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It was so quiet. She had almost forgotten how it felt. This peaceful quiet, that somehow, felt fake.

The Hyuga household felt the same way back when she used to live there. Hinata released a heavy sigh and continued chopping up the tomatoes she bought the day before.

She felt so uneasy, barely able to make breakfast for her family this morning. It's been nearly two weeks since the incident in the dojo, and things have remained...unresolved. At least in her eyes they have. Another reason why she couldn't seem to concentrate on anything all day. Her eyelids droop in sadness.

Her daughter had ignored her father the entire time during breakfast this morning. She would smile at her younger brother, and converse with her older brother, but not a word from her lips was ever directed at Sasuke.

Hinata's hand stopped its mechanical chopping of the tomatoes and her eyes shined with a deep emotion. Sasuke. He was being stubborn and prideful again. His eyes remained closed the entire time. His expression that of a man deep in thought who shouldn't be bothered. He was hurt though.

She could tell. Her hand slowly began chopping the tomatoes again. The way his eyebrow twitched when Matoko said her goodbyes and her tone got cold when she said goodbye to him. How his mouth wanted to frown, but simply stayed in place. Or how his eyes seemed to sadden as he watched Matoko leave the kitchen and walk towards the exit of their home.

What was wrong with him? Why was the thought of simply training his daughter making him react so coldly to Matoko, then acting as if he didn't know why Matoko was becoming distant towards him. She laid the kitchen knife gently on the counter and let her stiff shoulders relax.

Her mind began to drift to two weeks ago. Her daughter had cried the entire day. She didn't return from the garden till long past dinner time. She could still remember her somber and defeated look. The way Matoko's red rimmed eyes seemed like she was crying blood. Her legs shuffling around like they were made of the wettest clay. Her pearlescent eyes dimmed with dark emotions.

When she had spotted her, Matoko simply walked over to her, and hugged her waist tightly. Her tears didn't come but the dry sobs replaced them. Hinata could remember feeling a bitter happiness. Matoko had not hugged her with such ferocity since she turned ten. Now thirteen, she clung to her like a lost puppy, a hurt puppy. Hinata remembered it all. Matoko sobbing over her father, for not loving her the way she wanted him to. She fell asleep in her arms, and apologized to Hikaru the next morning as they were both heading out to meet their genin teams. He had grinned and ruffled up Matoko's hair in an affectionate gesture. "Don't worry about it Mato-chan! The past's the past."

Hinata plopped herself on the kitchen chair as she recalled her son's reaction to dojo incident. He was upset as well, but at himself. She could tell. After all she was his mother. He was blaming himself for the way Matoko reacted during their spar. She even knew that the attempts Sasuke made to convince their son it wasn't his fault went unheard. Both her twins were reacting to the spar. One felt defeated and lost on how to handle life with a father that seemed to think her invisible. And the other feeling just as lost, as to why his father and sister were so hostile towards each other and the both of them making him carry the guilt of the entire thing.

Matoko was growing more and more distant from the both of them. Her smiles seeming to grow more rare by the day. She only smiled for her and Yuki, and occasionally Hikaru. Matoko was treating Sasuke the same way she had treated her own father. Like the leader of a strong clan. She gave him respect, but her attempts to show him affection, it seemed, was a hopeless cause in her daughter's eyes. Hinata patted her wrinkled apron. Yes, she had treated her father the same way. Lord Hiashi, a man to respect, but never to love. It was too hurtful to even try.


Hinata looked up to see her youngest son rub his eyes and smile at her with a sleepy look.

"Did you just wake up sweetie?"

He nodded and walked slowly to her to lay his head on her lap. "Can I go play outside mama? I already took my nap just like you said."

Hinata petted his soft black hair and nodded. "Of course you can Yuki. Just be careful okay?"

He quickly straightened up and beamed at her excitingly before bouncing off towards the gardens to play in his own little world.

Hinata sighed again as she returned to her troubled thoughts. What was she going to do? She was tired of being the helpless wife who watched her family slowly crumble away. She was still a Hyuga by blood, she had pride of her own. And to watch her own daughter and husband grow to hate each other was completely unacceptable. She refused to believe her children would follow the path she and Sasuke took years before.

The distant sound of a door being opened and closed caught her attention. She looked down to finally notice her small fists tightly clenching her apron. She made a pathetic smile and released her hands hold on the apron.

