Dear Reader(s),

So, I'm kind of disappointed about how this story is being received. I mean, only two reviews?!? From the same person?!? Thank you, Evenstar606, for caring. (smiles at lone reviewer)

But the rest of you are making me kind of sad. I'm trying to prove that I'm better at more writing than just the retarded parodies I've been doing lately. If you all are reading those, great, but if not, that's also great. I don't care about those as much as I care about this story. I've been writing it in my head for like, what? Three months? Pretty much ever since book 7 came out. And this story is like my baby, okay? The parodies are more like the goldfish you get that die after two weeks, and then you flush them down the toilet.

So, if you've cared enough about this story to get to chapter 3 (which is really just this author's note…), please write me a review! It doesn't even have to be positive! You can flame me for all I care, just give me some feedback on this story. Although if you have something negative to say, I'd prefer that you at least try to make your comments constructive. Because at this point I'm not sure if I want to actually write the whole story, if I know only one person cares enough to read it. Though I'd like to write the whole thing… I'd just rather not waste my time if no one likes the story.

So, I'll make you all a deal. If you send me a review, no matter how negative, I'll do my best to make sure that the stuff I actually put out is quality. Because the two chapters that are posted? They're not so good. I kind of rushed them out in a fit of inspiration. As anyone who's read my bio knows, I never planned to actually write this story; I just wanted to keep it to myself, since whenever I write a story I end up losing interest in it after the first chapter is done. Only guess what? I wrote two chapters of this story and I still want to finish it! Since this story is my baby! And I think I want to marry George! (Only my name's not Caitlin.)

Yeah. Sorry about the rambling. For all you skimmers, here is the main point:

REVIEW!! Even if you don't like it.

Verbosely yours,

Da Phoenix