A/N: Inspired by the pretty pretty song "Plastic Flower" by Lena Park and the book Holy Fools by Joanne Harris, both of which will pretty much change your life if you haven't gotten your hands on them already. For Shahni, who never fails to inspire me when it comes to these two, ever. The French is probably horridly off; I'll put translations at the end by numbers.

Special thanks to keelhaul lizzie for the correction of my formerly godawful French. Thank you kindly, dearie.


she swears she will not pledge herself to anyone else
but to him only him only the man with blackbird eyes
(pour toi, chérie)
only him who she is a holy fool for
only him who gave her the pretty plastique flower
(merci, c'est très beau)

that twirls in her fingers cold and synthetic he says that's the way "love" lasts forever
(j'ai besoin de quelque chose de toi en échange)
places it in the white vase by her bed
her bed which is her prison
(petite sorcière, je me couperai vos ailes)

and she dreams always of it, always of it
the flower that won't ever die
(il blessera seulement)
that never saw the enchantress' garden
that never saw the sun and lived in only darkness
(mordez-vous la langue ou ils vous entendront)

proof that he walked this drowning earth proof that says nothing about her
(chaque plume doit être enlevée, l'ailée)
for what is she but a fool with paper
a fool who still wishes for the sky
(vous n'avez pas besoin de ce garçon)

and sees thorns tearing the sky to pieces
thorns and lies tearing her to pieces
(je serai votre héro)

and all she can do is mourn
for she does not know a way out
(merci de me sauver)


one: for you, my dear.
two: thank you, it's very beautiful.
three: you must do something for me in exchange.
four: little witch, it's time to clip your wings.
five: it will only hurt a little.
six: bite your tongue or the others will hear you.
seven: we must clip every feather, winged one.
eight: you don't need that boy anymore.
nine: i will be your hero.
ten: thank you for saving me.