Previously on Love is A Complicated Thing:

Previously on Love is A Complicated Thing:

I watched as the red Chevy pulled out of the parking lot. I listened as the sobs grew louder. She was leaving me, but hopefully not forever. I turned around and walked back inside the cafeteria.

Chapter 13:


I pushed the door to my house open closing it and shutting out the drops of rain that were now catapulting from the sky. Charlie wasn't home since it was only around two and I wasn't even supposed to be home yet.

A red light was pulsing with obnoxious little beeps from our message machine, signaling my attention of a message (A/N: duh). I walked over, pressing the start button. It was Jacob.

"Hey, baby! Not you Charlie" he said immediately, laughing along with me "anyway, I'm so sorry Bella, but we were just notified that there's a small vampire problem on the other side of Washington. So we had to leave immediately. I'm so sorry, I know I'm the worst fiancé for not barging into your school and saying bye but I figured you'd be embarrassed and I didn't know if you told anyone at your school about the engagement yet. So anyway I'm really sorry and we should be back in about a week. But I promise that when I do I'll make it up to you, werewolf style! Love you!" 'Beep.' The message ended.

A question that made me feel guilty popped into my crowed mind. 'Did he know that hewas back, or his family?' No he couldn't of, or else he wouldn't have left me here in Forks, with him. A flood of emotions trapped themselves in my mind guilt, sadness, and most of all happiness. Happiness that he was gone and I was alone with Edward Cullen for a whole week, probably, then I gasped.

'Did I just think that? Bella, how could you think like a whore?' I thought disgustedly, then I couldn't take it anymore, I broke out in fresh shed of tears, and ran upstairs to my bathroom.

I walked in, numb, and took a towel from the hanger. I wet it and washed my face making sure to get any trailing noise droppings(A/N:I know it's disgusting but, hey she was sobbing and I'm having a bit of writers block so don't kill me.) I looked at myself in the mirror and began to realize that my life would soon start falling to pieces.

"How could you Isabella?" I whispered to myself, knowing how crazy I sounded. I threw a towel at the mirror, although it only made an anonymous plump as it hit the glass, no damage done.

"How could you cheat on Jacob after all he's done for you? And more importantly how can you keep this from him?" I dropped to my butt careful not to make a to big of a thump and let myself sob, no one to comfort me except for myself.


"Edward what were you thinking?" Alice whispered fiercely to me as I made my way out to the empty parking lot, school wasn't to be over for another two hours or so, but I needed to get away to think.

"I was thinking that this is none of your concern Alice" I retorted, feeling many emotions waiting to explode inside of me if I didn't get out of here now.

"Well, it is my concern if Bella was concerned" Alice spoke softly, dragging her eyes to the parking lot. We were at my Volvo now; I opened the car door quickly and dove inside the seat, welcoming the familiar surroundings.

'Edward, I know how hard it is for you right now, but just give Bella some time, I know for a fact that she's still in love with you and always will be.' Alice's thoughts floated through my head, a message being re-played for me.

"Yes, well" I closed the door to my Volvo, rolling down my window, talking to Alice but keeping my face forward, knowing my face would be filled with pain, and hurt as I said these words, "she could have fooled me." I heard Alice gasp as I hit my foot on the accelerator, only keeping my mind on her as I sped out of the empty parking lot.

Six hours later I was finally out of my Volvo- which was parked about three houses down, from Bella's- and looking through my angel's window-from the woods-as she came into her room, brunette hair wet and curly from her shower, wearing a light blue tang top and some black shorts.

She went over to her window and opened it, smiling for the first time in my eyes. She then proceeded over to her lights turning them off and then throwing herself onto her bed, crawling into the covers and pulling them over her small figure.

I took a step forward, coming out of the trees. 'No Edward, what are you doing, you should listen to Alice and stay away for a while. I mean really, you should at least feed first if you are going to go up there.' My conscience I suppose, argued with me, placing me in a difficult position.

"Edward" I heard my name moaned and it touched the end of my… (Clearing of throat) toes, I meant toes… ;-)

Was that my angel saying my name that way?

"Oh no" I whispered as my member hardened considerably and my feet stepped one step further out of the forest floor and into total disaster.

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