pervert had ever experienced after that and helped Miyuki master the natural Neko-ken her cursed form came with. Unlike her father, Miyuki spent most of her time in her cursed form and was a common site to see around Nerima.


Ranma was nervous. The last few days had been quiet, to quiet. Such periods of peace usually marked a large amount of chaos about to enter his life. "Damn, I hope I don't have to fight Godzilla or another prince that decided to kidnap Akane," said the aquatransexual as he mediated in the dojo. The opening of the sliding doors brought him out of his trance and he looked up to see Akane holding a tray with two glasses of lemonade with a towel on her shoulder.

"I thought you could use a drink before you started training Ranko, Miyuki, and Akira," said Akane with a smile as she entered the dojo. Even though Akane was a master of the Musabetsu Kakuto Tendo Ryu now, she somehow tripped on nothing and sent a glass of lemonade flying into the air to land on Ranma's head. Akane stared at the beautiful red haired woman who had taken her husband's place, glad Ranma's curse had aged with him and matured, before handing the red head the towel so she could dry off. After sixteen years with the curse, Ranma had finally gotten used to it and barely noticed the change, even remaining in his cursed form for most of the day now and then. "Sorry Koi (love)," said Akane as she lightly kissed Ranma's cheek. When Ranma had been changed by a leaky roof on their honeymoon, Akane proved that she had fallen in love with the soul inside the body, no matter if it was male or female at the time.

"I don't blame you, Akane, the stupid water magnet part of the curse caused you to trip," replied Ranma-chan as she pulled Akane into her lap. No longer was Ranma's girl form shorter than Akane, she had gained several inches over the black haired woman and had the figure of a model. Akane blushed lightly as Ranma-chan's arms wrapped around her waist and the two leaned forward so their lips were almost touching.

"Seesh, get a room you two!" said a familiar voice. Ranma-chan and Akane turned to the dojo entrance to see Ranko standing in the door with her shinai (Wooden practice sword that Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin uses) resting on her shoulder. Ranko had her hair pulled into a loose pony tail tied together with a hair tie while wearing a copy of her brother's typical short sleeved Chinese silk shirt and pants, only with a green shirt instead of the red ones Ranma always used. Anyone who saw Nodoka, Ranma-chan, Ranko, and Miyuki in her birth form would have sworn they were looking at four stages of the same woman's life as she grew up.

"I see the Saotome lack of subtlety isn't limited to the males," remarked Akane with a laugh.

"Hey!" yelled both the red heads before all three started giggling.

Ranma and Akane stood up, though Ranma-chan didn't relinquish her hold on Akane. "Careful, Imouto-chan, it isn't wise to anger your sensei before training begins," said Ranma-chan.

"Heh, you know perfectly well that we're pretty much even if I have a sword in my hand, Nee-san!" countered the younger girl. Ranko had found a trunk of old technique scrolls a trunk in her mother's attic one day from an obscure fighting style called the Albane fighting style that one of Nodoka's ancestors had studied in Europe. Ranko could perform amazing combinations of mid-air martial arts combined with attacks from her sword to overwhelm her opponents with this style and Ranma was always happy to help her work on a new move from the style since she was still mastering the entire set of moves.

Ranma-chan smiled at the implied challenge before becoming unusually serious. "Be that as it may, I feel something big is coming and we have to be ready for it. I'm going to work you and the kids until you drop and then some," she said. Ranko nodded, knowing that if her brother was worried the chaos was moving full force and Murphy's law was in effect. All three women heard the sound of the front gate opening and two ki signatures alerted them to the fact that Miyuki and Akira were home from school. Like their parents, the twins attended Furinkan High with Ranko, who was a third year while they were first years.

"Tadaima (I'm home)!" exclaimed two voices. A younger version of Ranma with a slight hint of blue in his hair entered the dojo with a catgirl in a white version of Ranma's usual outfit. Miyuki's hair sported two red and blue-black tiger striped ears while a similarly colored tail hung behind her. The lack of sleeves did nothing to hide the elbow length fur that ended in clawed paws at the end of her arms that made Miyuki so dangerous at close range combat. Similar changes had occurred on Miyuki's legs, resulting in her having to wear open toed shoes so her claws could be used in combat without her having to kick off her shoes.