Heavy steps of a tall and thick person walking towards the kitchen made her realize that Sasuke was home. Her opaque eyes drifted over to the neglected half cut tomatoes on the kitchen table. She still hasn't started dinner.

"To-to!" and a small "che" followed by a grunt made Hinata smiled slightly. Looks like Yuki was happy his father was home early.

Minutes later a large shadow covered the entrance of the kitchen. Hinata still sitting on the chair, her eyes still holding it's distant look.


She heard his deep yet gentle voice. She could hear the slight tone of worry underneath it. But her thoughts weren't in that room with her husband. They were on other things.


He was kneeling down in front of her before she knew it. His dark eyes staring at her hard. His gaze studying her and trying to read into her troubled thoughts.

"Something is troubling you." He stated quietly, knowing not questioning it.

She smiled and patted the large calloused hand of her husband that placed itself on her lap.

"No. I just let my thoughts control over my usual actions that's all. I was having a thinking day." she tried to make her voice sound humorous, her crooked smile thought proved it's falsehood.

"You haven't been acting yourself since this morning. Even the twins noticed it." his monotonous voice began to deteriorate as worry was taking its place. His hand on her lap tightened around her own petite hand. "Hinata..."

"Why?" she spoke softly.

His eyes widened at the sudden question. "Why what?"

"Why are you so blind to your own mistakes Sasuke?" her voice still remained quiet.

His brows formed a light scowl as his mouth frowned. "This is about me?"

"Answer the question Sasuke." Her angry tone surprised her as well as Sasuke.

He stood back on his feet intent on leaving the discussion as it was. His scowl still on his face. "You're upset and letting your emotions get the better of you Hinata. Calm down and then we'll talk."

He heard the chair squeak across the floor as Hinata stood up abruptly. Facing his back she shouted as quietly as she could. "Don't runaway from this Sasuke. You've done enough of that to last you a lifetime."

His left eye twitched as he nonchalantly turned around to face his angry wife. "Hinata..."

"Enough...Sasuke...enough." her tone almost pleading she pointed at the discarded chair by the dining table.

"What do you expect me to say Hinata?" he half smirked trying to throw her off on her own question.

Her gaze angered him even more. She was pitying him. "This is not the time to show off your Uchiha pride Sasuke. Your daughter is growing further and further away from you...and you're not doing a damn thing about it."

Sasuke grimaced. His shoulders growing tense, he knew where this was going now. He was expecting it, in a sense. "You're her mother, you know her more than I probably do. But she's my daughter too, let me handle our situation Hinata. You can't let it worry you like this, you know your condition."

"My heart's already in pain because of this Sasuke, and it has nothing to do with my heart condition." Her tone had turned cold and her rosy lips were tight in a firm frown.

The two stared at each other. Both with scowls that would scare off the fiercest of enemies.

"And what would you know about this situation over our daughter and me?" His smirk gone, Sasuke glared at his wife.

"Enough to know that if you don't accept you're doing something wrong this situation will only get worse." her angry tone had settled down but her eyes remained cold as she spoke to Sasuke.

"Hn." The man pouted slightly but sat down on the chair nearest him. With his arms crossed over on his chest he stated. "Fine, you've got my attention Hinata. Talk."

Her fists trembled in slight anger at the condescending approach her husband was taking this whole conversation with. "Sasuke, you're losing your daughter."

He growled and opened his mouth to retort, but Hinata didn't give him the chance.

"You don't even realize how much damage you're doing Sasuke. I thought you really could solve it on your own. Back when she was still in the academy, I accepted your decision to not train her with the Uchiha regimen you were giving Hikaru."

She turned away from Sasuke and placed her hands on the kitchen counter, a distraught look on her face. "But I made the mistake of agreeing with that. I never thought about how Matoko would be affected. She idolized you, you were her father with no flaws. The perfect man. Someone she thought would never neglect to leave her behind, to always stand by her side if she were to fall. I should have known that your decision would disprove everything she thought of you."

Though his face remained indifferent a tinge of sadness was seen in his charcoal eyes as he stared at the trembling form of his wife. "You seem to be blaming this on yourself more than telling me what I'm doing wrong...Hinata."

