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STORY BACKGROUND: Okay so this one has Egyptian roots to it. The harem thing, Pharaohs had like 1,000 wives so that the line of the gods could be continued. The Pharaoh could only 'get it on' with someone of divine blood so they made sure that there were a lot of them. And the city, it's sort of modeled after what I think a somewhat modern ancient Egyptian city would look like.

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The Price of Freedom

Chapter 1

The breeze shifted the curtains, causing them to sway gently, rustling, the only noise in every silent house. Through each of the open windows rose an ancient city. Bustling by day, still and silent by night; shadows giving a vale to the dark dealings of midnight. The streets, made of compacted dirt, wove in and out of each other tight and close together. Vendor carts littered the pathways in-between buildings; though they remained empty until the first rays of the sun splashed its brightness upon them. The dusty roads mirrored that of the sandstone buildings that took residence upon them; being equally dusty, giving the city an antique but reverent feel. Such was Konoha, the sandy capitol of the Fire Empire. An awe inspiring scene to any unfamiliar with the area, and sometimes even those who see its subtle beauty every day.

But even more awe inspiring was the towering palace that rose from the heart of the city, dwarfing all buildings and surrounded it. The sandstone of the palace was free of any dust that might give the appearance of age. Its arches and terraces were massive and decorated with splendor. Surrounding it were many large pools that glistened in the moonlight, rippling from the fin of each coy that inhabited the richly foliaged ponds. The grand palace of the current emperor, Uchiha Sasuke.

On the eastern wing of this palace, on the uppermost floor, down the longest hallway, in a room that matched that of every room in the hallway, a girl lay awake in her bed. She lay on her back, gazing and ceiling, refusing to crawl beneath the silk sheets that many would die to lie beneath. Silent tears rolled lazily down her porcelain face, her hands too tired and lazy to wipe them away. They pooled and matted her cherry pink hair, dampening said sheets.

The eastern wing; the wing for servants. She was no servant. The uppermost floor dedicated to those of much higher rank. The longest hallway housing each of the emperor's personal handmaidens. Any normal girl would be honored to be in her position, to directly serve the emperor. But these were no ordinary handmaidens. No, they exist only to please the emperor, on any night, at his whim. And when you have been chosen as one of the top 100 most attractive women in the empire you have no choice but to serve.

This sad girl obviously wanted nothing to do with being a handmaiden. That morning her mother had happily informed her that she would relocate into the palace. She smiled for Tsunade's sake, but her heart shattered that very moment. She would never be able to look at another man. Not that she was old enough to want to look. For the poor girl was of only 15 years. She did not want to give up her fragile innocence to a man who would never love her, much less remember her name. Sakura, a beautiful flower, forever to be a ruthless emperor's plaything. At this thought a new rush of tears flowed down her cheeks.

Giving a shaky sigh, she tried to push thoughts of her first day in his majesties service from her mind. Tomorrow in her opinion, if it ever came, would come too soon.

A loud knock woke her from the light slumber she had managed to conjure, "Sakura! Wake up! Come on, it's your first day and your already late!" The sleepy girl rose slowly from her bed and rubbed the sleep and tears from her eyes. Last night she had vowed never to cry in front of Sasuke and give him the satisfaction. Starting today with tears would only make keeping that promise impossible.

"Oy, Ino I'm up!" She hollered back hoarsely, "You can stop banging on the door now!" The obnoxious thumping ceased and the door opened with a flair. A tall blonde entered the room with a flourish, "Sakura, it's your first day! Aren't you excited!?" The loud girl was fraying her already fragile nerves.

"Ecstatic, really." The bubblegum haired beauty said in a convincing monotone. She stood and approached her new wardrobe. Upon entering the palace, she found her old clothing was to be burned, to 'purify' herself, and get rid of her past life for she now belonged to the emperor.

Ino swatted her shoulder playfully, "Silly, this is the best job in the world! Plus, his majesty is very handsome. And very skilled." She added, elbowing Sakura and raising her eyebrows suggestively.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "I'm sure."

The bubbly blonde crossed her arms in defeat, "There's absolutely no hope for you is there?" She said exasperated.

"If you look really really really hard. Wait, just a moment, I'm looking. Nope, no hope whatsoever." Sakura turned to face the girl before her, "I don't know how you can do this Ino. I just can't. I can't stand the fact that I'll never fall in love. Never become anything but some snobby kings whore. I didn't ask for this." Her bottom lip trembled and tears threatened to fall once more.

She placed her face in her hands and Ino wrapped her arms around her in consolation, "Sakura, please don't cry. It's not that bad really. You get used to it. And plus, his majesty never really calls on everyone all the time. There are 100 of us, in reality, he only sees you like four times a year."

This statement only served to solidify her feelings of enslavement and lack of self importance. Now sobbing loudly into Ino's chest, her shoulders shook hysterically. "I don't want to be here! I want to go home!"

"There, there young flower," A deep voice emitted from the doorway. Sakura's head shot up from Ino's arms to see the emperor standing before her. "I'm not that bad, once you get to know me." He took a step closer and motioned for Ino to leave. She bowed respectfully and quickly left the room. "You are one of the ten new handmaidens I assume?" She nodded weakly.

He approached her and looked into her bright, tearful green eyes. What she saw was onyx black, soulless eyes. Such ugly eyes seemed to have no place on such a lovely face. He truly was as handsome as everyone had claimed. He was tall in stature and finely built, muscularly sculpted. Oddly enough, he did not look much older then herself, three years at most. Then she remembered who she had been staring at.

She bowed in apology, "Majesty, please, I beg forgiveness for my rudeness." Bending low, her long cherry colored hair covered her face, hiding the remainder of her tears.

"It is given." He reached out and cupped her chin in his hands, forcing her to look him in the eye, "But you must learn to trust me." Pulling up with his hand he righted her body, "I am your emperor after all." Bringing her close he stroked her cheek with his thumb, his ebony locks tickling her nose. "You are a rare beauty my young flower." He murmured his breath hot on her face. He made to kiss her but she tensed up in fear. Leaning back he eyed her oddly, "What is it?"

"I-I, um, well you see…" She trailed off nervously.

He chuckled as she squirmed under his calculating gaze, "I suppose I will have to steal your first kiss some other day." Releasing her from his chilling grasp he retreated to the door, "But remember, you belong to me." He waited for no reply as he made his exit.

Tear she had conquered previously came flooding back, now she really knew she didn't want to be here.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of The Price of Freedom! I know I did! Whooo….. I can't wait to find out what happens next! Oh wait, I planned the rest of the story out already. Ha Ha, silly me. Well, Kudos to you for reading my first story. Sorry for such a long winded authors note in the beginning. Just gots a lots to say! Bye bye!