Chapter Fifteen

My Will

"Please don't look at me like that." Harry said frowning at his father as they were both sitting on his bed as Harry finally explained everything to him.

"I 'told' you that you wouldn't believe me and now you think I'm crazy don't you?" Harry nearly yelled bolting up off his bed pacing back and forth.

"Who else knows about this?" James whispered closing his eyes sighing.

Harry stopped pacing and faced his father. "I only told Gideon and Gideon seems to think that Dimitri-"

"Look, Harry," James got up and put the dilapidated time-turner in Harry's hands. "I don't care how you got here, I don't care about the fact that it might have been Dimitri that got you here, but you are here now and lets just worry about the rest later okay? We're celebrating your birthday today, lets just have fun tonight hmm?" James grasped his hand on Harry's shoulder and walked out the room heartache. He didn't want to lose his child again.

Harry sighed looking down at the time-turner in his hand. He put it over his head and around his neck. What was he going to do now? 'Well that didn't go bad as I thought it would' Harry groaned and went to lie down on his bed facing up at the ceiling.

Knock knock

"Come in." Harry replied sitting up.


Harry quirked an eyebrow up at this weird girl he was staring at. 'Did she just come out of the woods or something?' Harry mused to himself as the girl opened the door widely for Draco, Neville, and Phyllis to come in.

Harry smiled sheepishly at them. Luna went and sat next to Harry just staring at him as if inspecting him. She came up to his face making Harry blush and very uncomfortable, even more so when she licked his face.

"Luna." Phyllis said covering his mouth trying to hold in his laughter.

Draco looked so disgusted and Neville just looked plain shocked.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with you!" Harry asked jumping away from her wiping his face off.

"I was just trying to make sure you were you." Luna exclaimed like it wasn't a big deal. Harry just gaped at her.

"I'm not sure if you remember but this is my cousin Luna Lovegood." Phyllis replied shrugging at Luna's odd behavior.

"And I thought Phyllis was loony," Draco whispered to Neville "apparently it runs in the family." Neville just smiled

"You look nice." Luna said to Harry standing also.

"Er, right, thanks Luna. So… are you guys ready to go?" Harry asked moving towards the door as far as possible away from Luna. 'I hope she's not like that in my universe.'

"Course we are, we were waiting for you, you dolt." Draco replied rolling his eyes.

"Don't mind Draco, Harry, he's just sore that Luna licked you and not him. You know how he has a thing for Luna." Phyllis exclaimed sincerely as Draco blushed.

"I do not!" Draco said punching Phyllis hard on his right arm.

"Hey! That hurt! Why did you do that for?" Phyllis asked oblivious to Draco's embarrassment, as Luna looked at Draco sideways.

"You're face is so red, are you hot?" Luna asked Draco curiously as Draco's face got even redder as he hurried out of Harry's room.

Both Neville and Harry had to stifle their laughter. "Come on mate, let's get you to your party." Harry followed Neville out his room.

"You know I thought you couldn't talk? Are you feeling better?" Luna asked Harry as he gave her a small smile.

"A bit yes, thanks." Harry replied trying to be polite.

"Oh Harry we totally spaced out! You're able to talk again! That's great! Now we have to work on you're memory." Phyllis exclaimed as Draco smirked at him.

Harry didn't comment though, he really didn't want to talk about the whole 'I'm from a alternate universe' thing.

"Oh, look who's waiting for us." Draco replied rolling his eyes as Harry looked down the stairs.

Dimitri was ringing his wrist nervously and looked up as Draco spoke. Ron and Hermione were at his side; both dressed up formerly of course. Hermione in her white flowing glittering dress that looked like it was meant for a prom. Ron looked like he was wearing a slightly shagging looking tux, but it fitted him nicely.

Phyllis pushed Harry forward to walk down the stairs first. "I don't see my darling brother with his girlfriend." Draco commented as he walked down the stairs beside Harry.

"Their just friends." Dimitri replied a bit defensive.

"Why do you care, it's not like you're dating her Potter, aren't you going out with that Weasley girl?"

"No." both Ron and Dimitri said at the same time.

"We're just friends." Dimitri replied as Ron's face reddens a little.

Draco gave Harry a questioning look, but all Harry could do was shrug. He really hadn't been paying attention to Dimitri's love life.

"Why is everybody's face turning red today? There must be a fairy flying around somewhere playing tricks. We'll have to watch out for them." Luna exclaimed looking around as if expecting to find the fairy.

"Really? You think so?" Phyllis asked his cousin curiously.

Neville coughed trying to hide his laughter. "Uhm… I think we should leave the twins so they can make their grand entrance don't you think?" Neville asked the group as they all agreed leaving the twins alone.