She bitterly laughs. "It is my fault too. For not stopping you when I had the chance." she abruptly turns to face him, her eyes wild with too many emotions to hold at once. "Sasuke please, I'm begging you. Talk to her! Tell her why you don't want to train her! She has every right to know why you seem to treat her as if she's the weaker one of our twins. Hikaru's training is important I understand, but leading her to believe she's merely going to be in her brother's shadow is something neither she nor Hikaru want."

Sasuke stares at Hinata and slams his fist on the table, her strong stance falters for a moment as her husband's Sharingan activates and slowly rotates. "Don't you think I know that Hinata! The decision not to train her was hard enough to make! I know how she would react and I took the risk. Telling her this late in the game would be pointless..." He sighs as the red in his eyes return to black. "besides she's too young, she wouldn't understand why I chose to deny her the training."

Hinata placed her hand on her chest right on the spot of her heart while breathing rapidly. Her fear being overcome by her growing anger she continues. "You absolute fool."

"What?!" Sasuke growls out.

"All she's ever wanted was to impress you! To make your eyes glow with pride at her skills just as they do when you train and watch Hikaru. Since a baby Matoko's been the one most attached to you Sasuke and you know it! The decision not to train her should have been discussed with her the moment she graduated the academy...we were both fools."

Sasuke grunts and turns away from his wife. He places his elbow on his knees and entwines both his hands under his chin. "Hinata. I'll agree we both made a mistake. And now it's costing me gravely. My own daughter is starting to despise me. I'm not blind Hinata, I know her cold looks and indifferent stares are growing more frequent by the day." A mockery of a smile forms on Sasuke's lips. "That's where our understanding ends. You don't even know why I decided not to train Matoko, don't lecture me on how to handle a situation that has long since been out of your reach. The consequences of my actions must be suffered by me only."

Sasuke didn't have a chance to continue as a loud sound of flesh meeting flesh entered his ears. Hinata had slapped him. His stunned face looked up to stare at the furious opaque eyes of his wife as she breathed out through her mouth in heavy gasps.

"Stop dealing with your stupidity on your own. You and I married each other not just out of love, but to help each other out when things got too difficult. And that also means helping each other realize when we do something wrong to each other or our children."

Sasuke growled as he rubbed the injured cheek. His expression dark he shouted. "Damn it woman, you're making this sound like a life-or-death situation!"

"Because it is Sasuke!" She shouted back just as loudly. "Sasuke...if you don't clear things up, if you keep letting things go down like they are, your daughter will follow the same path you took."

Hinata wasn't surprised to see her husband's stunned reaction to her words, or the way his body began to tremble. Her expression softened and the tone of anger in her voice lessened. "You're beginning to let your decision change your personality towards Matoko and Hikaru. You're becoming like your father, choosing one over the other. Letting one disappear and the other have all your attention."

Hinata rubbed her hands together nervously, an old habit returning. "You once told me, before the twins were born, that you were afraid of raising your children like your father raised you and Itachi. I told you that I would help you, I'd never let that happen to you. And for awhile, it worked. You were the sweetest father I've ever seen in my life." Her eyes trailed down to her trembling fingers. "This training, is ruining all of that though. You'll protect Matoko, but you'll lose her all the same."

"Shut up."

Hinata looked up in surprise at the quiet voice. Her eyes wide she asked nervously. "S-Sasuke?"

"You're talking as if you were there. Like you knew what happened to me all those years ago, but you know nothing. You and I didn't have a what would be called a charming life, but your situation was vastly different from mine Hinata. Don't assume because of our upbringing, you can tell me all of this. I hardly spoke about my past to you Hinata, and there was a reason for it. I wanted to forget it, to let it go and make it disappear into a far corner in my mind. And now you're over here telling me I'm repeating it with my daughter?"

The anger returned in Hinata's eyes as she stared with disbelief at her husband's words. "Yes, I am Sasuke, because you are! I know that I don't know much about your family's past, but I know enough to realize that trying to erase it is only making it harder for you to let it go!"

"Hinata..." The threatening tone of his voice hung in the air like a thick mist, but she continued.

"Please Sasuke, don't let this go too far! I know the last thing you want is to let the past repeat itself..."

"Hinata..." the same harsh voice, closer to her. His feet walking towards her in a slow pace.

"But denying the obvious will do you no good. I don't want our children to feel the same pain we did..."

"Stop it..." His voice right above hers, and his breathing blowing back the strands of her hair.

