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Sasuke was annoyed. Sasuke was far from annoyed. If he had known reaching anbu status meant, having to be a jounin who had to fill and sign miles upon miles of paperwork, he would have stayed a missing nin. Letting out an agitated sigh, the jounin put his pen down and stood up to stretch his aching back and arms. Sasuke cracked his knuckles twice before sitting back down on his couch to keep writing the nightmare that was forms and reports. His headache that had appeared around mid-afternoon had drizzled down to a mere thump in his head every time he blinked. Being home he realized was a lot better than staying in the stuffy humid room they call an office, besides this way he was with his wife and infant son. His twins matoko, and hikaru would also be able to see him earlier instead of right before dinner, like his schedule usually is. Speaking of which, thought sasuke, as he spotted hinata come out from the baby's room bringing an empty bottle with her.

She spotted him finishing up another report file, his eyes filled with concentration, but the way his left brow twitched with every stroke of his pen she knew he was tired of the paperwork. Stifling a giggle hinata went into the kitchen to retrieve a new full bottle of milk to give to her baby son, yuki. While in there she grabbed a fresh can of grape juice, her husband's favorite. Walking back into the kitchen she saw sasuke in the same position as before, instead now he had a whole new folder to fill out. Standing behind the couch she smiled down at her husband's head before bending now to rest her head on his right shoulder. Hinata heard a soft grunt come from sasuke's mouth, which meant 'I'm home and it's good to see you'. Smiling she planted a soft kiss on his cheeks before straightening back up and going around the couch to sit next to sasuke.

"a lot of paperwork sasuke.?"

"hn, it would have been less if I hadn't been stuck with lazy incompetents, for teammates." sasuke replied putting aside another finished folder.

"It's not that bad sasuke, besides whenever you come home to do your paperwork, you finish a lot faster." hinata reassured him, placing the opened can of grape juice on the table for him to drink later.

"that's only because I have some good eye candy here." he chuckled lightly as he kissed his wife's blushing face.

"Sasuke, be serious." she giggled as she stood up and went around the table to go back to yuki's room.

"sasuke?" came hinata's voice as her head popped out from the corner of the hallway.

"hmm?"sasuke replied still filling in papers

"matoko and hikaru should be here soon, if they're hungry tell them there's some warm fish on the stove." she shouted out before entering the room.

A good half hour passed before sasuke, nearly done with his paperwork, thank god, heard the sliding of the front door, the shuffling of feet, a heavy object hitting the wooden floor, and the tapping and scraping of small feet walking across the hallway to reach the living room. A smile formed on his lips, recognizing his daughters mannerisms in the house. 'just like her mother.' he thought shaking his head slightly before concentrating on his paperwork again. The sliding door behind him opened slowly, as he heard the small shuffling of feet enter the room, then the door being slid shut again.

This was odd, sasuke's stoic face formed a confused scowl, usually his daughter would shout out in her quiet fashion that she was home and then proceed to tell him how her academy day went. Stranger still, matoko always showed up with her twin brother, hikaru. Slowing down his writing he watched soft lavender socks walk around the big couch and stand just a few inches from his spot on the couch. Said lavender socks, rocked back and forth in a slow pace as he continued to finish up another report. Five minutes passed by, before a small quiet voice breaks through the silence.

"T..Tadaima tou-san."

"Hmm, where's your brother matoko?" he looked up at her slightly, and ruffled her hair, giving her a smile.

"..ano...he's in our training fields playing with renji-kun and haji-kun." the eight year old girl gave sasuke a small sad smile before looking back down at her socks.

Sasuke's smile turned into a frown as he watched his daughter curl and uncurl her toes in a nervous fashion. 'somethings definitely wrong.' he thought before turning back to his paperwork. Sasuke was never one to make conversation and not one to try and probe around you till you talked, this included his daughter. She'll talk when she's ready. Another two folders and he'd be done, of course his daughter's fidgeting was making it more and more difficult to focus on his work . He was feeling his headache coming back. Sasuke was putting away another finished folder when he felt a small hand grab hold of his blue sleeve, turning around he gave his daughter a blank look.

"Ne...can...can I sit with you tou-san?" her feet continued to move around in a circular manner as gray pearlescent eyes met onyx eyes.

He gave her smile before returning to his last folder for the day. Matoko smiled and climbed up the couch to see next her daddy. Her little legs dangling off the couch she rocked them back and forth waiting for her father to be done. She was starting to get nervous though, so taking her sweater off she scooted over to be right next to her father before nudging him slowly. Not noticing a reaction, but knowing her father after eight years of life, he was listening. Gulping matoko looked over at a window before starting.

"Ne...ano...tou-san...are my eyes...ugly?" her voice came out more high then she had wanted and she let out an involuntary squeak at the end.

Matoko stopped all her movements, the moment she saw her father freeze, mid writing and held his hand in that position. "tou...tou-san?"

