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Chapter Eighteen

Yami tenderly wiped the sweat off Yugi's pale forehead and set the towel aside, with a sigh he looked up to see the sky darkening and stars slowly coming out.

They were aboard -of all things- a navy ship. Aslan's to be exact. They had escaped just as Edge's ship was sinking. And brought Yugi to a doctor, he was indeed poisoned luckily they had the antidote on board. Yami could do nothing but watch Yugi suffer until the antidote fought the poison and cleared it out of the small one's body

The creaking of the door caught the pirate king's attention, he turned to find Jou and Kaeana walking in quietly with worried expressions on their faces

"How is he?" Kaeana asked quietly. Yami smiled and placed the now cool towel on Yugi's forehead

"He will be fine"

Jou walked over and sat in the extra chair that was near the edge of the bed. "I'm just glad this whole thing turned out okay" he said quietly

It was silence in the room before Kaeana spoke up.

"After Yugi recovers" she started as she looked towards Yami and Jou "Where will you be heading?". Yami remained silent

"Not a clue" Jou answered, he ran a tan hand through his hair before turning his gaze away from Yugi.

"Besaid" was the almost inaudible response

"Besaid?" Jou questioned. Yami turned his gaze towards the former

"That's where Yugi wanted to go before all of this mess started"

Kaeana slowly walked over to Yami's side and laid her hands on his broad shoulder. "All be well" she stated quietly

Yami closed his eyes and finally let the tears he had been holding back come forward, the only sounds in the room were Yugi's breathing and Yami's broken sobs


"I'm not taking anyone into custody" Aslan stated coldly before his superiors. The man before Aslan smiled and leaned back his leather chair

"They are pirates Admiral Frings" the man stated just as coldly. "We must purge the seas of them that is what you're unit was designed to do"

Aslan remained silent his blue eyes staring into cold emeralds.

"Then you must purge your navy of me as well"

The man stood, knocking over his chair in the process. "Don't not be foolish Aslan!" the man cried out. "Where is your pride and honor towards England!!"

"I'm sorry father" he spoke quietly. "But I can't find it my heart to arrest them especially since Yami saved my life"

"He wouldn't have too if you spent less time thinking about your next conquest and more on your training!" Aslan's father scolded

Jonathan Frings was tall man with light blonde and gray hair and emerald eyes, inheriting his blue eyes from his departed mother. Jonathan had raised Aslan by himself since the age of 10 and barely had a mother figure through his life.

"What would your mother think-"

"Do not bring my beloved mother into this conversation!" Aslan cut in. "My mother was proud of me even if she knew what I was doing unlike you!"

"I am proud of you!" Jonathan protested. "You've come far in these last few years…you don't know how proud I am"

Aslan was stunned into silence before he lowered his head and smiled sadly

"Allow me to let them go father?" he asked once again. Jonathan sighed before shaking his head in defeat

"Very well my son. Give them warning that if they are caught again I will not take it lightly"

Aslan grinned and saluted



"Katsuya!" a excited voice called out. Jou chuckled as he caught the light bundle that landed in his arms


Shizuka Jouonchi was 19 years old with waist-length chestnut hair and olive green eyes.

"Oh I'm so glad you're safe" Shizuka said happily. Jou held Shizuka tighter and spun her around.

"It's good to be home" he said softly. Shizuka pulled away and looked into her older brothers eyes

"So" she started "What was it like living with pirates?"



"Goodness it's dusty in here" Ryou said as he opened up a few windows. Bakura grunted as he laid down on the couch

Ryou stared at him before rolling his eyes.

"Get up you lazy bum" he started as he grabbed Bakura's arms "We have to clean up before the others get here!"

Bakura smirked and grabbed Ryou's arms and dragging him back down onto the dusty couch

"B-Bakura!" the younger squeaked. Bakura purred before pulling the other into a kiss

"Don't worry little one we have time"


"Big Brother!!" Mokuba Kaiba called out happily. Seto opened his arms wide and caught the smaller

"Mokuba look at you!"

Mokuba Kaiba was now fifth teen years old and a head shorter than Seto. Mokuba grinned and ran a hand through his tied hair

"It's been over two years Seto" he said with a chuckle "Did you expect me to stay short and doe-eyed?"

Seto coughed and gave his brother an amused look, before turning to look up at the large mansion

"And Gozoburo?" he asked "What of him?". Mokuba frowned and walked forward making Seto follow.

"Gozoburo died about a couple of months ago". Seto stopped and stared at his younger brother who hadn't noticed he stopped

"What of his money and possessions?" Seto asked. Mokuba stopped and turned "All mine and yours I've been waiting until you came to visit to tell you, you guys jump around like frogs"

"I'm sorry"

"Hey..hey" Mokuba soothed "It's okay and besides I've heard enough apologizing to last me a lifetime"


"Going back to the seas" the younger finished "I know that's why I wanted you to meet someone"


"Mokie are you home?" a female voice called.

"Yes come down I want you to meet someone"

Seto smiled already having a guess of who the woman was and their little confession. A blonde woman with green eyes wearing a dark magenta dress came down

"Rebecca I would like you to meet my older brother Seto Kaiba" Mokuba started "Seto this is Rebecca Hawkins my-"

"Fiancée'" Seto finished with a sly smirk

Rebecca blushed behind her hands "It's nice too meet you Seto"

Seto smiled and gave a small bow

"Wonderful to meet you as well Rebecca my soon to be sister-in-law". the blonde blushed turned dark and Mokuba laughter filled the now warm home.


Malik sat on the bench in the Ishtar private gardens, the wind ruffling his untied hair. It was good to be home for once

..Even if it was to be put on trial..

