The Great Disney Adventure

By talking2myself

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the Disney people, otherwise I'd be very rich right now! I got this idea when I was babysitting my cousin and watching every Disney movie I own. Hope you like it!

Chapter. 1 Enter The Kingdom

"Kelsey? Kelsey!" Kelsey jerked awake at her six year old cousin's poking. Her glasses had slanted down onto her face. Kelsey grumbled, but forced herself to wake up. "You fell asleep!" Emma pouted," You said you'd watch movies with me!"

"I was watching," Kelsey said.

"With your eyes closed?"

"Yes, with my eyes closed!" Kelsey said," Your dad does it all the time watching football." Emma continued to pout. Unfortunately, for Kelsey she was a cute kid with big blue eyes and hair pulled back into pigtails. Kelsey groaned," Which one are we on?"

"The Lion King!" Emma cried excitedly shoving the blue case in Kelsey's face. "My new one! It's on DVD."

Joy. Kelsey thought to herself. This was not the way she had planned on doing during her day off. She had to cancel a date with her boyfriend just to watch her old movies. Kelsey got up and crossed the room to the DVD-VCR player across the room. At least it was a change from all the princess movies Emma had such a fetish with. Kelsey was no princess. Even though she had the stereotypical blonde hair and blue eyes her cousin had. Kelsey also had glasses and proudly wore her BAND GEEK shirt wherever she went. Not exactly princess like. She flopped down on the couch and pushed play for another animated adventure. It wasn't long before her eyes started drifting shut again.

"KELSEY!" Emma yelled again. Kelsey jumped awake.

"What?! What happened?" Kelsey asked.

Emma pointed at the T.V. "The T.V.'s doing something funny."

Kelsey sighed and sat up. Flashing across the screen was a message. Hello there! "Okay, hello," Kelsey said in a bored voice. The message changed. Are you ready for an adventure? Kelsey rolled her eyes," Emma, this is probably just some sort of advertisement for Disney Land." Kelsey had never been there. Wow I'm deprived, she thought to herself.

"I wanna see it!" Emma cried," I wanna see Disney Land!"

"Of course you do," Kelsey groaned. A signal to press ENTER on the remote. Kelsey sighed and did as she was told. Suddenly, the T.V. went black. "Hey!" Kelsey cried slapping the remote against the couch," What's wrong with this thing?"

"Why isn't the T.V. working?" Emma asked.

"I'm not sure," Kelsey said checking the remote.

"Wait listen!" Emma cried," It's talking."

Sure enough a strange crackly voice was coming in. "We all come to this happy place... Welcome!"

Suddenly, the room started shaking. "What the hell?!" Kelsey cried forgetting her promise to her mom not to swear in front of the problem.

"It's an earthquake!" Emma squealed clinging to Kelsey's leg.

"Yeah, one problem, Emma," Kelsey snapped able to stay sarcastic even in the face of danger," We live in Wisconsin!"

"Kelsey!" Emma sobbed," The T.V."

Kelsey looked up surprised at the scene unfolding in front of her. The television was sucking everything in the room into it. Including the the couch they were sitting on! Kelsey leapt off it scooping Emma up into her arms as well. "Dad!" she screamed," Mom!" She ran helplessly in one place while her worn out tennis shoes lost traction. Suddenly, she was up in the air being sucked into the T.V. Both Emma and Kelsey screamed at the top of their lungs as they were pulled into the black void. Then, there was a loud POP! And they were gone.

"OUCH!" Kelsey groaned as she sat up. She wasn't sure where she was. All she could see was some odd black room. "Hello?" she cried. Her voice echoed off the walls of the room making her feel even more alone. "Jeez!" she groaned," Emma are you alright?" No answer. "Emma?!" Kelsey jumped to her feet," Emma? Emma?! EMMA?!" The girl was nowhere to be seen. Oh no! Oh no! Kelsey screamed mentally. I lost Emma! Emma's gone! My parents will disown me! Missing posters with Emma's face on it will be plastered all over town. They'll get a court order saying I'm too dangerous to be in the presence of children! No Emma! Poor sweet little Emma!

Footsteps. Kelsey hurried towards them calling out frantically," Emma?!"

A tall man in his fifties came forwards. He was not Emma. He was attractive enough for his age with dark hair and a thin moustache. He wore a fine tailored suit and when he stepped forwards Kelsey could see herself in the shine of his shoes. He gave her a warm disarming smile," Hello, Kelsey."

Kelsey recognized the voice," You're the guy from the DVD! Wait a second I know you! You're Walt Disney!"

Mr. Disney smiled and gave a shrug," Yes, that would be me!"

"Hold on!" Kelsey cried," You're dead! I know you're dead!" She started walking around in a dizzy circle," No, this can't be happening! This can't be happening! I know! Duh!" She clapped herself in the head," I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming! I fell asleep watching one of Emma's dopey DVDs.

"Sometimes dreams can become reality," Disney said casually.

"One moment!" Kelsey said," I'm waking myself up!" She pinched her already bruised arm. "Oww!" she did it again only harder," Oww!!!" She slapped herself across the face," OWW!!"

"Are you going to try that again?" Disney asked mildly.