"Okay, enough joking around," said Ranma-chan as she grabbed the thermos she kept filled with hot water in her weapon space pocket and poured some of the water on her now his head. Mousse had taught Ranma and Akane the technique after marrying Shampoo and Ranma had thermally sealed thermoses containing both hot and cold water in case of an emergency change in his. Hearing the seriousness in Ranma's tone, Ranko, Akira, and Miyuki all knelt down opposite Akane and him. "Something big is going to be going on soon so I want all three of you to be extra careful. I can practically feel the chaos coming," stated the Master of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu. All three of his students nodded and Ranma's face split into a grin. "Good, now let's get started…."


Later in the evening the current in town members of the NWC (Nerima Wrecking Crew) were gathered at the Neko Hanten (Cat Café) owned by Cologne. Shampoo and Mousse's daughter Li Na (Beautiful, Graceful) was attending a sleepover at the Saotome dojo with Ukyo and Konatsu's boy Kazuki (Pleasant Peace). Ryouga had unfortunately gotten lost on his way to the meeting, but luckily Akari had made it and was taking notes for him.

"Alright, Ranma, why did you ask us to get together on such short notice?" asked Cologne from her place at the head of the large table everyone was seated around.

"Earlier today I was meditating and felt something growing closer. It seemed to have the same aura of chaos that used to surround Nerima before everything calmed down," stated the pig tailed man. "I have a feeling the weirdness in our lives is about to return full force."

"Damn, does that mean the fiancée race is back on Ranchan?" asked Ukyo with a smile.

"Hell no, we're all happy with our families and I don't want to go back to the way things used to be!" yelled Ranma, a look of fear in his eyes as he remembered the four girls' antics in the past.

"Why should we be hurting one another if something is coming that could take all of us to defeat it?" Shampoo asked rhetorically. Over the years the purple haired Amazon had improved her Japanese and now spoke it fluently, though in times of stress she could revert to her old 'Bimbo' speech.

"Indeed, if a new foe is coming we'll face the danger together!" said Mousse. Thanks to contacts, Mousse had long ago discarded his coke bottle glasses and was now a dangerous opponent with his mastery of Hidden Weapons. Ranma swore he had seen Mousse pull a cooler out of his sleeves on a training trip and no one believed him until Mousse had to refill the cooler's contents and pulled it out.

"Yes, nothing can beat the unified Wrecking Crew!" said Akane with a smile.

A loud cry of, "Where the hell am I now?!" broke up the conversation.

"Ryouga!" exclaimed Akari before she ran outside to grab her husband before he could wander off again and lead him inside the restaurant. "Where have you been?" the rest of the group heard her ask as the couple approached the door.

"I think I was in San Francisco, I'm pretty sure I saw the Golden Gate Bridge before I turned the corner to get here," said the eternally lost boy. Ryouga's family was cursed with having a terrible sense of direction. Ryouga could go from Japan to America in the blink of an eye without realizing it and never touching the vast ocean that separated the two countries. Akari walked back into the room leading a tall man in a travel worn yellow shirt, a yellow bandana with black squares on it, and carrying a large back pack with a huge bamboo umbrella on top.

"You got back quickly this time, pal, I think this was a new record," said Ranma with a smile as Akari and her husband walked up to the table.

"Yeah, and no one tried to eat me this time," muttered the bandana wearer, revealing his slightly longer than normal canines. Like Ranma, Ryouga also had a curse. He turned into a small black pig that Akane had for a long time kept as a pet named P-chan without knowing it was Ryouga. Ranma had known but an oath to Ryouga not to reveal his rival's weakness kept him from informing Akane of P-chan's true identity. When Akane finally found out the truth a month after getting married to Ranma, both Ranma and Ryouga were in the hospital for a week after Akane got done pounding them with her mallet. The rest of the group quickly explained the situation to Ryouga and the fanged boy muttered something in a language none of them knew. "Well, I'll help if I can, just call and if I'm at the farm Akari will bring me here," said Ryouga.

"Good, now what are we going to do about the kids, because there's no way we can hide this from them?" asked Konatsu. Even after several years, the young man still dressed as a kunoichi most of the time unless he was taking Ukyo out to dinner. All the adults were silent as they pondered this dilemma.


"So what do you think has our parents all worked up?" asked Li Na as she scratched Miyuki's ear. All of the kids were gathered in the dining room to watch the first Matrix movie. Miyuki was purring quietly as Ranko and Li Na scratched her ears while Akira and Kazuki had their eyes locked on the TV.

"No idea, but I think it's big," murmured Miyuki, not wanting the scratching to stop. "Dad was real serious this afternoon and just warned us to be on our guard."