She shook her head back and forth violently. "No! I won't stop it! I'm tired of you acting as if nothing wrong is happening in our home! Like there's nothing wrong going on with you and Matoko..."

A gasp. Tears rolling down pale cheeks, one glowing red from a hard hand impacting it. Hinata turns her head around slowly, her cheek pounding from the dull pain. Sasuke had slapped her back.

His own breathing was erratic and his eyes red with his Sharingan. He looked as deadly as he did back in his youth.

Tears continue to roll down her cheeks as her husband begins to talk. Rage clearly having taken over his rational thought. "Shut up! Just stop talking! You know absolutely nothing! You're over here spewing out words of so-called wisdom to me, expecting me to agree and go fix it! There's nothing wrong that can be fixed with your nonsense Hinata! Your talk of repeating the past is a bunch of bull! You're reading too much into simple little squabbles! Matoko and Hikaru are fine, they're two amazing kids that will grow up to be great shinobi. But they're teens and they're easily swayed by their emotions. My decision over Matoko's training may have been wrong, I'll admit it now, but like I said before too much time has passed for me to change it! I'll patch things up with my daughter in time! So just shut up and stop talking all this worthless crap! They're all lies!"

His rant ended like that and he began to breath in deeply, letting his temper cool down. His eyes returned to his normal charcoal color and he looked up at his wife again. Looking at her really for the first time. His eyes went wide. The slap he had given her cheek had swollen in only three minutes, and he could see the purple bruise already forming. His face formed an anguish scowl, he had hit her too hard. He didn't even want to hit Hinata in the first place, but...but something in her drove him mad.

Perhaps because it sounded and spoke the same words his conscious spoke him in almost every night since the twins made genin.

Hinata's expression was blank, she stared at her husband with bottomless opaque eyes, and for some unknown reason to Sasuke, it made his stomach sick looking at her like that. Her fists were clenched tightly, and her slim body trembled very softly.

The tears continued to roll down her face as he tried to get near her. She flinched when his hand tried to touch her swollen cheek. His face fell as he straightened himself and put his trembling hand back down to his side. His charcoal eyes stared sadly back at his wife.

With trembling lips he spoke. "Hinata...I'm...sorry...I..."

"Monster." she quietly said, her expression still blank.

His eyes grew wide at the word as he tried to talk back. "W-What?"

"You're a monster. I was a fool to think a family could have changed that fact. You're heartless, a fool who refuses to see the truth, because he's afraid the pain may be more than he can take. You're heartless coward...who will lose his children because he is blind to the wrongs he is committing."

Her voice was even and soft, it sounded just like his Hinata. Only harsher, more empty, and bitter. He stared at her, she looked like a broken angel. With an injury he made on her cheek, the endless tears on her face and the hollow look in her eyes.

And all he could say to that was. "Hinata."

Her eyes narrowed, almost as she was looking at something disgusting. She left the kitchen. Her footsteps slow and lagging. She was hurt in more ways than one.

Sasuke collapsed on the chair behind him. He was truly an idiot, just like his wife said. He was doing it again. Pushing people that cared about him away. But this time he didn't know why, or at least which reason in his fogged up head it was. He banged his head on the hard wood table and let his own tears slip from his eyes.

The anguished look from before came back as he banged his fist over and over again on edge of the table. His dark hair looked even more disheveled as he laid there like a lost child.

"What the hell am I doing?"

His voice cracked as he tried to hold in a sob. "What the I doing...??"


Shadows danced around the kitchen wall of the Uchiha household as night surrounded the village. The crickets sang their tunes outside, and the quiet that always came with the night, brought back a lone Uchiha man to reality. Three empty sake bottles laid next to him on the kitchen table, and the cup laid empty in his hand. He could hear the laughter of two children, two boys. They're distant, probably in another part of the house, unaware of the tragic events that happened hours ago. His boys were home, probably with their mother. His eyes darken. She probably had to lie to them about the bruise on her cheek. The bruise he made. He was truly a monster

Sasuke drags his heavy head off the table and his red-rimmed eyes stare at the dark sky of the typical Konoha night. His face is blotched up from the tears that dried up a long time ago. How did it all end up this way? He arrived home like he always did, Yuki was playing outside. The twins were out training with their teams. A typical day in their lives. How did he end up hurting his own wife? Why did he let his pride and anger get the best of him.