"No," Kelsey grumbled," But how do you know that I'm not just a heavy sleeper?"

"It's not a dream, Kelsey."

Kelsey wasn't awestruck for long," Okay, look! I'm not sure how I got here, but I did. My cousin is around here somewhere." She looked around helplessly. "Do you know where she is?"

"Of course," Disney said with a smile and continued to pace down the hallway.

"You know?!" Kelsey cried giddy with relief," Oh thank goodness!" She followed him down the long black hallways," Well, where is she?"

"In the Kingdom," Disney said simply.

"What?!" Kelsey cried," Where? What kingdom? England? Spain?"

"She's not in a country," Disney said patiently," She's in The Kingdom."

Kelsey groaned loudly," This is NOT the time to be cryptic! Please, just tell me as plain as possible. Where is my cousin?!"

Disney chuckled," Through that door."

"Door what door?!" Kelsey demanded," There's no door."

Disney pointed down a long hallway. A mysterious little door appeared out of nowhere. "What?!" Kelsey cried," How is that? That wasn't there before! What gives?!"

Disney only smiled at her warmly," Magic happens."

Kelsey looked at him coldly," Alright, look buddy! It's been a long time since I've seen your movies and even longer time since I've believed in magic, but if you say my cousin is in there I have to believe you!" She stomped angrily down the hall towards the door. Suddenly, she recognized it. "Hey this is the door from Alice in Wonderland!"

"I'm flattered truly!" a voice said.

Kelsey let out a scream and jumped back. She pointed a trembling finger at the Door," It talked!"

"Well," the Door snapped," Of course I talked!"

Kelsey rubbed her temples hard trying to clear her head," This is not happening! This is a dream! It has to be!"

"Well, that's horribly rude!" the Door continued to bicker.

"Sorry," Kelsey sighed," It's just doorknobs don't usually talk where I come from and... oh what the heck?! I'm talking to a doorknob!" She turned the doorknob hard.

"OUCH!" the Door groaned," You can't go in like that! What are you thinking?!"

"What am I thinking?!" Kelsey snapped," I think I'm gonna go all COPS on you and kick the door down."

"No, no, no!" Disney said with a chuckle," You can't go in there because you're real."

"Real?!" Kelsey asked raising an eyebrow," Well, I can't exactly fix that problem right now! I've never not been real."

"That's where I come in," Disney said," We can fix that problem right away."

"What problem?!" Kelsey snapped," Just give me the spare key for this stupid door!"

"Stupid door?!" the Door snapped.

"I have a better solution," Disney said," He brought his fingers to his lips and let out a sharp high whistle. Suddenly, a sparkling light started coming towards them. Disney held out his hand and caught the light.

Kelsey took a step forwards and looked at his palm. Sitting there was a golden fairy. "Tinkerbell?!" Kelsey cried," She's gonna blast the door down?!"

"No," Disney said," But she is going to help you. Do your stuff Tink." Tinkerbell nodded and chattered something that sounded like a set of chimes in the wind. She flew up over Kelsey and started shaking strange yellow dust all over her.

"Hey!" Kelsey cried," What gives?! Stop that! ACHOO!" she sneezed hard sending her glasses off her face. "Oh great!" she groaned," Look what you've done!" Kelsey picked up her glasses and put them back on her face. Something didn't seem right. She looked down at her hands which were an unusual shade of pink. She looked at the rest of her body. They looked like the same colors, but something had to be wrong. "Oh no!" she cried. She looked herself over again and again. "AHH!!" she screamed," I'm a cartoon! You turned me into a cartoon! How am I supposed to explain this to my boyfriend?!" She could hear the musical tinkle of Tinkerbell's laughter. She was sitting on her shoulder rolling onto her back in laughter.

"Now, you can enter," Disney said with a smile," After all that's what you wanted."

"No!" Kelsey snapped," I wanted to find my cousin not get turned into a cartoon! And when I do I'm coming back and you better be able to change me back!" She stomped down towards the Door. "Fine, then beam me up Scottie into "The Kingdom."

"Not just yet," Disney said.

"What now?!" Kelsey asked between gritted teeth.

"You'll need a guide."

"Are you gonna show me around?" Kelsey asked," Good. We'll cover more ground that way."

"Oh no, I'm not going," Disney said gently," Tink will be your guide."

"That little thing?!" Kelsey cried," Great! I have to search and entire Kingdom and all I have for help is a fairy?! I'm doomed!"

"Don't worry," Disney said as Tink hovered over Kelsey," Just believe in yourself! You'll find her. Good luck."

"Thanks," Kelsey grumbled she reached out to turn the doorknob," But couldn't you just..." she looked back at where Disney had been just a few seconds before. "Mr. Disney?" she cried," Walter?!" Nothing. "Okay," Kelsey said awkwardly," I guess I'm on my own."

Tinkerbell chattered indignantly," Okay, fine I have you too." Kelsey groaned," How can I even understand you? You're not using real words!" Tinkerbell shrugged and then pointed insistently at the Door.

"Fine," Kelsey said," We'll go." She looked down at the Door and drew a deep breath. Whether she believed in this stuff or not didn't matter. She had to find her cousin. She drew a deep breath and then turned the doorknob and entered The Kingdom.