"Hurry up! We don't have all day." Draco called to them.

"You can leave Malfoy-" Hermione pushed Ron through the door before he could finish that sentence.

"Are you mad at me?" Dimitri asked Harry.

"If you tell me why 'you' were mad at me then I'll tell you." Harry replied back.

Dimitri bit his lip. "You and I both know why I got upset." Dimitri whispered so low that Harry had barely heard him.

"No… why don't you enlighten me?" Harry replied walking ahead while Dimitri caught up with him.

"You are mad." Dimitri scowled accusingly.

"Look, we can talk later." Harry replied as they came to the entrance door.

"No, look Harry-" Dimitri had grabbed Harry's forearm.

"I'll admit it okay, I'm the reason why you're here, I'm the reason why my brother is dead."

"What?" Harry asked shocked.

"Boys, come on already!" Sirius said opening the door for them.

"What?" Harry asked confused birthday forgotten.

"Thanks Sirius." Dimitri grabbed Harry's hand dragging him in the ballroom.


Draco grabbed Harry's shoulder, dragging him to moaning Myrtle's bathroom. "Your brother is down there. See I told you your brother was up to something!"

"Whoa, wait a second, what are you talking about Drake? Were you spying on Dimitri?" Harry asked him.

Draco pointed towards the sink the middle sink where Myrtle was currently staring at also.

"You're trying to tell me my brother is down the drain?" Harry asked laughing not believing Draco.

"No you stupid git! I'm saying that your brother and Weasel opened the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and brought Professor Lockhart with them!" Draco said exasperated.

Harry stopped laughing immediately. "How did they accomplish that?"

"Your brother said something in Parselmouth and the sink moved and then their was this entrance, they jumped down the tunnel." Draco tried to explain.

"I can't speak Parselmouth as good as Dimitri, I have to hear somebody say it, I cant just speak it." Harry said beginning to panic.

"Okay, but you can still open it Harry with your powers. The both of us know what you can really do with them."

Harry swallowed. "If I use to much of my powers I'll get drained and then I won't be able-"

"Potter! Your brother is down there! Pull yourself together man! You'll figure it out!" Draco pushed Harry towards the sink.

Harry breathed in and out slowly and raised his right hand and summoned his magic to find and open the entrance to the Chamber. Bright white light came from his hand and shined at the sink, but nothing happened.

"Concentrate, Harry you can do this." Draco encouraged him.

Harry closed his eyes focusing on what he had to do accidentally tapping into a place inside him he hadn't been for awhile, a place where he shared a connection with his brother. Harry felt it, he felt Dimitri's fear, his anguish, Harry may have had his ups and downs with his brother, but he nerved wanted this for him. Harry had to save him, he was determined.

Harry opened his eyes lifting his left arm also, unaware of how his eyes were glowing white, he summoned all the power that was in him, making Draco cover his eyes as Harry's bright light got even brighter and then,


The sink and the mirror blasted into bits. Myrtle screamed in fright and Draco just shield himself against the debris. Harry fell to the floor exhausted, taking deep breaths.

"Wow Potter, I didn't know you had it in you." Draco exclaimed.

"What...your... your the one who said I could do it." Harry said tired.

"Yea, but that's the Chamber of Secrets entrance!"

"Whatever, I going down down there."

"I'm going with you."

"No, somebody has to tell the Professors just in case we need help or if we can't find our way back." Harry exclaimed trying to stand up straight.


"Draco, just do this for me." Harry said.

"I was just going to say you have seven years bad luck now." Draco said smirking as Harry rolled his eyes jumping down the tunnel.

When finally landing Harry gulped, suddenly wishing he had let his Slytherin friend come for the sole purpose of being the one who would keep his sanity together. Green eyes hardened in resolve and he cautiously approached the thing before them. He was the parselmouth, after all; maybe the basilisk would obey him and not attack?

Harry raised his wand, getting a better look at the obstacle, and sighing in relief. It was a green, poisonous skin shed from a snake, which looked over twenty feet long at the time of the shedding. "It's just skin," Harry breathed in a sigh.

Harry froze as he heard Dimitri cry out in pain and Ron's outraged yell.

Sprinting and jumping over rocks, bones and the skin, Harry made it to the scene and cursed to himself to see Professor Lockhart standing triumphantly over the fallen Dimitri chocking him. Ginny was out of it and Ron was no help as he was tide up with a broken wand next to him. Harry was in a defensive pose, looking ready to rip the man's head off. What should he do?

"The adventure ends here." Professor Lockhart said in a voice that reminded him when Professor Quirell was being posed by Voldemort.