"Damn it." he whispered to himself. The alcohol did him no good. He still felt lousy and worthless.

He couldn't face them now. He felt like killing himself just staring at that bruise on his Hinata's cheek. To have to explain a lie to his children in front of her, when they both knew the truth, would be death itself. He won't stay in this house. He'll taint them with whatever the hell was causing him to be this way.

Stumbling to his feet, Sasuke makes his way towards the sliding doors to leave the house through the front entrance. A knock from the other side stops him for a moment. A downcast look takes over his face as he expects his wife on the other side.

"Hinata..." he manages to mumble out as he opens the sliding door.

"Papa...?" His eyes widened at the sweet sound of a small voice he hasn't heard call him papa in ages. His charcoal eyes look down to see his daughter stare at him with her bright pearlescent gaze. Her tough cold look from this morning are gone from her eyes and she looks her age. A small thirteen year old girl. Her appearance nearly identical to his own. Her face was blotchy and red, and traces of tears could still be seen hanging on to her long eyelashes.

"...Matoko." His tone was that of a tired and sad man. His brows furrowed to make him look his years.

She smiled at the sound of her name. She absentmindedly kicked her socked foot across the wooden floor and shifted her weight to her other foot. She spoke quietly, afraid to catch the rest of the family's attention.

" are you?"

His eyes trailed down her figure. She was trembling and her lips were swollen from being bitten too long. 'She's been crying.' Sasuke thinks as he gently grabs her shoulders and kneels down to be at her level.

"I'm fine Matoko. What's the matter?"

She shakes her head and rubs away the stray drops of tears on her eyelashes. She attempts to smile again. "Umm...I...was...I was here when you and mama...f-fought..."

Sasuke freezes as she talks. Was she behind the door the entire time? She listened to all of that, and knows what he did to Hinata? His grip on Matoko's shoulders tightens as he listens to her small voice.

"I-I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I came home early...I wanted to h-help kaa-san with dinner...and then I heard your voices. I was g-going to leave because I was still mad at you, and I didn't w-want to see you. Then...kaa-san started yelling, and you started yelling."

"You know that neither your mother or I would have wanted you to hear any of that." He reassured her when her trembling increased.

She nodded slowly and grabbed his hand, squeezing it gently. "I know, but i-it's okay. Really. It's good for me to know this, to know that...even you and kaa-san...aren't perfect."

Sasuke could see the tears reforming in his daughter's eyes. He felt the familiar pang in his chest. Of feeling useless, unable to stop those tears. "Matoko..."

"I-I saw kaa-san...crying in the courtyard...all day. I m-made sure Yuki-chan didn't see her though..."

"Thank you." He whispered hoarsely. The alcohol affecting his speech a bit.

She nodded again and placed her other hand on his hand and squeezed that one too. "I-I came back, because I...didn't want to leave you alone...p-papa."

She walked into his arms and laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry." She shook as she let the tears once again roll down her cheeks. Her grip on her father's neck tightened as she kept repeating the same thing over and over again. They both collapsed against the wall of the other room.

Sasuke with legs sprawled open, holding his daughter against his chest. A confused and dazed look on his face. His dark eyes studied the top of his daughter's soft indigo hair as he petted it.

"For did nothing wrong."

"I and mama fought over was me. She tried to make an excuse for my b-behavior. She tried to m-make you see me as t-the v-victim. She was trying to p-protect me...and because of t-that she got a-angry at you. I don't care a-about the training anymore! I promise...j-just don't leave mama papa! Please, I k-know she l-loves you...and that y-you love her...I promise I won't be selfish anymore. J-Just don't leave h-her...don't l-leave us papa...I'm not mad at y-you anymore...r-really I'm not..."


Sasuke placed a finger on her lips and smiled sadly down at her. She looked like the eight year old girl that always clung to him. God how he missed those days. He petted her hair as she watched him with pleading eyes. He took his thumb and wiped away the tears rolling down her cheek.

"Enough little one. No more tears, it's all right. I would never leave any of you. You're my family, and I will be there to protect all of you. No more apologizing, you did nothing wrong."

Matoko hugged her father's torso tightly and didn't let go. Her tears soaked her father's shirt as she cried. Sasuke's arms held her little waist tightly as they both laid on the wooden floor of the empty room.

He heard her muffled voice say. "P-Promise?"