"Well, if this chaos is anything like the stuff our parents lived through then we know where it will hit us," muttered Akira.

"Yep, the place besides this house that saw the most madness is Furinkan High School," replied Ranko. Since this was the school Ranko, Akira, and Miyuki attended, they were understandably nervous.

"I don't know whether to be jealous of you three or relieved," stated Kazuki. The ninja boy was never one to go looking for a fight and always planned out possible occurrences ahead of time before entering one, though he would quite happily jump in to save his friends if they were in danger.

"I think both are appropriate," said Ranko, to which everyone agreed.


Kamiya Higurashi Kagome was also no stranger to weird events. On her fifteenth birthday she went to get the family cat out of the old well house near her house and a centipede youkai (demon) pulled her into the old well, which transported her to the Sengoku Jidai (Warring States) era of Japan. There she found out she was the reincarnation of a powerful priestess named Kikyo. She also met the inu hanyou Inuyasha who Kikyo had pinned to the Goshin Buku god tree that still existed on the shrine property where her family lived. Inuyasha saved Kagome from the centipede youkai, which was after a powerful jewel called the Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls) that had been placed on Kikyo's funeral pyre and reappeared inside Kagome. The Shikon Jewel increased a youkai's power and many youkai were seeking it. A short time later, Kagome accidentally shattered the Shikon Jewel with an arrow while attempting to stop a crow youkai from stealing it. The Shikon Shards were scattered across feudal Japan and Kagome set out to find them with Inuyasha's reluctant help, though they would gain several allies in their quest. First of all was the kitsune Shippo who eventually became like an adopted son to the pair after they killed the demons who had killed his father. Next was the perverted monk Miroku, who told the group about the evil youkai Naraku. They eventually figured out that Naraku was responsible for killing Kikyo and tricking her into pinning Inuyasha to the Goshin Buku tree with the last of her strength. Naraku also cursed Miroku's grandfather and his male descendants with a deadly Kazaana (Wind Tunnel), a small void in his palm that sucks up everything and would eventually suck up Miroku if Naraku was not killed. Naraku was also responsible for the destruction of the Taijiya (Youkai slayer) village where the final member of the group, Sango, used to live as well as the enslavement of her brother Kohaku. Together these comrades traveled Japan looking for the Shikon Shards. Naraku was also seeking the shards and eventually created incarnations of himself to aid in this task. Besides Naraku, the group fought against many foes including Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older brother who was a full youkai and Lord of the Western Lands, various youkai, resurrected humans with hearts black as the most evil of youkai, and even the resurrected Kikyo. Eventually Naraku was defeated, but a wound Kagome got in the final battle against the evil menace allowed some of Inuyasha's blood to enter her body. This blood combined with a dream Kagome had and the newly purified and restored Shikon Jewel to turn Kagome into a hanyou like Inuyasha. The two were soon mated and had a daughter named Kimiko. The family was now living in modern Tokyo since Kagome's grandfather was to sick to take care of the shrine and Kagome had taken over the responsibility.

Kagome was sweeping the courtyard beneath the Goshin Buku tree when she felt the presence on the edge of her awareness. Since this was a pretty good distance and it wasn't moving quickly, she wasn't too worried, but it never paid to be too careful. The black ears on top of Kagome's head swiveled as they caught the sound of someone sniffing the air. "Do you sense it, too, Inuyasha?" she asked her silver haired mate as she looked up at his perch in the Goshin Buku tree. Kagome's thick black tail was twitching slightly, which was the only clue Inuyasha had that she was worried.

"Keh, of course I do, mate. I just hope whatever it is isn't after the Shikon Jewel," said Inuyasha as his golden eyes stared off into the distance. Dressed in a red haori and Hakama made of fire rat fur, Inuyasha looked like he had stepped right out of Japan's past, which he had in a sense.

"Don't worry, I'm sure whatever it is, you two can handle it," said a young man with brown hair as he practiced with a katana against a training dummy. At first glance this man would look normal, but a closer look would reveal nine brown fox tails sticking out of the back of his light blue hakama.

"I'm sure we can, Shippo, but I'm worried about your sister," said the black haired woman as she gazed in the direction of the park where her daughter Kimiko had taken her little brother Kiyoshi (Purity) to for the afternoon. Their youngest sister, Haruka, was currently inside taking a nap, which was why Kagome was taking the time to sweep the yard.

