Title: Seasons
Author: SilverontheRose
Genre: Melancholy Fluff? Is there such a thing?
Word count: 228
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Her presence determines his seasons. Sess/Kag
AU/Canon: Canon, much later in modern times.

This is unbeta'd, but I ran out of time! Kagome is in her 70s and Sesshoumaru is at least 1000. XD Written for Live Journal's ebony(underscore)silks' 'Autumn' challenge.

I only own my mind, which isn't as twisted in this tale.


Red and gold leaves litter the path, an organic offering of nature's artistry that swirls and changes; each moment a new revelation in beauty. The cool early November wind teases the waterfalls in the glade, whipping the chill mist over the foliage and sending scattered rays of sunlight sparkling through the air. The couple on the ledge gazes out at the resulting rainbow that disappears into the churning pool below.

The woman smoothes her graying hair back behind her ear, the movement graceful as a butterfly. Her husband recalls all the times he's seen this mannerism, one brought out the most when she's lost in a moment of memory. He playfully sweeps up her hand and presses his still firm lips to the soft back of it. She smiles at his unexpected gesture.

"Autumn's almost over for us, my love. What will happen when winter comes?"

His eyes dim at the reminder. Autumn has passed so quickly… He presses her hand to his heart and lowers his forehead to hers. "The same thing that happens every winter. The wind will blow colder. Eventually it will freeze and no one will believe that the ice will ever melt. But then Spring will come again, and her warm caresses will bring back Summer's heat."

"Spring will never be forgotten?"

Sesshoumaru kisses Kagome's lips. "She's not the kind one can forget."