Title: Electricity

Rating: PG

Disclamier: Heroes is not owned by me, never did, never will.

A/N: First Heroes drabble. Hope I did ok.

Dedication: To my sister, to my family, to my friends, to my cat, and to everyone else I've ever loved.

You are like electricity.

Flowing through my veins like the deep, powerful surge of energy. Charging me up to face the morning and the afternoon and the night. You are bright, light, dark, and heavy all at the same time. You control my movements, my emotions, and my heart like the nerves in my body.

I've known you all my life and you've surrounded it since. You've become familiar and ahead of friendship. Whenever I'm in doubt, I look beside me and you are there. Even if you stray, I know that you'll always come back for me. You are honest and trustworthy. I know you would catch me if I fell.

Now, as I stare into the oblivion of a destroyed New York, wondering how many are dead and the unlucky still alive, I realize that I've lost you. You waited impatiently for me, expecting me to succeed, and I failed. I apologize, dear friend. I feel like a fool for even believing I could give you a future, when instead I let yours die.

You are like electricity, dear Ando.

I didn't realize how much I needed you until you were gone.