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Author's Note: Written for a challenge I found online.


I walk back in forth of the window once in a while stopping to look at Jarod making sure that he hasn't tried to escape while I am thinking. With Jarod finally back in custody, I oddly find myself with some very hard decisions to make. I think to myself as I look into his chocolate brown eyes. I finally caught him not to long ago and made the mistake of watching his expressive eyes. They went through so much emotion. There was fear, pain and hopelessness. I couldn't look into them anymore and so I paced. What am I going to do? Take away his freedom for mine? Of course I could I battled with myself. If I take him in then I can have my freedom. What about him finding out my past? The truths and lies he uncovers. Everyday I go into the Centre and hear my father lying to me, but I don't want to admit that he lies to me. Do I really want to be Daddy's assassin? He had me kill my brother, or so I thought. He has me hunting my childhood friend. I wonder if he knows what that does to me? I wonder if the reason why he wants Jarod back to the Centre is that he won't be able to find anything for me.

I turn to him once again carefully walking up to him and he flinches when I kneel by him and he looks at me. He searches my face for something I don't know. I take my hand out of my pocket where I had put the handcuff key and slip it into the keyhole. I hear the click and watch as Jarod rubs his wrists. He looks at me and smiles a beautiful smile. He says thank you and all I can do is nod. I stand up and watch him walk away. When he walks through the door he stops, turns and smiles once again. This time I smile back.

The End