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The Price of Freedom

Chapter 10: Epilogue

An early morning breeze blew the curtains, causing them to flutter soundlessly. And the only sound heard in the room was the soft even breathing of a sleeping Sakura. She now slept blissfully unaware as the door was opened slightly and a shadowed figure tiptoed their way over the sleeping girl. He sat down upon the soft mattress and gazed at the sleeper before him. A sigh of contentment was heard from Sakura as he ran his fingers through her slightly disheveled hair, just as she did every morning. And just like every other morning, her eyes fluttered open and she gazed upon a slightly smiling Gaara.

"This is such a nice way to wake up…" She drooled out, sleep still evident in her voice. Her eyes then began to close once more.

"I can hardly call it waking up when you are clearly ignoring me and trying to go back to sleep." The hand caressing her pink locks disappeared as the blankets were pulled clean off her.

"Hey!" She sprung up and reached for the covers; but Gaara was quick to pull them fully off of the bed and dispose of them on the floor. He let out a cry of surprise as she jumped on his back in retaliation, "Give them back, I'm still tired!"

"Are you now?" He retorted as they wrestled for the blanket on the floor, "You sure seem bright eyed and bushy tailed to me." She only glared at him and pulled back on the blanket harder. Then, to her surprise, he used all his strength and tugged so hard that she came flying at him. A crash was heard and she opened her eyes to see a smirking Gaara underneath her.

"That wasn't very nice." She whispered in his ear, sending chills down his spine.

"If only you'd let me make it up to you…" he murmured back as he placed chaste kisses on her neck. "Does it still hurt?" She nodded and pointed to her cheek. He leaned forward set another small kiss on her cheek. Before she had the chance to point again at her lips, his where placed firmly against her own. Her eyes fluttered shut as she succumbed fully to his kiss, the muscles in her arms weakening as she fell upon him. A small squeal emitted from her small frame as she fell hopelessly into his arms.

"Ah hem…" Sakura jumped in surprise and separated herself away from Gaara. Looking up, she saw a smirking Tamari wrapped in the arms of none other then the reinstated General of the Imperial Troops, Shikamaru Nara. "Please, save it for some other time, I would rather not watch." Gaara rolled his eyes; it's been a year since Sasuke's death, and yet she still barges in every morning…

"What news?" Sakura asked standing up and attempting to fix her nightgown with little success.

Shikamaru let go of Tamari and walked into the room, "Not much really, just that the minister of the neighboring Sound nation has come to make audience with our king. Shall I tell him you're too busy?"

"What!" Gaara screeched, "Why wasn't I informed of this before hand?!" He began pacing wildly throughout the room, muddling his hair in the process, "What am I going to do? How long has he been waiting? Will he give his King a bad report? Will I —" He was cut short by a hand on his shoulder. Gaara let out the breath he hadn't known he'd been holding and looked back at Shikamaru.

"Relax, he just go here, and is actually enjoying the tapestry in the great hall. To my surprise, Minister Kabuto is an art appreciator. We have plenty of things to keep him busy while you get ready." He removed his hand from Gaara's shoulder and made to leave, turning back only at the last moment, "And I do suggest that you put some pants on…" He sauntered off with a light chuckle, Tamari at his heels. Gaara's face flushed a light shade of red as he looked down, and too his dismay found that indeed he wore no pants, only his mid thigh length nightshirt. Hearing Sakura's light giggle pulled him out of his humiliated reverie as he made a quick dash for the door and down the hall to his own room.

Sakura smiled to herself as she closed her door in preparation for her own morning rituals. "Life here will never be boring…"

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