Demon of the Night

Unnoticed Feelings

Tenchi gets brain washed. Now, the only one who can save him is .... Well you
read and find out.

(Ok, this takes place a year after Tenchi Forever and at times it flashes back to both Tenchi forever and
Tenchi Universe. So, this may be a big spoiler for all the peeps who haven't even seen Tenchi Forever ,but
if you still wish to read this , go right a head , but you cannot say I didn't warn ya. ) Note: Tenchi Ova is also
involved in this and I don't know why and how.

Disclaimer : I don't own any settings , plots , and of course , charaters of Tenchi Muyo . Thank you.

Unnoticed Feelings : Kidnapped !

"Hey ! " Ayeka screamed at the top of her lungs. "You get off Lord Tenchi. Right now ! " Ayeka, the princess
from the planet, Jurai, yelled in a commanding voice. She stared at Ryoko , who was pushing herself toward
Tenchi like a magnet.

"Hm, but it's only natural for me and Tenchi to cuddle. We are after all a couple. " Ryoko

"Ryoko, get off!" Tenchi demanded. The pirate ignored him.

"Er ! You slut!" Ayeka fumed. Ryoko laughed uncontrolably after seeing a huge vien
pop out of Ayeka's forhead. Ayeka growled more in frustration. She hated when her rival
did this. She always teased her like that. Tenchi pulled off of the pirate and continued
to eat. Ryoko sighed in defeat then turned her attention to Ayeka.

"Slut ?! Look at you. Prissy princess. " Ryoko snapped back.

"What?! You have some nerve." Ayeka protested as Washu quietly sipped her tea.

"Well, this morning seems to be going according to schedule." Washu noted.

"Yep. " Sasami agreed with a sweat drop. After their usual daily fight, Ryoko flew
up to the roof of Tenchi's home.

She sat down and looked over the lake. Ryu-oh had grown much taller and bigger. She
remember the day it first appeared. After a few minutes of living the past , the pirate
decided to go visit Tenchi before he left.

"Washu?" Kiyone called out from the door of the lab.

"Come in. " The voice said. The officer did so. "What's up ?" Washu asked with her back
turned to Kiyone.

"Yes. We still have a few more forms for you to fill out. " Washu looked
at the officer.

"For what?"

"For building the Galaxy Destroyer. " Kiyone said. Washu fell over. "And, making me stealing the info
from the Science Academy. "

"They want more money ?" Washu asked. "I didn't even use it ! Why do they need money for taking the damn info !? "
The genius complained as she signed the form. 'It's been a year since Haruna and they still want to take all my
dough.' Washu thought. Kiyone laughed abit.

"Well the money for stealing the info is for me. " She laughed out ,feeling abit guilty. "And for making me take the blame
when they found out, three months after we took it. "

"Yeah, but it was lucky for us that Ayeka got us off the hook, isn't it ? " Washu chimed , seeming to try to get out of her
payment with Kiyone. The officer just shook her head. Washu sighed defeated.

"RYOKO ! WHERE ARE YOU !? " A elegant voice rang out. Washu and Kiyone's heads turned to see the first princess of
Jurai searching every inch of the house.

"I don't get her. Just a year ago she and Ryoko were like best friends. People who agreed and did not fight as much
as mortal enimies! " Washu exclaimed.

"We all did change those six months. " Kiyone remarked. "Ryoko and Ayeka had become like sisters, traveling together,
searching for Tenchi. Now it seems like Ayeka doesn't want to feel threatened by Ryoko. "

"Perhaps." Washu agreed softly.

"RYOKO ! COME OUT ! Damn, she must be with Lord Tenchi. I just can't bear to think of it ! " Ayeka said to herself as
tears began to trickle down the sides of her cheeks.


Ryoko flew through the woods, following Tenchi's usual path to his bus stop. A few moments later, she spotted
Tenchi sitting on the ground, off the trail, gazing at the landscape. She quickly landed on the soft dirt and walked
over to her love. "Tenchi?" She called out. The young Masaki turned to her with a bedazzled expression.

