"Bobby, do you really think this will undo the damage?" Sam asked nervously glancing over at his brother, who was lying on the couch in front of the fire with a blanket wrapped around his frail body. Sam tried to feel sympathy, he knew his brother must be suffering, the sounds he made when he got up told the tale of the torturous pain he must be enduring, but all he felt was fear and anger. His brother had gotten himself into this one all by himself and Sam was more than a little angry. Not so much that he had to save his brother, but because this could have been prevented.

Bobby also glanced at the man in the other room and took a deep breath. "I sure hope so. I don't see why it shouldn't reverse the effects. I mean, if the demon is slowly sucking the life force out of him and trapping it into that little crystal thing that she has around her neck, I don't see why exorcising the demon and then smashing the crystal shouldn't put everything back into Dean." Sam sighed and nodded. Watching his big strong brother become frail and lifeless was terrifying, and he hated to say it but he didn't even want to go into the other room to say good bye and that he would save him. Just looking at what Dean had become was devastating. It was a testament to his mortality, and Dean, of all people, was supposed to be strong and immortal. If for no other reason than because he was Sammy Winchester's big brother.

Sam, however, being a Winchester forced one foot in front of the other and went into the living room. The room no longer smelled like dust and old books, it smelled rather like a nursing home that catered to the nearly dead.

"Dean, do you need another blanket?" he asked kneeling in front of the couch. Sam busied himself with fixing and arranging the blankets around his brother's thin form. He just couldn't force himself to look into the cloudy green eyes that were once his brother's eyes.

"No Sammy, I'm okay," he said softly. If he hadn't called him Sammy, Sam would never have known that the grizzled soft voice belonged to his brother. He had to do this. It didn't matter what it cost him personally, he had to get Dean back. His Dean back.

"Okay. Well, I'll be back as soon as I can. Bobby will stay here. I shouldn't be gone more than a couple of days."

"I'm not a child Sammy. Go. I'll still be here when you get back." Sam tried to hide the fear in his eyes as he nodded. He really hoped that his brother would be there when he returned to the salvage yard. Sam nodded and stood. He couldn't force himself to look at Dean one last time, because if it was the last time, he didn't want to remember his brother this way.

Dean, even through is cloudy vision, had noted that Sam hadn't looked at him the entire time he spoke to him. He had fidgeted with the blankets, looked just over Dean's head at some distant point in the kitchen, but Sam's hazel eyes never once rested on Dean's face. Dean decided that he must look really bad, if his own brother wouldn't look at him.

His bladder called and he sighed. It was really difficult to get up and down. His joints ached and throbbed when he moved, and he was pretty sure that it was going to rain, because for the last hour or so his joints had ached without movement. He had laid there as still as possible and hoped that the pain would subside, but it didn't. It hadn't even become manageable until Bobby had given him pain relievers an hour or two before. Dean was having a difficult time remembering things like that. The time, the day, the year, little things were becoming difficult to grasp and remember. His cell phone had become a complete and utter mystery to him two days before. That was when Sam had really and truly become terrified.

Dean tried to focus on sitting up, but between his achy joints and muscles and the fact that his arms seemed no longer capable of supporting his weight, it was a loosing battle. However, Bobby must have seen him struggling to get up, because he was at Dean's side helping him stand.

"You okay?" Bobby asked. 'No, I'm not alright you old fool!' he wanted to shout at the older man. Instead he said nothing and allowed Bobby to help him shuffle to the bathroom. Dean closed the door and was fairly sure that Bobby was standing right outside. After doing his business, he washed is hands and dared a look in the mirror.

He closed his eyes and hung his head. He really did look bad. His once dark hair was now snow white, and his bright green eyes that always looked ready for a fight, were dull and aged, slightly yellow looking, his taught 30 year old skin was wrinkled and hanging from his bones. He had lost most of his body mass in the last three days, and now had taken to counting his ribs when he got ready for bed. Which was another thing; he slept most of the day, and found it hard to stay awake. His mind had lost its sharpness and the whole world seemed more dull and painful. He had aged 50 years in a week. All because he had been lustful and had engaged in a kiss with the wrong woman. It had cost him his youth, and if Sammy couldn't get back with the crystal in time, his life.