To Dream of Second Chances

By JennyRice07

Summary: Hermione and Severus had a relationship during her sixth year before he broke it off. What happens when Hermione turns up at Hogwarts with a surprise the next year?

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Back to Hogwarts

Hermione couldn't remember Platform 9 ¾'s ever being this crowded. There were people everywhere. Hermione squeezed through the crowd and boarded the train just as the whistle blew. She trotted towards the back of the train and found an empty compartment. She cast her charms on the door to make people think that it was full of luggage.

This year was the first time in her long seven years at Hogwarts that she wasn't looking forward to going back. Last year she had received detention with Professor Snape. The detention had ended in an affair that had lasted for most of the year. Severus had broken the relationship off just before school ended. He had at least waited until exams where over. He had never given Hermione a reason for breaking off the relationship. She spent most of her summer nights crying for him.

Hermione knew that because of the consequences of their relationship that she wouldn't become Head Girl this year. It still hurt that Lavender Brown was the Head Girl of their year. Malfoy was of course the Head Boy. She wished Lavender all the luck with that one. Even though she wasn't the Head Girl she was still given her own rooms in the dungeons. She had been lucky that Professor Dumbledore had allowed her back into Hogwarts at all. Especially now!

Hermione had found that she was five months pregnant right after school had ended last June. She had gone into labor two months early and delivered a very small baby boy. She named him Devin. Devin had lived but was still very small. He looked like her but had Severus's eyes. She had written to Dumbledore right after his birth. She didn't tell him who the father was. He was angry at first and then told her that she wouldn't become the Head Girl. He told her that he was going to allow her to occupy the nursery in the dungeons. The rooms hadn't been used in over 20 years. He was allowing her to take her lessons in private with her professor's so that she could have Ginny Weasley watch Devin. Ginny was the only person to know about Devin. She had been their when he was delivered.

Hermione placed the baby carrier beside her and lifted Devin out of it. She rocked him as she bottle feed him. Her body had snapped back into shape after his birth but she still had a small pudge on her stomach. She felt dirty and like no one would want her again, but when she looked at Devin she knew it was worth it all.

Hermione entered the great hall and found Ginny at the Gryffindor table beside of Harry and Ron. They had both supported her. Both with her relationship last year (surprisingly) and with her pregnancy. She set beside of Ron and put the baby carrier on the seat beside her. Harry, Ron, and Ginny took turns holding baby Devin. She laughed, actually laughed, when Ron feed Devin so much pudding that he puked all over Ron. She hadn't laughed since Severus left her.


Severus glanced around at the students. He glared at the group of first years that were ready to be sorted. He had to admit that he was very surprised that Granger wasn't the Head Girl. He searched the Great Hall until he found her sitting with her friends. They were all passing around a baby. He wondered briefly whose baby it was before Albus pulled him aside.

"Severus I need your help tonight."

"What must I do Headmaster?"

"Miss. Granger is to occupy the rooms in the dungeon. I need you to show her too them."

"I take it then the baby was hers?" Severus looked at the statue of lion at the entrance to the castle. He could believe that Granger had cheated on him and had a baby that quick. She must have been cheating on him for months before he left her.

"Yes indeed he is. Cute little fellow. Now Severus if you'd be so kind." With that last sentence Albus walked away leaving Severus to gather his thoughts before reentering the Great Hall and finding Hermione.

He spotted her quickly and waltzed over to the table. He cleared his throat and said, "Miss. Granger, the Headmaster would like me to show you to your new rooms now."

Hermione took a deep breath before taking her baby from Ron's arms and tucking him back into the baby carrier. She tried to keep up with his long strides as she followed him down to the dungeons. She knew this route well considering all the times she had snuck down here last year. He stopped in front a portrait that Hermione had never noticed before. Severus gave the password and entered the room. Hermione followed and entered a fairly large common room. Hermione set the baby carrier on the couch when she felt Severus standing right behind her. She turned and met the blazing eyes of an angry man.

"Who was he Hermione?"

"What are you talking about?" Hermione took a step back against the wall. Severus took a step forward and placed his arms on either side of her.

"Who was the bastard that you sleep with? 10 months ago who was he?"

"Devin was two months premature Severus." Hermione tried to keep calm. This was not how she wanted him to find out.

"Oh fuck Merlin!" Severus yelled as he turned and left the rooms slamming the door shut behind him. The noise frightened Devin and caused him to cry out. Hermione quickly gathered him in her arms and bounced him as she explored her rooms. There were four counting the common room. She had a nursery with a beautiful antique crib and blue plush toys everywhere. The bathroom was beautiful with everything made of black marble. Her bedroom was gorgeous too. The bed was huge decorated with the standard Gryffindor bedspreads. There was a desk in the corner as well as a dresser and vanity.

After Hermione tucked Devin in she collapsed in her own bed and wondered what the rest of her Professors would say.


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