"Ryoko ? What is it ?" He asked in a concerned matter.

"Nothing. Just wanted to say, 'good bye' before you left for school. " Tenchi turned back to his viewing
with a angry expression.

"You shouldn't have bothered. " He muttered. Roko ignored his comment and gazed at the view in front of her.

"Is something wrong ? You don't seem like your cheery self anymore. "

"That is because you push me away. " Tenchi retorted.

"Isn't it the other way around. " Ryoko mummbled, seeming to be dazed off in another world. Tenchi groaned.

"I don't mean like that ! " Tenchi yelled. "I mean everytime you and Ayeka fight, something bad always happens. "
Ryoko perked up. She stared at Tenchi for a moment and then looked down at the ground. Tenchi got the idea
that he had hurt her feelings and quickly tried to make up for it. "Ryoko, I'm sorry ...." He tried to say but Ryoko
cut him off.

"So, in other words, you are saying that I am the big part of it. I am the own who is recking your life. Is that it ?" Ryoko
yelled back, defending herself.

"No ! I mean - " Tenchi got up and turned around with his hands over his head.

"So, you are saying that I am a nightmare come true, eh ?" She snapped.

"Ryoko ! Everytime you try and seduce me , Ayeka will always fight back and you two will drive me away from my
home ! " Tenchi roared. "It's always your fault ! " He yelled. Ryoko shot up in shock. Her stunned expression got
Tenchi's attention. He never really liked to hurt people's feelings. He ,at times , just takes out his stress on
Ryoko. The space pirate got up and floated off the land.

"You .... you .... " She started , trying to find the right words to get off her chest. "You BASTARD ! " She yelled with
great anger. Tenchi stepped back, now himself , stunned. Ryoko always did call him something but never with
such anger and honesty. He felt something tug on heart. Like some new feeling had crossed him.

"I don't care ! " He yelled. "I am out of here ! " He yelled then turned and quickly walked off.

"Tenchi, I HATE YOU ! " Ryoko yelled uncontrolly behind him. Ryoko turned and phased away with anger
filling her heart.

Tenchi walked down the trail of the woods. 'Why ? Why did I say those nasty things about her. And why do
I always bring my stress out on her ?' He asked himself.

"Teeeeeenchiiiiiiiiii..........." A soft woman's voice called out.Tenchi stopped suddenly. His whole body
froze. A tall woman with short brown hair and green eyes appeared in front of the Masaki boy.

"Oh boy. Another Haruna. " Tenchi complained , taking a few steps back. The mysterious woman clenched her
hands into fists.

"Listen you! Just get your ass over here. " She yelled harshly. Tenchi turned around.

"No, I think I will just go the other way. " Tenchi said then ran. The brown haired woman phased in front of him
and put her hands out on each side. The Masaki boy stood frozen, he couldn't move.

"Now , now ..... " The woman seductively whispered. Green light gracifully formed in each palm of her smooth
hands. Tenchi felt himself being lifted up off the ground and green light appeared to be surrounding me. In
the same moment, the woman and Tenchi vanished into thin air. All that remained was Tenchi's school bag,
which he dropped.

Later on .....that night .....

"Hmm's already eight o'clock. I wonder where he could be. " Ayeka said. Everyone looked around at each other.

"Well, maybe he's running late." Kiyone suggested. Yosho shook his head quietly.

"He never showed up for training or chores." The old man remarked. Ayeka grew more worried.

"Do you think he was kidnapped again?" She asked fearfully. The princess looked around to see that
Ryoko nor Washu was in the room. "It's Ryoko ! Where is she ?! " She yelled.

"Relax..I'm right here." A sorrowful voice said from behind. Ayeka turned to see Ryoko with what seemed to be
pain in her eyes. Everyone stared at the still pirate.

