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Percy's POV

There stood Thalia, completely confused as to her surroundings. I felt this weird feeling, almost as if I was being stuck with needles. I had to make a note to ask Annabeth about it later. As soon as Thalia was in the Big House, I asked Annabeth, "Did you feel that back there?"

Annabeth looked at me as if I were crazy, "What are you talking about?"

Oh ya, sure.

"I'm totally crazy and didn't feel like I was stabbed with needles."

A look of understanding came upon Annabeth's face. Her gray eyes seemed to pierce into my being ever so slowly.

Annabeth FINALLY decided to talk and said, "It's her power. You-Know-Who gave it to her."

Okayyyyy. I'm totally not crazy. I'm pretty sure that Voldemort wasn't a giving type of person. Before you all ask how a dyslexic person read the Harry Potter series, I only read the first one because it was translated to Ancient Greek.

I just had to ask, "Wait. Voldemort gave her the power to stick needles into everybody?"

Annabeth had to through in a jibe, "No Seaweed Brain, Voldemort didn't give her that ability. The man upstairs gave her the power."

Oh come on. Now she was just confusing me. First Voldemort, then God? I thought that God was meta-whatever.

"Wait Annabeth. So God, the all mighty being gave Thalia the power to stick needles in people? That doesn't seem like him."

Her blond hair was flowing in the air. If we weren't great friends, I might even think she was pretty. Just a little.

Annabeth interrupted my chain of thoughts, "Seaweed Brain. Your head really is full of kelp. Not that man upstairs. Mr. Z. The needles are actually static. Your head is almost as hard as coral."

There we go. If only she said that earlier. I'll just ignore the teasing and stick to the important stuff. I still don't get why she didn't say Zeus. I just got an idea to mess with her some more.

"Mr. Z. You wouldn't happen to be talking about Lord Zedd from the original Power Rangers would you?"

To top it off, I gave a killer smile. Too bad Annabeth didn't see it that way.

"Seaweed Brain! The man who owned a lightning bolt, not some fictional villan."

Sigh If only Annabeth knew the greatness of t.v.

"Ohhhhh. So you were talking about the one who wants to blow me out of the sky if I ever go there Mr. Z. You could've just said that. Anyway, I thought he did lightning, not little stuff like static."

Now Annabeth just looked at me as if I were slow. Okay, let's get this straight, I am not slow. Dyslexic, yes, but not slow.

Annabeth just sounded bored now and said, "Anything to do with electricity, Mr. Z does. It's the same with the other gods."

Sheesh. The ways she spoke to me. It was almost as if she was speaking to a little kid. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that little tiny scar on her forehead. Barely noticeable, but I could still see it. That was one time I couldn't help her, and I'm not going to fail that again. Not that I like her or anything. She's just a really good friend who saved my life on several occasions. I'm just trying to help her back. That's it. Sooooooo, that's how static works eh?

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