"Don't worry, Kagome; Kimiko inherited the best of both of us. She has my determination and hand to hand fighting abilities combined with your miko powers and accuracy with the bow," stated Inuyasha as he easily leapt out of the giant tree before walking over to hug his mate.

"I'm a mother, I can't help but worry about my pups, even if one of them is all grown up," replied Kagome with a glance at Shippo. The kitsune grinned in reply, his sword suddenly blurring as he turned the wooden training dummy into perfectly sliced pieces of wood.


"ACHOO!" the sneeze came from a black haired girl with a white streak in the middle of her hair as she almost tripped and spilled the sodas she had just purchased for her little brother and herself.

"Something wrong, Nee-chan?" asked a little boy with black hair and golden eyes sitting on a nearby bench.

"No, Kiyoshi, someone must have been talking about me," said Kimiko as she handed him his soda. The little boy nodded before happily taking a big gulp of soda with predictable results.


"Ewww, Kiyoshi, you've been hanging out with Uncle Souta to much!" groaned Kimiko. Kiyoshi stuck his tongue out at his sister and Kimiko responded by whacking him on the head, careful not to hit the magically hidden dog ears they both inherited from their hanyou parents.

"Itai," whined the younger inu hanyou as he rubbed his abused head.

"Serves you right, you're lucky mom doesn't have a subduing spell on you to teach you manners!" retorted Kimiko.

Kiyoshi gulped, having seen his father dragged to the ground by the rosary beads around his neck on more than one occasion after their mother said, "Inuyasha, Osuwari (Sit)!" With fear evident in his voice, the young hanyou asked, "She wouldn't do that, would she?"

"If you were bad enough she might," muttered Kimiko, trying to scare her brother into being good.

"Nah, she wouldn't do that to me if she never did it to you even after you got into all those fights at school," said the boy.

"That's because all the fights I got into at school were because I was defending another kid that was being bullied! Mom understands that and approves of my reasons, just not my methods."

"At least you'll fit in with the students at Furinkan High School, that place is dangerous for normal people!"

"Exactly the reason I've been transferred there and dad took a job as the gym teacher. No one there would think it odd that I can shred a car or sense youkai. Heck, after people get to know me better I might even be able to walk around with my ears and tail visible!"

"I hear there's a cat girl living in the area, think you'll meet her?"

"Most likely, we hanyou have to stick together! Now come on, mom promised to make ramen tonight and I want to make sure dad doesn't eat all of it!" exclaimed Kimiko before pulling on the roller blades that had been resting by her feet until now. Kiyoshi climbed onto his skateboard and the duo was soon racing home to the Higurashi shrine. Kimiko barely won the race and was greeted by her pet dragon Flamie. The little red dragon had been saved by Kimiko and Shippo and had chosen to be Kimiko's faithful pet. Capable of transforming into a form big enough to dwarf a small plane, Flamie was Kimiko's favorite way to travel in Feudal Japan when she visited the past through the same well her mother had used to travel through time collecting the Shikon shards.


"Okay you three, listen up!" barked Inuyasha after dinner was finished and before Kimiko and Kiyoshi could escape to their rooms while Haruka was still enjoying her ramen. Both of the hanyou kids stopped and looked at their father, knowing when he told them to listen they had better listen or face extra tort… training time with him on the weekends. "I can smell something coming on the wind. It's a powerful youki. If I can smell it on the breeze from so far away so I want you two to be careful while you're at school or alone. You especially Kimiko, you have the Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls) in you and we don't want an evil youkai getting their hands on it. If worse comes to worst, jump through the well and stay with Miroku and Sango." Both Kimiko and Kiyoshi nodded before heading to Shippo's room to play Halo 2 with their older brother.

"Inuyasha, promise me you'll keep an eye on her at the school but not interfere unless she really needs the help," said Kagome as she wrapped her arms and tail around her mate.

"Don't worry, anything that she can't handle will meet Tetsusaiga. I'll be careful to let her make friends and solve her own problems," said the silver haired hanyou as he squeezed Kagome's hand. Kagome kissed her mate and gave him the smile that let him know he would be getting plenty of exercise in the bed tonight after they had tucked all three of their pups into bed.