The green eyed boy let out a cry and transformed into a wolf animagus launching to the professors shoulder, but he was easily flipped over as he had no leverage and landed against the wall making Harry turn back to his human form, Harry's teeth bared in anger. Professor Lockhart tutted to them, "I'll take a bit of that skin, tell everyone I saved the Weasley girl, and that the three of gotten eaten by the snake and that the girl and I barely escaped with our lives."

Dimitri ran to his friends, skidding to a stop between them and the wands with his arms outstretched in a sign of protection. Professor Lockhart sneered at the dark haired Gryffindor and launched at Harry grabbing him and putting a dagger to his throat.

"What will you do?" Professor Lockhart asked him in a sinister voice that wasn't his own.

"I won't let you do this," Dimitri stated, feeling Ginny attempting to stand. "Whether you kill me or my brother, or obliviate us, I will not move. You don't have the guts."

'Stupid git! This obviously isn't Lockhart!' were Harry's thoughts.

"Mr. Potter that was so unwise."

Before Harry could blink Lockhart had slit his throat and threw him against the wall knocking him against the stoned wall.

Dimitri whipped his wand before him, even as the professor gave him a sly smirk.

"Stupey!" Dimitri yelled hearing his brother say the spell once before.

The force of the spell forced the wizard back with a blank expression stunned and falling straight to the ground.

"HARRY!" Dimitri ran after his fallen brother and pressed his hands against Harry's throat trying to stop the blood that was flowing out. "Harry, dammit, please don't die!" Dimitri was sobbing. "I'm sorry!"

That was the last thing Harry heard as he closed his eyes, there was nothing but blank nothingness.

"Oh, my poor baby." Lily cried onto James shoulder as everybody had came out the pensive and back to the dinning room.

"How do you remember that Harry?" James asked his son sounding stressed as everybody was seated at the dinning table once again. Albus, Remus, and Sirius' family included. The birthday party was over and the guests had left and everything had settled down.

"I don't remember anything." Harry said confused himself.

"Now Harry, we are only trying to help-" Dumbledore began but as cut off.

"Then start by listening to him, he doesn't know, Harry's being honest." Felicia said coming to Harry's defense.

Harry smiled gratefully at her. Dumbledore knowing that Felicia was an empath didn't push the subject.

"I forced those memories out of him, theirs no way Harry could have remembered, it didn't happen to him, it happened to my brother." Dimitri said quietly.

Everybody at the table went quiet at Dimitri's words.

"Did you bring this boy to our world?" Dumbledore asked Dimitri.

"Yes." Dimitri whispered.

"Why Dimitri?" Sirius asked him confused.

"Harry died! He's dead! And the only way I could bring him back was by putting another soul in his body!" Dimitri practically shouted.

"But he's not our brother Dimitri. You just put a random soul in our brother's body." Gideon exclaimed as Dimitri shook his head no.

"I didn't put a random soul in his body, I used my magic to find somebody who was almost exactly the same as Harry so that nobody would get suspicious by his personality, but half during my summoning I got drained and couldn't do it. I felt this random pull and felt the other Harry and I just went with it. I thought once his soul was in Harry's body that he would just become our Harry again." Dimitri said in a small voice.

"Oh Dimitri." Lily said in a sad voice.

"Excuse me! I don't mean to interrupt or anything, but uhm... how do I get back home?" Harry asked getting slightly irritated. I mean he felt sorry and all for them, but this was just way to much baggage for him to deal with.

"I can get you back home, but there is always a catch when doing these things." Dimitri exclaimed.

"What do you mean?"

"You would be connected to my brother and myself. For example whatever you feel I feel, when you get injured I get injured, whatever power he had you have what is yours is mine as well vise versa."

"That sounds like a load of dark magic to me." Sirius exclaimed suspiciously.

"Makes you wonder if your golden boy is pure doesn't it? Seeing as I was the one that brought this guy here." Dimitri said.

Sirius frowned. "I don't think you're a bad person Dimitri, it's just the choices you make makes me wonder about your welfare."

"Dimitri isn't dark."James said sternly.

"I didn't say he was James."

"Just worry about your own kids Sirius, let me worry about mine." James said defensively.

"What about Harry here?" Felicia said trying to change the subject.

"The only thing you and I shared were our thoughts." Harry said.

"When you go back to your world Harry, It'll be more than just our thoughts. You're in my brothers body now."

"Then I'll be back in my body as an eleven year old!" Harry said starting to panic.

"Yes that's true, but when you turn thirteen, you'll have his body, mind, and his powers as well as my telepathic thoughts seeing as you can't go home without me transferring a bit of my magic into you."

"This is really a lot for me to handle." Harry said running his hand threw his hair.

"Yes, perhaps we all could use a nights rest and then we'll see what we can do for Harry tomorrow." Albus suggested as Harry nodded in agreement.

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