What if Bella didn't jump off the clliff? So Alice didn't see the vision so Edward didn't come back. Jacob and Bella get closer while Edward still sits in agony for his beloved. What if he decides to come back on his own to see Jacob and Bella a little to comfy with each other? Want to know what happens? Then read. Oh and their might be some lemon not sure yet oh and please review!! Love ya all!

Chapter 1

"Ahhh!!" I yelled as I quickly sat up with a start panting and drenched in sweat yet again. I automatically looked at the door to see if my screaming woke up Charlie. Of course not it's been six months ever since the dreaming and screaming started he's gotten used to it by now. I looked over to where my alarm clock was sitting on my night table, 3:00 A.M. That's okay I mentally comforted myself, just maybe 3 more hours tops till I can wake up and leave this pathetic room that's only now become a painful memory of the one I love.

Stop thinking about him I mentally griped. He doesn't love you; you should get on with your sad excuse of a life. I lay my head down on my feather light pillow. Maybe I should get on with my life I mean it's been six months for crying out loud he's not coming back. Yeah and maybe I should give Jacob a chance I mean I do love him. He's my sun my safe harbor, and he loves me so maybe… I closed my eyes and let sleep consume me before my stupid brain though to much.

"Bella, Bella!" I opened my eyes and listened closely to the knocking on my door. Charlie.

"Yeah, dad" I mumbled sleepily but just loud enough for him to hear.

Sorry to wake you up Bells but I'm leaving to go fishing with Henry today, do you mind?" He asked.

"Of course not dad I'll probably just go to La Push and hang with Jake."

"Oh great Bell, oh and don't worry about dinner Billy invited us over for pizza."

"Great dad well then I'll see you later." I replied a little to cheerfully.

After Charlie left I took a quick shower and put on a tang-top and jeans (it was actually sunny today) and got into my old beaten truck and drove toward La Push. I got out at Emily's house since yesterday Jacob told me to come here since he wouldn't be able to come till about noon to see me. I went up to the small white house and knocked on her light green door. The door swung open after two seconds to reveal a tall, muscular russet skinned and very handsome face smiling down at me.

"Jacob!" I whooped throwing my arms around his waist and my mood and hole disappearing automatically with him here. I heard him laugh and put his arms around me as well.

"I wanted to surprise you and take you somewhere special, if that's okay." A day with no one around of course that's okay!

"Of course Jake where are we going?" I asked excited.

"Well you'll know when we get there." He said smiling broadly.

"Stay right." He ran inside and about five seconds later he came back with a blanket in one hand and a basket which I suspected contained large amounts of food in them in the other hand. "Now let's get moving." He led me to his Rabbit which was parked towards the side of the house. I jumped into the passenger seat eager to see where he was going to take me. When he was inside he handed me the blanket and basket and started the car.

"So where is this mysterious place?" I asked keeping my eyes on him as he drove the car farther and farther from the house.

"Well like I said before you will see when you get there." He looked my way and smiled broadly then quickly turned back to watch the empty road. He suddenly stopped the car where the beach just started branching off. He got out of the car but not before taking the stuff from me then he came round and started walking off. I just stared at him wondering why he was taking me to a place where I've been a billion and one times.

"Well aren't you coming?" He asked with a gleam in both his black eyes. I opened the door slowly and walked on after him to see he didn't take the beach route but went into the private part of the beach instead. "We're going in here?" I asked incredulously.

"Bella" he sighed "just follow me and don't talk till I say." I was about to say what he could do to himself when I decided against it and just followed. After about half and hour of long silence we came to a cave that was facing the ocean. We entered the cave together but instead of hard rocky ground it was filled with soft warm sand. He put down the basket and rolled out the blanket and put it down on the floor of the cave. He then sat down and looked over to me.

"You can talk now Bella." He said smiling my smile that melted my freezing heart.

"Fine." I went over and sat down on a log that was on the other side of him. "Oh come on Bella." He whines looking over at me. "I'm sorry now will you come over here." I just turned from him still mad. "Bella" he stretched out my name. "I am sorry." I still wouldn't look at him. But the next thing I knew was that two very warm and strong russet colored hands were upon my waist and pulling me off the log and onto the floor. "Jacob!!" I squirmed but he wouldn't let go and was laughing. I opened my eyes. And it felt like the whole world stopped because he was onto of me and I could feel him all over my body and our face and mostly our lips were just a few inches apart. He suddenly stopped laughing and looked into my eyes. I don't know why but I couldn't help myself I looked deep into his eyes then pressed my lips to his soft awaiting lips.

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