Masaki Tenchi's life stopped being normal the day he released the dreaded space pirate and demoness Ryoko from her imprisonment in the cave on the shrine grounds his grandfather maintained. Ryoko's release was soon followed by the destruction of Tenchi's school when the demoness decided to take out her anger at being imprisoned by Tenchi's ancestor on the clueless boy. After being defeated by Tenchi's use of his ancestor's energy sword the Tenchi-ken, Ryoko vanished only to reappear in Tenchi's bed. However, Ryoko's release resulted in Princess Ayeka of Jurai, a planet that was the center of a galactic empire of the same name beyond the Sol solar system, and her little sister Sasami coming to Earth in their search for their brother Yosho, who had left Jurai in pursuit of Ryoko when she attacked the planet. It turned out that Yosho had sealed Ryoko inside the cave and was Tenchi's ancestor, making him part Juraian. Tenchi and Ryoko managed to escape from Ayeka with Sasami's help. Ryoko's ship Ryo-oh-ki then engaged Ayeka's ship Ryu-oh in a space battle that destroyed both ships, leaving the princesses stranded on Earth. Ryoko, Ayeka, and Sasami moved into the Masaki house and it soon became apparent that Ryoko and Ayeka had both taken a liking to Tenchi. The next outer space guest was Mihoshi, a Galaxy Police detective who came to Earth in pursuit of the space pirate Kagato. Kagato soon came to Earth to regain his control over Ryoko, which he had used to force her to accomplish his dirty deeds. Ryoko resisted his control and was taken to his space ship. Tenchi and the other girls launched a rescue, only to see Tenchi sacrifice himself and Ryu-oh to save his companions. Ryoko broke free and in her grief for Tenchi's death took on Kagato. Ayeka soon joined her, while Mihoshi inadvertently accessed a different dimension of the ship where she found Washu, Kagato's old teacher and Ryoko's mother, imprisoned in a crystal. The ditzy blond managed to free Washu but they could only watch in horror as Ayeka and Ryoko were beaten by Kagato. However, Tenchi returned from the dead thanks to the power of Tsunami, the goddess of Jurai. Blessed with the power of the Light Hawk Wings, large energy shields/weapons normally only producible by large Juraian space ships, Tenchi defeated Kagato and everyone returned to the Masaki house. After many other adventures that included a reunion with Mihoshi's long lost partner Kiyone, Tenchi finally stopped avoiding the issue and chose the girls he wanted to spend his life with. Ryoko and Ayeka's answers to Tenchi's question were so loud they echoed through out the valley for a whole day. The family lived happily together on earth with occasional visits from Sasami as well as Mihoshi and Kiyone during their vacations.

In a normal looking home near the outskirts of Nerima a family's dinner was interrupted by flashing red lights and insistent beeping from a device that suddenly appeared in mid air above the dinner table. A red headed woman glanced at the device and reached out to tap a command into the holographic laptop that appeared in front of her. "Hmm, my satellite detection system has picked up a large energy reading entering Nerima. This could be interesting," she said with a large grin on her face.

"How strong is it, Grandma?" asked a teenaged girl with dark spiky cyan hair and golden cat eyes as she fed a carrot to the strange little creature sitting beside her. The creature had light brown fur and the body and ears of a rabbit combined with a cat's head. This was a cabbit, a species that could transform into giant living spaceships developed by Washu. The most well known cabbit was Ryo-oh-ki who belonged to Ryoko and was currently visiting her friend Sasami on Jurai. The one next to the girl was her daughter Ren-oh-ki.

"I'd have to say at least as strong as you, Ryeka, possibly as strong as you are with one gem Ryoko," replied the red head.

"You sure, mom?" asked an older cyan haired woman.

"Don't worry, now that I've detected it I can track it! I am after all the greatest scientific genius in the universe!" declared the redhead.

"That's true, Washu-chan, but I sincerely hope this doesn't mean more trouble for us," said the only man at the table. Unlike the rest of his family, he had normal brown hair pulled back into a short pony tail. "I've had enough space pirates, monsters, aliens, and angry goddesses after me to last a life time!"

"Dear, think about what you're saying for a moment," said Ryoko with a smile. "When hasn't this kind of thing eventually impacted our lives? Ever since you released me from that cave your life has never been normal."

"She's right, Lord Tenchi, it seems that every powerful being that visits earth causes us trouble," said the purple haired woman on the man's other side.

"Yeah and I don't regret it… especially releasing Ryoko from the cave," replied her husband with a smile, "since it was because I released her that I met both of you."

"Well, I just hope whatever it is doesn't attack me at school! We just got finished moving to Nerima and I don't want to be accidentally destroy my high school like you did dad's, mom!" said Ryeka. Ryoko and Tenchi laughed sheepishly while Washu laughed until tears ran down her cheeks. Ayeka settled for giggling behind her hand, always maintaining her manners.

