To Dream of Second Chances

By JennyRice07

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They married a month after graduation. Hermione hadn't surprised anyone when she had been awarded the top student award. Of course Lucius Malfoy had tried very hard to take that away from her on the grounds that she had an illegal relationship with a professor that had resulted in a baby. He was told very quickly that there was no law to prevent student-teacher relationships.

The night of Graduation, Severus took Hermione and Devin to his summer home. It was beautiful. Complete with a library and small potions lab. Hermione fell in love with it instantly. Severus had arranged for his old rooms to be connected to their home now. With Devin quickly outgrowing their apartment and Hermione starting WartsHog Wizards and Witches University that fall, they had both decided that it was time to make the move. This meant that Severus would no longer be the Head of Slytherin. He didn't mind. It meant that he would have more time with his wife and baby.

Their wedding was a small affair. Ron and Harry had walked her down the isle. Ginny was her maid of honor. Mrs. Weasley planed the whole wedding for her. She had even sent out the invitations and picked out the cake. Everything came together nicely. After the ceremony, Ginny and Harry (who were married the day after graduation) kept Devin while she and Severus Flooed to London. The resort that Severus had booked was in a five star hotel. They had a wonderful night.

A few weeks later Hermione surprised him with a positive pregnancy test.


"Push Hermione! You can do it one last push!" Poppy urged her on. She had been in labor for 12 hours. The pregnancy had been a lot nicer this time. Probably because Severus was very protective. Hermione believed that it was because he still felt guilty because he wasn't there for Devin.

"I can't. I can't push anymore. It hurts." Hermione panted.

"Come on Mione you can do it." Severus urged her on.

With one last push, their baby girl came screaming into the world. Lydia Rose Snape was beautiful. She had her daddy's black hair with her mommy's curls and nose.

Devin and Lydia bonded well. Devin didn't have any of the jealous issues that the other toddlers seemed to have.

Harry and Ginny were also expecting their first child. Ron had started working for Fred and George. Everyone was happy. Severus couldn't think of anything else in the world that he could possible want.

Hermione eventually graduated from the University with a master's degree in Potions. Together she and Severus created some of the worlds most successful potions. Including the most famous that won the war. It was a potion that made a person immune to the unforgivables. Hermione became pregnant one last time and gave birth to twins right after Lydia started her first year at Hogwarts. A beautiful baby boy Draven and a precious baby girl Lauren.

Life was good and that's they way it remained for all of their lives.

The End.

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