Title Sacrifice
Author SilverontheRose
Genre Dark
Word count 245
Rating R
Warnings Rape, character death, Nar/Kag, Sess/Kag. Do not read if you are under 18 or if you have issues with pairings or content.
AU/Canon Canon

This is what happens when I get back into my old metal cds. Nothing like Guns 'N Roses to get me back into dark and squicky. My thanks and undying love to forthrightly for betaing. I am your Jaken and will toddle behind you forever, squawking at those who dare insult you. Step on me, knock me out with rocks, force me to babysit… you'll always have me with you, molesting your fluffies every chance I get. Written for Live Journal's ebony(underscore)silks community's Break challenge. This ficlet inspired a longer sister fic called 'Broken Blessings' that is darker and bloodier. Check my profile for it.

I do not own any of the characters, only the twisted mind.


The darkness presses on her, cold hands squeezing, bruising, crushing her throat, stopping her breath. His weight compresses her lungs as the cruel points adorning his chest dig into fragile skin. Thin lips whisper evil over her ear; thick tongue burns its way into her protesting mouth. Tentacles search for a better hold; writhing and twisting, cracking and crushing her bones with their grip on her wrists and ankles. Skin breaks. Flesh gives. Blood flows. With her powers bound, muted moans remain her only defense.

Inuyasha! Her mind shrieks as legs are forced apart and last barriers disappear. No, not this! Stiffening as searching… things… touch her intimately, Kagome tries wildly to free herself. His armor cruelly tears her breasts and abdomen as she struggles, threatening evisceration. One last twist and threat becomes reality: the rich red of her life flows out between them, breaking the seal on her powers. Purifying light shoots skyward, immolating everything around her until a clear sphere falls into the wreck of her stomach, once more home.

The priestess tries to move her icy fingers, but dying steals her strength. A… pure sacrifice?

Kagome gasped as her eyes flew open. Hands flew down to a whole body, though the texture of the cloth she was covered in was unfamiliar.

"He is dead," a cool voice spoke, "but so were you."

It wasn't a dream? "Sesshoumaru?"

He hesitates, understanding the unspoken request, yet apprehensive of the consequences. "Do as you wish."