Tenchi Masaki was definitely glad he was part Juraian and the heir to the thrown to boot. It allowed him to marry both the woman who had won his heart, Hakubi Ryoko and Masaki Ayeka Jurai, though legally in Japan he was only married to Ryoko. Ryeka was the result of a genius idea from Washu that involved splicing the genes of Ryoko and Ayeka's eggs together to from a single egg, allowing both woman to be her mother, though she referred to Ryoko as her birth mother since the former space pirate had been the one to carry her and Ayeka was her auntie. The Masaki family discussed possible options for dealing with what might be a new threat before Ryeka went to her room to sleep, not aware how many things would change in her life the next day.


Three days later the topic of the three families' different discussions was currently walking side by side with his girlfriend as they followed a white haired man to their destination after getting off a train. "Jiraiya-Ojiisan, where are we going again?" asked a blond haired boy after his sixth sneeze in a row had finished and he glanced at the two tailed fox following him to see if he was ready to resume his place on the boy's hair. The boy's fox friend however refused to return to his usual perch on the boy's head and opted to follow him on foot. The boy was dressed in a black armless body suit with built in thin mesh armor covering his chest and legs. Dark blue shin guards protected his legs while gloves protected his arms but left his palms bare. A jacket with the back showing a fox head over nine tails arranged in a swirl. The jacket also had flames embroidered around the edges and went well with the boy's outfit.

"We're going to the address my old buddy Genma said we could find him at. I met his master and him during my journeys outside of the elemental countries and we taught each other a few skills. He taught me some of his fighting style and I taught him a few tricks with his chakra. Genma promised that if I ever wanted to bring my students to him the Master of the Musabetsu Kakuto Saotome Ryu would train them to be the best fighters possible. With Akatsuki after you Naruto, you need all the training you can get. The main principle of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu is just what it means, anything goes, and it is a very adaptable style. Genma was a master at mid-air combat while his friend Soun Tendo was a ground based fighter. Their master was one of the best fighters I've ever met and he beat me easily after I proved my skill by defeating Genma and Soun. The little troll was very devious and skilled. It's thanks to training with them that I'm able to survive one of Tsunade's punches," said Jiraiya, an old man dressed in Kabuki clothes with a large scroll on his back as well as his back pack.

"So we're going to spend the entire three years of our trip training in Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu?" asked the girl, who was wearing a dark blue vest top with a zipper in front that covered a white T-shirt, leaving a little of her belly exposed before a dark blue skirt without any side part covered a pair of purple cargo pants (think Tifa's outfit from FFVII: Advent Children except in the colors described and with a shorter back flap)

"Not just that, Hinata. Kyuubi had a few contacts she wanted me to look up to see if they'd train Naruto and you," replied the toad Sennin. Glancing at the map in his hand, Jiraiya turned a corner and led the two to a gate with a sign posted next to it.

Hinata blinked as she examined the sign and read, "Saotome/Tendo Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu Dojo. Challengers please use side gate." Taking a look at the house enclosed by a high wall Hinata was impressed. The two story house looked well cared for and the dojo was just visible to her right through some trees lining the wall. The three ninja and the kitsune following them entered through the gate and walked up to the front door of the house where Jiraiya knocked on the door.

Jiraiya grinned at the redhead who answered the front door and said, "I was told I could find my old friend the Master of the Musabetsu Kakuto Saotome Ryu here to fulfill the promise he made to me regarding our students," he said while staring at her very prominent chest.

The redhead looked at Naruto, Gishou, and Hinata from their place behind the Sennin before letting out a loud yell of, "DAMN YOU OYAJI!" She then visibly brought her temper into reign and said, "Please come inside, I think we have a lot to discuss." The three ninja looked at one another before following her inside while the fox jumped up to rest on Naruto's head. The redhead led the ninja into the living room, where a woman with blue black hair was just setting down her book and the two teenagers watching TV were peeling their eyes away from a martial arts competition. "Akane, please make our guests comfortable while I go phone a certain panda to get his furry butt over here," said the red head to the other woman. Akane nodded and the red head walked out of the room to use the phone.

"Please sit down," said Akane as she gestured to the table in the middle of the room. All three ninja did so, happy to remove their heavy packs. "Would you like some tea?" asked Akane.

Hinata bowed slightly as she said, "Arigato, that would be most appreciated."