'this isn't good, I'm not ready for a talk with my daughter...this is something hinata should be handling not me. What if she asks those silly feminine questions, besides the one she just asked...if I answer this question two possible outcomes could occur: I'll have a crying daughter, whose feelings were hurt by her insensitive father's words, causing my wife to get angry at me. Or I could cautiously choose my words and answer her question vaguely but to the point, avoiding any conflict with my daughter and my wife.' sasuke rolled his eyes at himself, and took all of his will not to slap his forehead. 'none of those things will work, matoko isn't a mission, she's my daughter. Sadly, a daughter stuck with a father who knows nothing of comfort. Gods, it sucks to be a father.'

sasuke was brought back from his thoughts when he felt the same soft tug of his sleeve. Dropping his pen on the table the jounin turns to look at his daughter. He can't help but feel small pity towards matoko, who kept her gaze down concentrating on something other than her father. Sighing, sasuke combs his free fingers through his hair.

"Matoko..." his voice boomed out kindly, but sternly.

Jumping from her father's tone the indigo-haired girl looked up to ask, "Ano...uhh are you ok tou-san? You looked weird ..wh..when I asked you my...my question."

"No, I'm fine matoko, now what did you ask me?" sasuke returned to his papers, but looked to be reading over them instead of finishing his writing.

"umm...un, do..do you think my eyes are ugly...tou-san?" came the soft question from his daughter.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, before putting his folder on his lap. He moved his body to face the small pearl-eyed girl and gave her a once-over.

"...Matoko...who told you that?" his question came out cautiously, but with a hint of a threat if she didn't answer truthfully.

The girl blushed furiously, and bit her lower lip. 'still like her mother' thought the black haired man as he waited patiently for his daughter to talk.

Wiping away her unshed tears, matoko breathed in deeply before she answered, "umm...some boys at the academy said...that..that my eyes were a weird color and that...that it made me look really ugly..." the little girl gasped out as she tried to suppress unwanted tears, "and...and that the only reason people talk to..to me was because I..I'm an uchiha." matoko stopped talking and began to wipe away her tears again.

'these damn kids, I gotta have a talk with naruto about new teacher reassignments. They're not doing their jobs.'

matoko felt a heavy hand land on her head patting it softly. Looking up she sees her father giving her a serious stare. Looking back down matoko sniffles, trying to hide her tears from her father, she didn't want him to think she was weak.

"I...I know I shouldn't care what they said..b..but it..it still ..hurt tou-san." she rubbed at her eyes annoyingly, trying fruitlessly to end her tears.

Knowing he'd probably would regret doing this later on, sasuke did something he had not done to matoko since she was four. Pulling her gently towards him, the cold-hearted shinobi, turned once again into a caring father and embraced his daughter. The little girl's eyes widened with surprise, but quickly recovered and welcomed her father's warm body. Letting her tears fall freely, sasuke held onto his daughter, and whispered into her ears.

"no one can make you feel inadequate without your permission...do you understand matoko?" he stopped for a moment to feel a response from matoko. When he felt her little held nod up and down, he continued.

"you have your mother's eyes matoko...and that alone makes you beautiful." through his clothing sasuke could hear a small gasp and the sudden shaking of matoko's small framed body.

Matoko released from her father's hold and looked up at him. Her cheeks tinted a soft pink, and her pearl-colored eyes shining brightly with the light in the room and her tears. She smiled at her father and nodded with excitement. 'you'll definitely be as beautiful as your mother matoko, though I'm still deciding if that's good or bad.' sasuke patted her head again admiring his daughter.

"arigouto tou-san...I needed to hear that." jumping off the couch matoko reached over at the half empty can of grape juice and drank some.
"So that helped you?" came her father's calm monotone voice as he continued with the last pages of his last report.

"uhumm...and if they bother me again, hikaru-niisan can scare them off with his sharingan." matoko giggled as she wiped away stray tears from her eyes.

Forming a scowl sasuke asked his daughter, " He's done this before?"

"Hai, today after school when they tried to make fun of me again. He told them he'd kill them if they tried to pull something like that again."

'I'd be proud of him if it weren't for the fact that he's becoming as overprotective as me. I'll have to talk to him later on tonight.' sasuke mentally sighed in his head as he shook his head and went back to his papers.

Stretching matoko looked over at her father still smiling.

"I'm going to go help kaa-san with yuki-chan, ok tou-san?"

Her father's eyes moved up to stare at her for a second before going back down to the last page of the report. Taking that as a yes, matoko bowed to her father and began to jog towards her little brother's room. As she reached to corner of the hallway, the indigo-haired girl stopped and turned back around and walked up to her father as he closed the last folder for the day. Rubbing his temples, trying to calm down his ever growing headache, he spotted a white tank-top in his vision.

"what is it now matoko?" his voice came out a lot harsher than he had wanted and hoped matoko hadn't taken it as a sign to leave him alone.

His dark eyes watched with curiosity at pearl-colored eyes. A giggle escaped his daughter's lips as she launched herself onto to sasuke, giving him a sloppy kiss in the cheek.

"I love you very much papa! Arigouto!"

Releasing him, matoko beamed at him and dashed away to find her mother. Sasuke's face remained in a stunned expression, his fingers lifting slowly to the spot his daughter had planted a kiss. Moments pass before his mind finally takes in everything that had happened. He chuckles lightly as a smirks graces his lips. Standing up he collects all the finished reports, and walks to the master bedroom to drop them off. From his room he hears, the laughter of two feminine voices, the small cry of a baby, and the sliding of a door a voice calling out that he's home. Rubbing his kissed cheek with affection sasuke walks back out to the living room.

'I take it back, it's not so bad being a father.'

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