Dean froze. His back was straight as a board, his eyes wide, his voice quiet. "Sam. Tell me there is something behind me."

He can't see me.

Sam turned, and his face instantly became concerned at Dean's unnatural stance. "Dean, what is it?"

"Tell me if there's something behind me, Sam."

"No, nothing." Sam started forward, and stopped in fear at Dean's shout.

"No! Stay there."

"What's going on?"

"I don't know. Something's holding me by my arms." He was breathing heavily, his eyes cutting to the side like he was trying to see behind him without moving his head.

"I don't see it, what is it?"

A icy chill was climbing from his arms, up to his shoulders. As much as he wanted to he couldn't pull away. A breathy voice leaned in over his ear. Do you feel alone?

"Who are you?" Dean asked, making Sam take a step forward.

Your guardian. Your death. Your nightmare.


"Stay there!" Never before had Dean felt such foreboding. The icy chill wrapped slowly around his shoulder blades and snaked down his spine. It crept forward and encircled his heart.

You are mine.

Dean glanced down. The amulet against his chest that protected him, stared back at him. It blinked once as the mouth stretched into an evil grin, and laughed.

Dean screamed out as his scalp stretched and split, revealing curved horns. His forehead cracked open into a universal spiral, the giver of life.


Dean's head dropped forward, then slowly rose. Golden eyes met Sam's. You needed a protector, Sammy.

Here I am.