"Miyuki, could you get the tea?" asked Akane. The girl reluctantly got up from watching the TV and Naruto and Hinata were surprised to see what they had thought were a pair of fake cat ears and a fake tail were real and moving. Miyuki exited the rooms without reacting to the two ninja's surprise, though her brother looked upset on her behalf. Miyuki returned a few minutes later with a steaming kettle and enough cups for everyone. By now the red head had returned and she calmly pulled a thermos out of no where and poured its contents on her head. The ninja stared in shock since the red head had suddenly turned into a black haired man.

Seeing their looks of surprise the man sighed and said, "It's a curse I picked up in China at a cursed training ground named Jusenkyo. It's a valley with hundreds of springs, each with the tragic tale of something that drowned in them long ago. When you fall into a spring you are cursed to take the form of whatever drowned in that spring last. I fell into the spring of drowned girl while my father Genma fell into the spring of drowned panda. Miyuki here fell into a swimming pool containing a mixture of the spring of drowned girl and drowned cat when she was six thanks to my pop's master Happosai."

"So you're Ranma?" asked Jiraiya. When the man nodded, the toad sennin shook his head as he said, "Genma no baka, how could you take your son to a place like that?"

"Oyaji had a bad habit of not thinking everything through first. His stupidity has caused me lots of trouble," said Ranma. He then proceeded to tell the curious ninja of the ten year training trip Genma had taken him on and his adventures in Nerima. Half way through the story, a panda followed by an auburn haired woman carrying a silk wrapped bundle Naruto recognized as a katana entered the room. None of the Saotome family members reacted to the weird sight of the panda following the woman so none of the ninja acted on their instincts. When Ranma was finished with describing how Miyuki was cursed he turned to the panda and tossed some hot water from his thermos at the animal. The transformation from panda to fat balding marital artist didn't really surprise the ninja. "Oyaji, do you know this man?" asked Ranma as he pointed at Jiraiya.

Genma nodded before saying, "This is my old friend Jiraiya." The two friends clasped hands and tested each other's strength. Jiraiya won hands down since Genma had gotten out of shape. "I take it these are your students?" asked Genma as he eyed Naruto and Hinata.

"Yes, the boy is Naruto and the girl is Hinata. Naruto's furry friend is named Gishou and he's extremely well trained," replied Jiraiya.

"Oyaji, Jiraiya-san mentioned an agreement between the two of you. You didn't engage me again did you?" growled Ranma.

"No he didn't Ranma, and I can understand your anger at our arrival now," said Jiraiya. "Genma promised my students would be trained in the Musabetsu Kakuto Saotome Ryu by the school's master when we last saw each other."

Ranma's body suddenly relaxed and he smiled. "Well, it seems like Oyaji made an easy to keep promise this time. I'd be happy to train them in my school!" said the pig tailed man.

"You're the master of the Musabetsu Kakuto Saotome Ryu?" exclaimed Jiraiya.

"Not just that, he's the master of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu!" declared Akira with pride.

"He's way stronger than the panda, Ojiisan," said Naruto. "I'm surprised that Ranma-san got this strong with such a weak teacher!"

"Respect your elders boy!" snapped Genma as his fist snapped out to hit Naruto for his insult. The golden haired boy rolled his eyes before ducking the fist and rolling away from the table and to his feet. As Naruto stood up, seven golden fox tails sprang out of a concealed hole in his pants while two fox ears appeared on his head. Genma was already up and throwing another punch, only to have the fox tails grab his arm and toss him outside into the conveniently placed koi pond outside. The panda surfaced with a roar and charged Naruto, only to see a yellow and orange blur rocket towards him.

Genma threw up his arms to block, only to hear a yell of, "Enokorogusa Tsuchi (Fox Tail Hammer)!" as Naruto leapt and spun in mid air to bring his eight tails crashing down on Genma's head. "Respect has to be earned, Jii-san!" said Naruto with his trademark smirk. Turning back to the Saotome family, he found them simply staring, not panicking one bit at his tails or ears. "I guess we have some stuff to explain to, huh?" he asked with a grin.


"Wow, your life sounds like something out of an action movie!" exclaimed Miyuki after Naruto, Hinata, and Jiraiya had finished their story. The entire Saotome family had listened to the whole story and Ranma was trying to figure out if Naruto's life was more interesting than his had been.