He chuckled his voice still husky from the sake. "Yes, with my life." He squeezed her gently before saying. "I'm sorry for having to put your through this little one." He sighs. "Your father is much more of a fool than he thought he was."

"And mama?" she asked hesitantly as she leans the left side of her face on his chest.

"I'll talk to her later. We both need time away from each other. Don't worry Matoko, we'll fix it little by little."

He could feel her head slowly drooping. She must be tired, it was natural. She heard everything. She felt her mother's pain as well as his own. Then waited for who knows how many hours for him to leave so she could try to fix it. Matoko was more like him than he had thought. Carrying more than her share of guilt on her shoulders, blaming herself for things that she couldn't prevent.

He sighed as she felt her breathing becoming more slower and deeper.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered before letting sleep take her over.

He sighed as he held her to him like he did years ago. "I know Matoko...I know."

Her heartbeat returned to normal, and the small sobs slowly seized. The room was quiet again. His charcoal eyes followed the shadows made through the windows of the kitchen. It was almost midnight. He grunted as he lifted himself and Matoko as quietly as he could. Matoko stirred in his embrace but sunk her face deeper into the crook of his neck.

Sasuke padded upstairs and towards his daughter's room. He opened the door and walked towards her bed. He tucked her in carefully, wiping away the tears that remained on her cheeks. His expression softened as she let sleep give her a tranquil look.

He turned to walk back out, but stopped outside the door. "I'm sorry." He shook his head and closed the door behind him.

Sasuke combed back his hair with his fingers and cracked his tired shoulder bones. His charcoal eyes landed on his and Hinata's bedroom. A sad half-smile formed on his lips. He walked back downstairs. His thoughts were still troubled, and fogged up from the alcohol. Sasuke couldn't see her now. He was too damn scared of himself to talk to Hinata rationally. He couldn't bare to hurt her again.

He put his sandals on. 'I think I'll make a visit to the old man and mom.' he'd be back by morning. Hopefully things we'll be normal enough to not let Hikaru and Yuki worry over the fight as well. 'Matoko's reaction was tough enough, I won't let our sons suffer from our issues as well.'

His hand was already on the handle of the front door, when he heard a familiar squeak of a small feminine voice. His whole frame stiffened as his fingers barely touched the door.


He turned around, his dark eyes landing on the figure of his wife standing on the foot of the stairs. Her cheek bandaged up, the swelling nearly gone. He could see the color of her irises as she stared back at him. Her fingers covered her lips, and her expression was mixed with sadness and fear.


She smiled, or at least attempted to. Her eyes fell from his view and she stared at the floor. He looked down as well and laughed half-heartedly.

"Umm, I'm leaving. Don't worry...I won't let the kids worry...Just going to see my dad and mom..."

"A-Are you coming back?" she asked quietly.

" want me to." he replied, his voice gentle.

He was surprised by her reaction. "O-Of course I want you to, you idiot!" Her eyes looked at him with anger, but love. "I-I was angry, and took out on you. Even though you deserved it. I just wanted you to not lose the relationship you had with your daughter. I heard what she had to say though."


She nodded. "Yes, I was looking for her when I heard the both of you from upstairs." She smiled sweetly. "She's wonderful. Always thinking of her family before herself."

He smiled back. "Yes, I agree with you completely."

"You deserved everything I told you...and everything she told you." she walked towards him until she was in front of him. She tilted her head and stared into the eyes she fell in love.

Hinata pulled him into an embrace. "But it doesn't mean I love you any less Sasuke. You'll be hurting me more...i-if you didn't come back."

"Hinata...but..your bru..." he began.

"Doesn't matter. We were both angry at each other. Things happen."

She looked up at him with a smile and let his hand caress her injured cheek.

"I'm sorry." he whispered and kissed the cheek softly.

"I know." She whispered back.

Sasuke lifted her chin and met her lips with his own in a kiss. He embraced her and let his shoulders relax by her touch.

"I may be blind...but I'm not deaf Hinata...I heard what you said. I'll be sure to keep your words in my memory. I won't be like my father."

Hinata was about to reply, when they both heard a set of giggles coming from upstairs. She smiled as she heard three set of feet scamper away when they heard her activate her Byakugan. She smiled and held onto Sasuke's arm.

"I think we're all happy to hear that."

Sasuke smiled.

End. :)