"Melancholy is the word for your expression my dear brother" a voice called out. Malik turned to find Isis coming towards him wearing a teal green dress

"Hello sister" he responded kindly. Isis smiled and sat down next to him, removing her gloves and fan

"You're not going to be put on trial you know"

"You don't know that-"

"Oh but I do" Isis cut in with a smile. "Admiral Aslan contacted me not to long ago and ask me to give all of you a message"

"…go on.."

"Meet me at Ryou's Mansion tonight at 7:00 p.m I will explain everything"

"Malik" Marik called "Stop moping and get your ass in gear we got to go!". Isis gave a sound of disapproval before standing and giving her younger brother a hug

"Good luck and visit me again before you leave"

"I will"


Yami sighed in contentment as he felt a soft hand run through his hair, he inched closer towards the hand

".Yami…sweetie wake up" a soft voice whispered. The pirate groaned and closed his eyes tighter

"In a minute Yugi.." the response was a giggle. It took a minute for Yami to fully realize what he said, before he quickly snapped up to look up into tired but happy amethyst eyes

"…Yugi you're awake…" he whispered "I'm not dreaming.."

Yugi's eyes softened before opening his arms allowing the older to climb into them

"You're not dreaming Yami I'm here I'll always be here.."

Yami didn't answer just held him closer happy to have the younger back in his arms.


Admiral Aslan Frings stood before the crew of the S.S Millennium with a smug smirk on his handsome features.

"Well speak up Frings" Bakura said impatiently "Before I smack that smug look off your face"

Jou coughed to cover up his laugh. Aslan sighed and took a sip of his port

"Very well Bakura" he spoke "Spoil my fun"

"Aslan…" Darien called out


"You're free to go" Aslan said calmly while finishing off the last of his drink, silence was his answer and that brought another smug smile to his face

"You're joking" Seto said suddenly "Just like that"

"Oh no my dear friend not "just like that"

"What kind of deal did you cut with your superior?" Bakura asked

"No deal just a-" Aslan suddenly stopped and gave Kaeana a loving and apologetic look

"I know that look" David spoke up with a grin. Aslan gave him a glare before hesitantly speaking up

"He wants a grandchild"


Kaeana stood up with a furious look on her beautiful face, she calmly raised her skirts and stalked towards her husband-to-be


Yugi watched amused as his sister shook the life or nerves out of Aslan, he wrapped his arms around Yami

"It's good not to be on the side of that anger" he spoke quietly.

Yami wasn't paying attention his gaze on Yugi instead. Yugi turned and blushed at the intense gaze his lover was giving him.

"What is it?" he asked the older

Yami held him tighter and turned his eyes towards the scene

"Nothing everything's perfect"


"You may kiss the bride"

Aslan grinned and leaned down and kissed Kaeana Motou-Frings on the lips, he pulled back to see an adorable blush on his new wife's face.

"Hey" he whispered to her softly. Kaeana looked up and turned to the entrance to see Yugi and the others crew members of the S.S Millennium waving

She raised her gloved hand and waved in return with a happy smile on her face.

It had been an entire year since the incident with Edge and peace had returned to the seas and shores of England

Mokuba and Rebecca had gotten married earlier in the year and had just returned from their honeymoon with smiles and flushed faces.

Seto had warned them to wait for a child and plus he was still to young be an uncle. ..

Shizuka had her first child shortly after marrying Jou's long time friend Honda. Jou spoiled his lovely niece Aurora.

David had settled down with a beautiful woman named Naomi Thorne who loved fencing and horseback as much as he did

Darien still traveled the seas -no longer hunting pirates- exploring new places and people along with his new wife Dawn Vireo who's father surprisingly was a retired pirate -go figure-

Malik and Marik along with Shaadi and Isis traveled to Egypt to visit their ancestors tomb and met a man name Sogoroku Motou who was studying archeology. When the elderly man told him of his grandchildren they were surprised to find out he was Yugi, Kaeana, David and Darien's long lost grandfather.

Bakura and Ryou finally acquired a ship and crew of their own and explored waters near Asia and met Ryou's father along the way, the man was surprised to see his son out of England's' waters but happy nonetheless

….When Bakura asked the man for Ryou's hand in marriage. He was politely punched across the face

The pirate grinned and knew what the answer was

Kaeana gasped as she laid a hand on her slightly enlarged stomach. Aslan looked at her concern

"Are you well Kaeana is it the baby?" he asked quietly. Kaeana smiled and gently took his hand and laid it on her stomach. Aslan chuckled when he felt a small kick

"I love you Kaeana Frings"

"I love you too Aslan Frings"

…As for Yugi and Yami


"You still haven't picked a spot yet Captain Yugi?" Cyrus asked with an amused glint in his eyes. Yami chuckled from the other side of the room

"Beloved just close your eyes and choose"

"Hasn't anyone told you two Patience is a Virtue.."

"Not if you been circling for days" was the reply

"Fine!" Yugi closed his eyes and picked a spot, there was a thick silence

"Well…" Yugi said impatiently "What'd I pick?"

"Japan" Yami replied softly



"Japan we go then!"


"But Captain…"

"No no you two wanted me to choose so I did"

"But you had your eyes closed!"

"Yami told me too"

"Ugh! Sir!"

Yami stood up and walked over, he rolled up the map and ruffled Cyrus hair

"It's settled Cyrus we'll just have to go see Yugi's grandfather in Japan"

"But you DO remember the last time-"

"We don't EVER speak of that Cyrus"


What happened when they went to Japan and visited Yugi's maternal grandfather Sogoroku Motou. Let's just leave that to your imaginations…


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