"Okay, tomorrow I'll test both of you to see what your current skill level is," said Ranma. "However, I have to lay down some ground rules right now. No using ninjutsu in public except during an fight, no killing except in a life or death situation, always defend those who can't defend themselves, always respect the talents of other martial artists, and keep the property damage to a minimum." Naruto and Hinata nodded, though both of them knew they'd slip up eventually.

"Do the three of you need a place to stay for the evening?" asked Akane.

"No, I contacted one of my publishers for the area and he already helped me purchase a small house for the three of us near here," said Jiraiya with a smile.

"Do you need any help moving in?" asked Ranma.

"No, we have all of our personal items already and the furniture has been supplied by my publisher for some special editions of my books," replied the frog hermit with a dismissive wave of his hand. He reached into his robes and pulled out a small notebook that he scribbled briefly in before tearing the page out and passing it to Ranma. "Here's the address and number, if you need to get in contact with me you can leave a message there if I'm not home."

"Oh, the old Aburakoji home, they had to move to the country due to Aburakoji-san's failing health," said Ranma.

"Well, come on you two, we need to get settled in and get some rest, you've got school tomorrow," said Jiraiya as he drained the last of his sake and stood up.

"School?" asked Naruto, clearly confused.

Jiraiya grinned as he explained, "Yes, Japan's school system is very good and you'll learn much that might seem useless now but could be very useful back home. I promised your mothers you would keep up your education, that's why you both had to read all those books and take those tests before we left Konoha. I've already enrolled you in Furinkan High school. You two will be interacting with other non shinobi children your age."

"Cool, you can walk to school with us tomorrow!" said Miyuki with a smile.

"I guess it will be interesting," muttered Naruto, clearly not happy to be stuck in a classroom again after graduating from the academy. The three shinobi and one kitsune made their way out of the house with the goodbyes and well wishes of the Saotome family following them out of the gate.


"Wow, your publisher really came through, Ero-sennin," said Naruto as he stared at the house Jiraiya had lead them to. The house was a two story residence slightly larger that the Tendo home, but it had a large garden with a pond that would be great for taijutsu sparing. The walls lining the property were Nerima standard, giving the trio of ninja some privacy. The inside of the house was nicely furnished, with the kitchen being at the center of the house. A family room, two bedrooms, a typical Japanese bathroom, and a family room gave the lower story of the house a cozy atmosphere and the trio eagerly explored the house before heading upstairs. There they found that most of the upstairs had been converted into a small training hall, giving them a place to practice if it rained.

"Alright, Naruto and I will share the larger room while Hinata gets the other room to herself," said Jiraiya as he decided on the sleeping arrangements. Naruto scowled at Jiraiya and quickly bit his thumb before flashing through a series of well practiced seals.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" said Naruto as a large cloud of smoke appeared around his hand. A nine tailed kitsune the size of a Great Dane looked around the room before focusing on Naruto.

"What's the problem, Naruto?" asked the vixen.

"Well, Kyu-oba-san, Ero-sennin wants me to share a room with him, but we all know he can be out late sometimes drinking and snores, so could you use a Mokuton (Wood Style) technique to split the room in half for us? That way we won't disturb each other," said Naruto.

"Very clever Naruto, I didn't think of that," admitted Jiraiya as he ruffled the boy's hair.

Kyu smiled and walked to the room Jiraiya and Naruto were going to share and faced the center where two support beams faced one another. One of Kyu's tails reached out to touch each beam as she said, "Mokuton: Itakabe (Wooden Wall)!" The two support beams seamed to expand, growing together to form a solid wooden wall that nicely divided the room into two smaller rooms just the right size for a single person. A few more uses of Kyu's Mokuton techniques gave Naruto his own closet and a sliding door into his room.

"Thanks Kyu-oba-san!" exclaimed Naruto as he hugged the kitsune. Kyu licked Naruto's cheek before she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Well, let's get everything put away and then get some shopping done," said Hinata as she examined the kitchen. They had all the appliances they needed, but no food except the instant ramen cups Naruto had sealed in several scrolls. A quick trip to the local market got them everything they needed and the group had a simple dinner before turning in for the night, eager to meet the challenges of the next day.

Well, welcome to the start of a new story. This one has been in my head a long time, and I hope you all enjoy it. This story is mainly for fun, but I do have some specific events planned. Feel free to mention any weird high school hijinks you can think of that you might want to see happen. Also, anyone who has not yet submitted a classmate can do so at my new forum, just post in the Current Class Roster topic. But please limit your original students to the classes of First Aid and Driver's Ed. I have enough for the other classes already.