"What's gotten into her?" Kiyone whispered to Ayeka. The princess merely shrugged. Ryoko slowly walked over to the end
of the table and sat down at her usual spot.

"Ryoko....are you alright ?" Ayeka asked in a concerned voice. Ryoko stood there deep in thought.

'Maybe, I had gone alittle over board. I mean , ever since he came back we have really be fighting alot
over him. He needs space, is all.' Ryoko thought.

"Ryoko! " Ayeka yelled from the top of her lungs.

"Huh? " Ryoko looked at her rival with confuessed eyes.

"Are you alright?" The princess asked, repeating the question.

"Y-yeah , fine. " Ryoko stared back at the table. "Just fine. "

"What the hell?!" Washu yelled from behind. Everyone, except Ryoko, turned to see Washu with a fearful

"What's wrong , Miss Washu ?" Ayeka asked.

"It's Tenchi. He isn't on Earth. " Washu said, checking her computer and scanners.

"That can't be! " Ayeka yelled in fear.

"Oh boy. " Kiyone muttered unhappily.

"I checked. He isn't here. It's like he vanished. I even checked the parallel world he was at a year
ago. " Washu informed them.

"That's impossible." The purple haired princess observed. Everyone moved in front of Washu , all except
Ryoko, who just stood at the table with her back turned to everyone.

"His DNA , everything . It's like someone kidnapped him and took him off earth." Washu said. Ayeka
glared at Ryoko.

"Oh, that is exactly what happened. " She yelled. Ryoko felt hands grab her from the shirt collar and
spin her around.

"Wh-what ? "

"You took Lord Tenchi , Ryoko ? " Ayeka yelled in frustration.

"What the hell are you talking about ?" Ryoko snapped.

"You know exactly what I am talking about . Come in here with a guilty look on your face right when Tenchi is
missing , too. " Ayeka yelled. Ryoko winced. It was hard to imagine that only a year ago , the two of them were
like sisters. Sleeping next to each other , holding a job together and livng together like friends. At times, Ryoko
would miss it. "Where is he , Ryoko ? What planet ?! What asteroid !? What ?! " Ayeka screamed.

"Ayeka , calm down. " Sasami said.

"I didn't do anything ! " Ryoko yelled , then she grabbed Ayeka's hands off her shirt and pushed them away.

"You've done something ! I know you did ! " Ayeka snarled. Ryoko's eyes widen. "Admit it . You kidnapped him
and took him to some planet to seduce him. " Ayeka yelled. "Face it ! You are the reason Lord Tenchi has

"SHUT UP ! " Ryoko yelled in a serious manner. "I told you , I didn't do - " Ryoko paused.

"You ..... YOU BASTARD ! " Ryoko yelled. "I HATE YOU ! "

"I ..... " Ryoko fell with tears in her eyes. After a moment of sobbing, she got up and turned her back on her
friends. "I didn't do anything ...... " Ryoko replied softly then teleported away from her family.

"Er, she did something , I know it ! "

"Ayeka, let's try and find Lord Tenchi first, shall we ? "Washu suggested. "Alright, let's see. Tenchi was last
spotted here with another presence. He left a while later and came fast to fast with another. It was at this
moment that he vanished. " Washu said while checking her scanner. "It wasn't Ryoko. "

"How'd you figure that out ?" Kiyone wanted to know.

"I did a complete DNA check. " Washu replied. "It doesn't match anyone on Earth. "

"Ayeka, you should apologize to Ryoko. " Sasami told her older sister, but the proper princess just
grunted and looked away.

"What now ?" Kiyone asked. Washu looked up from her computer.

"We first need to go to the first spot where Tenchi disapeared and find some clues. Ayeka , come with me. " Washu
ordered ." Rest of you stay here. " Ayeka followed Washu out the door and down the trail.

To be continued ....

Next time :

The woman returns to reveal her plans with Tenchi .

Unnoticed Feelings : Her Plans

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Demon of the Night